The Leviathan are closer to coming over after Carolyn is pregnant with a half Leviathan baby. Megan, Roxanne, Angelique, and Julia wonder if they will be able to stop them in time. They need werewolves, but Chris is still possessed by Tom and they do not know if they can break the possession in time.


Chapter 1

Barnabas cursed inwardly at the typewriter. How could that thing save him time if he kept on hitting the wrong key? He should have known better than to get it...

And still he had not solved his problem of not enough time. Specially now that the nights were growing shorter. Commuting between Davenport and Julia was getting harder.

Well, maybe Davenport would get him off the hook and fire him.

His musing were interrupted by Amy.

"I signed in as a volunteer for Anderson. We will be leaving in a bus to campaign in a couple of days."

He wished that he could do the same. But the fact was that Anderson was a long shot.

"You don't approve?" Amy asked.

"I do. I like him. Against Carter he might win. But getting the nomination is another story. Like it or not, Carter's the best we can do, which says something about the state of the country."

"We believe that we can get him nominated."

"Well, it is worth a try" Barnabas agreed. "You said your were going to be traveling, didn't you?"


"Do you have the money for it?"

"Not much, but..."

"But you thought you could hit me for a loan." Barnabas sighed. "my own finances are a mess, but I'll see what I can do. At worst, I'll give the bill to Chris when he comes out of Wyncliffe."

"Chris" Amy's face darkened.

"He's going to get out, don't worry. Julia's optimistic about him."

"You see him?" he hoped that Amy would not ask for specifics. Julia might be right about the treatment that Chris was receiving, but he preferred not to think about it.

"Is he improving?"


"Did he ask about me?"

"Not yet." he decided to lie a bit "he broke free of Tom's grip a few times, but it was too short. With luck soon that will be permanent."

"Would it matter if I left now?"

"No, it wouldn't He will understand why you had to. In fact, last time I spoke to him, he said that you had to make a life for yourself."

He was falling...falling... and...

There was something at the bottom, waiting for him.

Phillip twisted and moaned, sinking his teeth into he padding of his cell, trying to escape Tom Jennings. Tom and that bottle...

...He was now lying down, bound and gagged. He strained at his bonds, knowing that he could not keep Tom from doing anything he wanted with him. He could see Amy's and Oriana's eyes fixed on him, recording every one of the indignities forced on him...

What would Tom do? No, not that...he wouldn't dare...

Julia studied him and turned to Roxanne "you still want to question him now?"

"We have to, until he tells me what I want to know."

"What would that be?"

"None of your business, doctor."

"I don't see the point in asking him about the bottle. The only bottle that matters is the one that was used on him."

"If we keep asking long enough, the other one will come through."

"He might end up catatonic."

"We have ways to get information out of catatonics, if we have to."

They went into the cell, Roxanne leading, and Julia trailing, and shaking her head impotently.

"Phillip" Roxanne asked "I still want to know about the bottle."

...Tom was coming back. "No! Not that! Keep away from me!"

"Tell us about the bottle" Roxanne insisted.

"No!" he screamed again. "Not that! Don't' touch me! Don't! Don't!"

Willie studied his calendar. In a few days he would see Louella again. He had missed her. Not as terribly as when she had left him the first time, but he did.

But unlike the first time, this time he knew that he was to blame for it and was trying to do something about it. Julia had helped him understand himself a little better. Enough to realize that Barnabas had been right to interfere as he had done.

He would do something about it. He had no illusions. It would be slow and painful. And it would be worth it.

"I feel cold" Carolyn complained.

"You have to expect these things" Vicky said. "After all, you are pregnant."

"Yes." Carolyn acknowledged, then added. "what do you think it will be, a boy or a girl?"

"It is too early to tell."

"I think that now you can find out."

"I wouldn't know" Vicky was alarmed "but it might be dangerous to do it."

"If it is a girl, I will call her Carolyn."

"And if it is a boy?"

"Carl. Quentin does not like the name, but then he has nothing to say about it. It isn't as if it was his baby."

Before Vicky would answer, Carolyn shivered uncontrollably.

"I suppose this is something else that comes with pregnancy" she said.

"All right, Tom" Julia said mirthlessly "we have another session."

