It had been nearly a year since Tea and Kaiba got married. Their anniversary was one day away, and to celebrate, they decided to throw a party inviting only close friends and family. There were many people there, mostly wealthy and rich, wearing fancy attire. Yami and Yugi settled on wearing something more casual, not too fancy, but still appropriate for the event. Yami wore a black dress suit with a red tie; Yugi decided to wear a silver one with a purple tie. Instead of their hair being styled in the normal wild spikes they liked, they decided to gel it back thick, making them look more professional. Tea had barely recognized them when they arrived.

"Yami, Yugi!" she greeted giving each of them a hug. "So glad you could make it."
"Of course, Tea." Yami grinned. "I wouldn't miss this for the world."
Yugi was quickly tackled by Heba and Anzu.

"Hey, Yugi!" Anzu said as she bounced up and down.
"Yugi!" Heba repeated behind his sister just as happy to see the teen; though technically, he wasn't a teen anymore. He was now twenty-years old.
"Hello." he smiled at them.
"Heba, Anzu, what did I say about greeting people properly?" Tea scolded. "You are to call him Mr. Motou."
"Oh no, its perfectly fine!" Yugi said. "They can call me Yugi if they want. Besides, Mr. Motou just makes me sound old!"

Suddenly, a black car pulled up behind them and parked in the drive way. No one recognized the car at first, but Yami's face lightened up when he saw a familiar blonde woman step out wearing a frilly purple dress that showed just a bit too much of her cleavage but still made her look like a queen. Someone else stepped out as well; a young man with golden brown hair dressed in a tuxedo.

"Mai, and Joey!"
"Hey, hun." Mai greeted back. "Sorry for being late, but Yugi gave us some bad directions."
"Huh?" Yami looked at Yugi. "What do you mean?"

The back doors to the car opened and two teenagers stepped out. One with blonde hair, and the other with white.

"You didn't think you were going to forget about us, did you?" the blond who was quickly recognized as Marik smirked.
"Wow, this place is huge!" Ryou exclaimed.
"Well, now that everyone is here," Tea said as she opened the doors to the big house, "Shall we continue on with the party?"
"Hell yeah, lets go!" Marik said walking inside.
Ryou groaned. "Could you be any more childish?"
Yami felt a little sad that Martha couldn't make it to the party, but she insisted that he go and have fun while she tended to the flower shop. Sometimes she was a little too sweet.

There were maids and butlers tending to people and things all around the house. Little snacks, such as fancy cheese and shrimp were being offered on silver platters. Wine and champagne bottles soaked in bowls of ice and flowers decorated the tables. But the real party, was outside. When Tea led them to the backyard, everyone's mouth literally dropped. There were many people there, sitting at tables with the cleanest, whitest sheets spread out over them and a vase of blue roses set in the center of them in clear vases. Music played softly in the background making a peaceful atmosphere. Marik and Ryou talked about how beautiful everything looked while Yami and Yugi pointed out a few people they had seen on TV or magazines before, and they were all family?! Suddenly, a man in a white suit approached them and cleared his throat, standing straight and keeping a stoic look on his face.

"Welcome to the Kaiba mansion. Please, enjoy your stay and the festivity going around. If you encounter any trouble or something that does not satisfy you, let me know."
"Seto, you don't have to talk to them like you're a prince." Tea said elbowing him in the side. "Just relax and enjoy yourself."
The man kept his stern facial expression. "There is a table available over there for you to sit at."

And with that, Tea and Kaiba walked off to go greet the other guests.
"What an uptight guy." Joey said. "People with money think they're on top of the whole world."
"Oh honey, you can be pretty uptight yourself." Mai said planting a kiss on his cheek leaving behind a faint red mark due to her lipstick.

Everyone walked to the empty table and sat down, pulling up their chairs as butlers greeted them and offered them a glass of wine. Yugi rested his head on Yami's shoulder as everyone started to talk and associate with each other. Everything was calm and elegant. Every now and then, a few people, paparazzi, Yami and Yugi suspected, would ask them if they had any relation to Tea or Seto Kaiba. Remembering how they were told to reply, they simply denied and insisted that they were only good friends. Mai, however, seemed to flash in the spotlight as she sat on Joey's lap sideways posing for camera's and pictures that were being taken to remember the event. Yami could tell by the look on Joey's face that he wasn't enjoying the idea.

