Title: First Love, Last Love
Pairing(s): Revolutionshipping; Puzzleshipping follows afterwards; other pairings may appear...
Summary: Yami thought he would finally have it all; an amazing, intelligent young woman who could fulfill his every desire. Until, her heart gets stolen away from him by someone else. Now believing he has no chance at ever finding love again, can a teen named Yugi change his mind?

This fic was inspired by the song 'I Wish' by Carl Thomas.

She was perfect; soft, kissable rosy cheeks, delicate cream-toned skin, medium length brown hair that fell to her shoulders, emerald green eyes, and nice rounded hips. She sat properly with her legs folded as she applied pink lip gloss to her alluring lips. Her eyelashes reflected glamorously as the light shined off of them. The pink fitted dress she wore clung nicely to her body but revealed nothing that could deteriorate who she was. Truly, a majestic woman who could make any man fall in love with her; Tea Gardner.

But she had, unknowingly, already stolen a man's heart. He was mature; in his early twenties. Black hair styled in spikes with golden bangs and mahogany trimmed through it. He had fair skin and was well built. His most noticeable feature were the crimson pupils that ambiently marked his face. His name was Yami Atem.

Strutting lightly in his gucci clad shoes, he approached her and sat in a chair in front of her. She smiled; the curve was exquisite in how it spread across her face.

"Hello, Yami!" she greeted warmly.
"H-hello." He greeted back. His voice was shaky, and it held some hesitation. Why? Because he had been in love with this woman since the day he met her. Tonight they decided to meet at a cafe. It was pleasantly warm outside, despite it being night time. The moon lit the sky in an elegant array of white. "Thats it." Yami thought. "Tonight, I am going to ask her. Ask her... to be mine."

"I'm so glad we could meet tonight, Yami!" Tea exclaimed. For some reason, her attitude seemed to rise as she giggled to herself.
"I am also glad we could meet tonight, Tea, because there is something I want to ask you..."
"I'm engaged!" The young woman shouted no longer able to hold in her joy.
Yami's entire face dropped. "Wh-what?"
"Seto! He proposed to me last week! We're getting married Friday!"

Yami was at a loss for words. It was like some unknown force gripped the very fiber of his vocal chords while daggers lodged themselves in his heart. Did he really just hear what he thought he heard?

"Isn't that great?" she asked him, desperately wanting his opinion.
"Yeah..." Yami whispered. "That's great."
Suddenly the woman's face turned to that of concern. "Yami, whats wrong?"
Not wanting her to think he didn't approve, he quickly cast a fake smile on his face and looked up at her. "Yeah! I just wasn't expecting it! I was breathless!"
"Oh, Yami!" She leaned forward and pulled him into a hug. "I've never been so happy!" Tears poured from her green eyes as she continued to hug her best friend.

Yami understood why she was so happy. Boyfriend after boyfriend, Tea was always in a position where she thought she would never find someone to love. They could never appreciate her for who she was; like she wasn't enough. But to Yami, she was everything and more: a smart, beautiful, strong, independent woman. When things didn't go right in her relationships, he was the one that was there for her, not her heartless boyfriends. It was him who wiped her tears away, not the bastards that got her pregnant and claimed that the baby wasn't theirs. It was him who offered to babysit her two children when she had to quit college and work overnight. It was him, him, him! So then... why isn't she his?

"Yami..." she sniffed. The tears continued to pour from her eyes.
Yami grabbed a napkin off the table and wiped it across her face gently.
"Thank you." she smiled. "You've always been there for me. Thank you for still being with me on this."
"You're welcome." he said.
"I just know Seto is the one who will make me happy!"
'No, I am the one who will make you happy!'
"He's going to be there for me."
'No, I'm the one who's there for you!'
'...you love me?'
"I love you," Yami's heart skipped a beat. "For everything you've helped me with."
'...for everything I've helped you with? Why couldn't you just plain love me instead?!'

After regaining her composure, she let Yami go. She wiped a tear from her eye, slightly smearing the makeup she was wearing. But even without makeup, she was still beautiful.