"You don't like them much, do you, doctor?" Tom sneered at her.

"You like them even less" Roxanne shrugged "and we can take it better than you can."

Julia wondered how she had become inured to this. She remembered herself as a student. She would have never been capable of torturing anybody, would not have believed herself capable of it. The horror that she had seen in Barnabas' eyes when he had found out...

She tried her favorite excuse, that after what happened with Dave, Barnabas had no right to be shocked at anything she did. But it sounded hollow.

She watched Tom's face, contorted with pain. The futility of it hit her.

And then Tom's eyes changed. She could not describe it, but she knew that those were Chris' eyes.

But before she could tell Roxanne to stop the current, Tom had regained control of the body.

That had to give up for the day. The body could be damaged if they continued, and they did not want that. They wanted Chris to be in good shape when they finally recovered him.

"At least, we now know that Tom is beginning to lose hold" Roxanne said.

"Chris" Julia said, staring into Tom's eyes. "I know that you are there, somewhere. I don't know how much you understand of what is happening. I don't know if you feel the pain of it. If you do, try to understand why we are doing it."

She couldn't wait as she looked wistfully out of the window.

"Impatient, Louella?" Barnabas asked gently behind her.

"It is only a few days more, and I will be back with Willie."

"Can you stand waiting?"

"Would it be so terrible if I went to him a few days before?"

"Yes. I want Willie to know that he can go the distance. That he can do whatever needs to be done without help."

"For his sake?"

"For yours too."

Louella moved away from the window and sat by the fireplace "Are you sure that you'll let me go?"

"Kidnapping is an embittering experience. I don't want to repeat it."

"But who'll take care of you? Phillip is still in Wyncliffe. Amy has gone. There will be no one left here."

"I can get another housekeeper."

"A housekeeper? Is that all I mean to you?"

"You are also a person who I like very much. And the wife of my best friend."

"And if I wanted to stay with you?"

"What for?"

"In a way I like you."

Barnabas sighed. "So you caught it too."

"Caught what?"

"You have fallen a bit in love with me. Just a little bit. Do you remember what I said when you caught me and Tammy? There is a certain erotic element in my biting. I have learned not to pay attention to it, but I can't expect you to do the same.." he kissed her forehead tenderly "So you are a bit in love with me. Just a little bit, no more. Not enough to throw away what you have to chase a pipe dream. Willie's the one you love, and he loves you...And while he might have problems, he's doing his best to deserve you."

Derek hugged himself. Was there any way that he could sever his link with Phillip Todd? There wasn't a night where the memory of Chris' hands or that bottle failed to reach him.

Barnabas would know how to do it. He had probably run into the same problem, and found a way out.

But how to explain to Barnabas his link with Phillip? Could he tell Barnabas that Nicholas Blair had ordered him to bite Phillip, and he had done so? Distress rose in him. He shivered knowing it was useless to fight it. Phillip was reliving that day, detail by detail. he closed his fists and ground his teeth. Somehow he managed to shut out the specifics of it, but that didn't help. He knew what they were. He knew them only too well.

"Are you sick?" Nicholas asked.

"Phillip Todd" Derek answered through clenched teeth.

"You think that he might be recovering? Getting his memory back?"

He didn't need an answer to that. Just by looking at Derek's face he knew that Phillip would remain in Wyncliffe for a long time.

"He's... still the same."

"Good" Nicholas took out the stone. "Get Roger here."

"Again? His hands haven't healed yet."

"Bring him here and don't argue."

Derek shivered again. Phillip's screams filled him. And now it would be Roger's pain. The scarring skin, the bleeding, the blood sizzling in the heat...

"Go bring Roger!" Nicholas commanded him.

Derek got up unhappily "I don't know if I can."

"Derek! Look at me!"

Derek obeyed, miserably. Maybe he was pushing him too hard, Nicholas thought. If he did, he might break free of his control, as Barnabas had done in 1970."

"Why don't you want to do it?"

"It hurts."

"What hurts? Roger?"

"Yes. And Phillip Todd. I don't want to know anymore what Tom did to him! I want that to stop!"

"It can be stopped."

"Can it?"

"Yes. Bring Roger here and when we are done, I'll show you how."