"Mai already got you trained, hm?"
"Don't even start." Joey sighed. "My legs are falling asleep."
"Hey, I can still hear you two, you know?" She frowned at Joey. "And I don't weigh that much!"
"I'll be damned." Joey muttered. The two started to bicker.

Yami could only laugh. His attention returned to Yugi when he felt him slithering his hand under his shirt and up his back. As good as it felt, Yami had to stop him.
"Hey, save that for after the party."
"Don't think I can wait." he smirked as his fingers traced the ridges of Yami's spine.
Yami closed his eyes and his back arched a little. But the sudden sound of a voice knocked him back into reality.

"Hey, can I get a picture?" a boy with long black hair tied into a ponytail asked.
"Sure." Yugi said smiling as he wrapped his hand around Yami's waist and posed for the picture.
"Come on, Yugi, we can do better than that."
"Huh?" Yugi looked up at Yami but yelped when the male suddenly picked him up bridal style and looked at the camera. That caused a few people to turn some heads, but he didn't care. They were out there to have fun. Once the boy snapped the picture the of the two, he thanked them and ran off the other way to take more pictures. Yugi heard Marik whistling at them in the background and blushed, but Yami's red eyes looking into his made his ears go deaf for a moment.

Yami brought his head down near Yugi's mouth, and the younger male closed his eyes waiting for their lips to connect. Instead, he felt Yami's tongue lick the side of his cheek. He opened his eyes in confusion.

"You had a little wine on your face."
Yugi smacked his lips. "Oh, you! Put me down!"
Yami chuckled and let Yugi back down on his feet.

Suddenly, the chatter of people dyed down as a boy stepped up to a podium which was centered on a small, white stage for outside events. Yami and Yugi recognized the boy as the same one had took their picture. Who was he?

"Hey, everyone!" the boy greeted.
"Hey, Mokuba!" Heba shouted from somewhere in the audience and then was shushed.
The boy known as Mokuba laughed. "I've got a fan!" he then cleared his throat. "I just would like to thank you all for coming to my brother's party. It was great to see everyone and get to know some of you."
'That's his little brother?' Yugi thought.
"Seto and Miss Tea are grateful that you all could make it. But thats enough from me." the boy smiled as he looked the other way to gesture Tea to come up on the stage. "Why don't you all give a hand of applause for Mrs. Tea!"

The audience clapped and cheered as Tea walked up on the stage and Mokuba went to sit back down. Nervously, she adjusted the microphone as she stood up on the podium. "I just want to say that since I've met Seto, my life has drastically changed. I never thought I would find a man as great as him. And even though he can be stuck up sometimes," she smirked at Kaiba in the crowd, "He still has a good heart."

Everyone in the audience awed.

"But," she said, "I would never, ever have found this wonderful man if it weren't for my best friend, Yami Atem." She looked at Yami sitting at the table smiling at her and she couldn't help but to let her eyes get a little watery from the joy she felt. "If it weren't for Yami, I wouldn't have found the man who made me feel like the happiest person on Earth." she wiped her eyes. "So, I just want to say, thank you, Yami. I know you're probably sick of hearing me say it again and again, but I don't care! You deserve every ounce of my gratitude."

Everyone nodded their heads in agreement and clapped. Even Yugi was very happy for her; looking at Yami and nudging him to go up on stage, but he didn't want to. He would probably end up repeating everything Tea said. She walked off the stage ventured toward them, giving Yami a big hug and a peck on the cheek, and then doing the same to Yugi. Then a man appeared up on the stage. Everyone turned their attention towards him. He was wearing a white sweater, had short, black curly hair, tanned skin and a bit of hair on his lip creating a light mustache. He smiled as he took the microphone off the podium and some people in the background, musicians presumably, set up and prepared instruments.

"Good evening, ladies and gentlemen." the man spoke. "I hope you all are ready for some music tonight!" Women in the audience suddenly cheered and stood to their feet, calling out his name and throwing out roses to the stage as he tapped the microphone to test it out before clearing his throat. The musicians in the backdrop suddenly started to play a steady beat and the man waited a moment before he began to sing:

Back in highschool,
I knew a girl like you,
She was heaven sent,
All the time we spent.

You kinda remind me of her,
And I remember the way we were,
Cause we were all in love!

The smooth, romantic melody continued as the man sang and everyone moved up closer to the stage to dance and listen. Even Marik and Ryou couldn't resist moving to the beat of the music as they listened to the man's emotional words. The sun was starting to set creating a mellow and calm scene.