"So, will you come to the wedding?" she asked.
'The wedding...'
"Please?" she pleaded. "I don't think I can go through with this without you being there for me. I promise, this is the last thing I will ever ask you to do."
All Yami could do was smile despite his heart tearing to pieces. "Sure. I'll be there."
"Thank you so much, Yami!" she hugged him again. "You're a really great friend!"
'Friend. I guess that's it then.'
"Oh!" She backed away. "I'm sorry. What was it you wanted to ask me?"
Yami sighed. "Its not important."
"Oh, ok. Well come on, I want to show you the dress I picked out!"

Both stood to their feet. Tea grabbed Yami's hand in hers and just about dragged him out the door. Yami cherished the moment. This would probably be the only time he got to be this close to her again. He couldn't hold back the single tear that fell from his eye.

White chairs adorned the soft, green grass outside. Friends and family filled the space immediately as they awaited the precious event. A royal blue rug was rolled out down the center of the isle, with white petals spread out amongst it. A beautiful archway, with silver and white ribbons tied around it was set in the center of the audience. A man with short brown hair, dressed in a pure white suit with a blue tie stood proudly under the archway. His icey blue eyes scanned the people around him as if to observe. He seemed very business-like and mysterious. His skin was fair, and his physique was rather tall and skinny, but he seemed otherwise very healthy. Seto Kaiba. The man to be wed to the woman who had already stolen another man's heart, and shattered it to pieces.

Suddenly, the chatter of the crowd died down as a white limo appeared behind them. Everyone turned around and watched as people started coming out. A little girl with a basket of white and blue rose petals stepped out. At first she seemed hesitant, but someone in the limo nudged her to go on. She took small steps forward, looking at everyone as she began to throw the petals on the rug. She had brown hair tied in a pony tail and green eyes. She was wearing a pretty silver dress that flowed nicely by her feet as se walked down the isle. Her name was Anzu Gardner; the spitting image of her mother. She inherited her mother's last name after her real father refused to claim her as his own. She shyly stood to the left of Seto Kaiba as she finished throwing out petals.

Another small child appeared out of the limo. This time, it was a young boy with brown eyes and black hair; Heba Gardner, who looked just like the dead-beat father who abandoned him, but he still had all of his mother's traits. He too, inherited her last name. His first name, however, was a suggestion of Yami himself. He was more bold than his sister as he walked down the isle holding a royal blue pillow in his right hand with two rings placed on top of it. He stood beside Seto and waited for everyone else to take turns coming out the limo.

The bridesmaids, dressed in fitted silver dresses, were each escorted out of the limo by the groomsmen, dressed handsomely in black suits and white bow ties. They walked down the isle, smiling and waving at all the people who took pictures of them and then stood to either side of the husband-to-be. The audience fell silent again. Only two people remained. They waited almost impatiently for them to appear.

First, a man stepped out, his hair gelled extra thick to hold for today's special event. Instead of a white tie, he a wore red one to accent his eyes. He held out his hand which was grabbed gently by a woman's as she took a shaky step out of the limo. Once on her feet, she hooked her arm in his and began walking. Everyone awed over her dress; rhinestone sequined sleeves, fitted at the top, flowing outward from her hips on down, a blue shoal wrapping around her shoulders... she was 'beyond' beautiful. And to top it all off, a diamond tiara adorned her hair which was styled in an up-do. Tea Gardner, soon to be Mrs. Kaiba, being led down the isle by Yami, the one who would give her away.

With her father too caught up in life's bad habits to even care about his daughter getting married, Tea had asked Yami if he would be the one to give her away at her wedding. The request hit Yami like a ton of bricks. But, he couldn't deny it. She was his one and only, first love, and whatever she wanted, he would provide. But to not only have her get married but to also have him doing such a task; Yami wondered how much more his heart would be teased and trampled on before he finally caved.

Once at the end of the isle, Yami reluctantly let Tea go to stand in front of her fiance. She nodded at Yami as he stood next to the other groomsmen. And the vows began. The vows that would tie her to the person who stole her heart from him; the person who would give her everything she wanted. The person, that should have been him.

So, I originally wanted to make this a TeaxYami oneshot, buuuut... come on, I can't end it like this can I? So, feel free to tell me how I'm doing so far. I have a good feeling this will be a great story to write! And yeah, there will be puzzleshipping later. This is just the beginning. More chapters coming soon! (may get more mature)