I don't know what to say,
You make me feel this way,
It seems like I'm dreaming,
I can't believe myself,
I found somebody else!

I can't let you go,
Cause you're so special,
Like my first love!

The man continued to sing as the sky turned dark, with shades of orange, yellow, and purple. Some stars were even appearing making a beautiful eventide view. The grass below their feet was cool and soft. The air was humid, but still enjoyable enough to relax. Yugi leaned on Yami's shoulder and whispered, "I love you."
He rested his cheek on top of his head. "I love you, too."

After the party, everyone had gone home, saying their good-byes until next time and wishing Tea and Kaiba the best. Tea had insisted that Yami and Yugi stay a while longer to come swim in the pool. Yugi wanted nothing more than to go home and tackle Yami to the bed, but Yami decided to accept the offer and stay. Yugi groaned and hoped that they wouldn't have to stay longer than they needed to. A maid had given them both some trunks to swim in, which surprised Yugi when he tried them on and they fit him perfectly. No way; Tea must have planned this or something. Even Yami's trunks fit him perfectly. Yep, definitely planned.

What wasn't planned, however, was that after conversing with each other in the pool, Tea and Kaiba moved over to the hot-tub section and began flirting. Yami leaned back on the wall of the pool with his arms propping him up and stared at the night sky. He felt Yugi nudge him.

"Enjoying yourself?"
"Or are you just enjoying making me wait?"
Yami smirked. "Could it be both?"
Yugi rolled his eyes.

Tea and Kaiba started splashing at each other in the hot tub and when Kaiba picked her up and flipped her into the water, she screamed before surfacing and cussing at him for messing up her hair. The man smirked and got out of the hot tub and walked inside the house. "Oh no you don't!" she said wading to the side and grabbing a towel. She walked inside and closed the sliding glass doors.

Now that they were gone, maybe Yugi could finally get the alone time he wanted with Yami. He swam around to look at him; Yami's eyes were closed and his breathing was soft as he relaxed in the cool water. Yugi smirked and submerged under the water. He licked Yami's stomach with his tongue before going down lower. He tugged down on Yami's trunks which caused the male to flinch and open his eyes. Yugi resurfaced and almost laughed at the look on Yami's face.

"Yugi, what are you doing?"
Yugi did not respond and only swam toward him, wrapping his arms around Yami's neck and capturing his lips in a kiss. He had been waiting all day to do that, but it still wasn't enough. He pressed his body against Yami's making him shiver when his back hit the cold pool wall. The skin on skin contact, and the friction of their swim trunks rubbing together was amazing. Yami started stroking Yugi's back and his other hand groped his bottom. Yugi moaned and nibbled on Yami's ear.

"Mommy, Uncle Yami and Yugi are doing the nasty!" Heba shouted.
The two males froze as Tea walked into the room of the house where Heba was near the glass doors. "Not in my pool, they're not!" she looked at them and smirked. Then all they could do was laugh. "And you watch your language, young man!" She said lightly hitting her son on the back of his head.

Yugi looked at Yami. "Shall we go somewhere more private?"
"Yes, I think that would be best."

Without another thought, they both got out of the pool and headed back to the front of the house where their car was parked. It was dark and there were no lights on, not to mention that the car was parked off far from where the house was, so they would have all the privacy they wanted. Yugi attacked Yami's mouth pushing him back up against the car. Yami reached for the keys in his pocket and quickly hit the unlock button on the control pad. Once he opened the door, in a split second, he turned Yugi around and pushed him inside on the backseat. He crawled on top of him and locked and closed the door behind him. Yugi wrapped his arms around his neck and forced his head down to continue the makeout session. Their bodies were still soaking wet; their stomachs slipped past each other and Yugi's hair just looked like a hot, sexy mess from when he dived under the water.

Yami started to slide his hands along the sides of Yugi's slender body, tracing every curve which made Yugi shudder. One hand came back up to fondle with one of his nipples, teasing and pinching it making sweet, seductive sounds come out of the boy's mouth. Yami enjoyed watching Yugi squirm beneath him, begging unconsciously for the man to just ravish him. One thing Yami learned about Yugi when they were having sex was that he didn't like to be teased. So Yami was going to take his glorious time making Yugi turn more wanton until he heard the dirty words come out of his mouth for more. He started to suck on the flesh of Yugi's neck, and bit down on a rather sensitive spot that made Yugi's face flush red. He moved down further to his chest, licking and tasting his still wet skin.

Yugi traced his fingers through Yami's hair moaning for him to move faster. Instead, he bit and sucked on every hotspot on his body which made the boy gasp and say his name. Yugi could already feel how hard he was; so hard it hurt. He needed Yami so bad because if he had to wait any longer, he was sure that he would go over the edge. "Yami, please..."

"Please what?" he said planting ghost-like kisses down his stomach.
"Please, I need you so bad! Ah, just fuck me!"

Yami smirked. There it was; those were the words he wanted to hear. So, wasting no more time, he pulled off Yugi's trunks and told him to sit up. Somehow in the haze of lust, Yugi heard his order and complied leaning back against the door as Yami grasped his erection and started to stroke it. "Ah!" Yugi's head fell against the window. Yami then leaned down and took his entire length into his mouth. Yugi moaned out his name as he felt Yami's tongue massage the underside and started bobbing making the tip hit the back of his throat. "Fuck, Yami. You're getting good at this..." He grabbed a fistful of Yami's hair and pressed down making him go faster and harder. Soon droplets of sweat began to mix in with the water on his body as he became increasingly hotter.

Yami took Yugi in deeper in his mouth, swallowing as the rippling throat muscles made Yugi's legs tremble. "Shit, I'm gonna come!" Yugi panted as he felt the bane of his release surging through him. "Nh, Yami!" He gasped as his back arched off the door and he splashed into Yami's mouth. Yami swallowed and slowly let Yugi's member slip from his mouth as he watched his body still trembling from his orgasm. He sat up and pulled off his swim trunks before putting his hands around Yugi's waist, holding him firmly. Yugi looked at him curiously before Yami suddenly picked him up and placed him on his lap; he could feel the hardness below him and gasped at the heat it produced.

Yugi moved his head sensually to the side as Yami started to lick his neck and collarbone. Then his tongue trailed up to his ear before retreating back into his mouth. Yugi was a little disappointed at the loss, but then he felt Yami's lips part. He whispered breathily against his ear, "Ride me."

The most sinister and delicious smile went across Yugi's mouth as he nodded at Yami's command. Their bodies were still wet, so it wouldn't be too uncomfortable for him. He raised his hips as Yami positioned under him and then slid back down slowly, both of them moaning at the beautiful feeling. Yugi put his hands on Yami's shoulders and wrapped his legs around his lower body, biting his lip as Yami started to thrust upwards. After a moment of adjusting, he started to match Yami's thrusts with his own, gasping and moaning with each ravenous motion.

Yami's mouth hung open with his eyes closed as the feeling of ecstasy coursed through his body. Damn it felt so good to have Yugi wrapped around him. With his hands still around his waist, he forced Yugi down harder and both of their bodies shuddered with delight. Yugi's back arched and he began to roll his hips faster, not wanting to miss another second of glorious pleasure. His fingers gripped tighter on Yami's shoulders as each pound into his body intensified. And if that weren't enough, Yami suddenly wrapped his hand around his length and stroked it roughly in time with the heated exercise. Yugi's mouth was captured in another breath-taking kiss and he moaned into Yami's mouth as his climax neared. Their tongues messily swirled around each other, teasing and licking the hot, moist flesh around them before Yugi finally caved. His mouth separated from Yami's as he threw his head back and his seed splashed over his and Yami's stomachs. The force from his orgasm made his muscles tighten around Yami and after another hard thrust, he came as well.

With their energy from the erotic exercise dissolved, all they could manage was to reclaim their breath and stare at each other with half-lidded, lust filled eyes. Yugi smiled and pressed a light kiss to Yami's cheek before sliding off his lap and laying down on the back seat. It didn't take long for Yami to him on the soft seat cushions and let his body relax. He held Yugi in his arms and the younger male snuggled closer to his chest.

"Yami, will you be with me forever?" he asked in a whisper.
"Yes." Yami replied kissing him on the cheek. "You are mine, Yugi. My one and only love. No one else will ever replace you. Not ever..." he said the last part in a lower tone as drowsiness started to settle in. Yugi smiled and shifted slightly so he was more comfortable on the seat. He was happy he could not only rekindle this man's once broken heart, but to also become his lover as well. He found something he never thought he would he have: true love.

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Other stuff/Fun Facts:
-Yes, the man who sang in this chapter was meant to be Carl Thomas performing his song, My First Love.
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