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It was weekend and Usui Takumi is on his way to his beloved girlfriend Ayuzawa Misaki's home for a suprise visit..just as he was close to her doorstep he heard Misaki laughing..and saying

"oh your so kawaii!"..and that made our green-eyed alien wonder"Ayuzawa saying kawaii?wonder what's happening?"he thought.

. He quickly opened the door and saw.."The Heck-USUi!..what are you doing here?'misaki asked "and didn't anyone taught you some manners that before entering someone's home knock first!"she added..

But usui wasn't listening he was staring at the person that was on Misak's lap.."who's she?"usui asked..'huh?.oh her?'misaki said.

The person that was on misaki's lap is a cute little girl with long black hair and brown eyes. and with the age of 7 yrs old. "she's my cousin Meg Ayuzawa.. " Misaki said pointing out to the little girl

.."and meg-chan this is Usui takumi"misaki introduced the two..

Just then little meg-chan stood up "so your USUI..I finally saw the guy who onee-chan speak so much" as meg-chan said that misaki's cheek turned red

."meg-chan..hush!" she said.."so you really do speak a lot about me Ayuzawa"usui tease.."oh shut up USUI"misaki said..

"so Ayuzawa where's your okaa-san and suzuna by the way?"usui asked as he notice that its only the 3 of them inside the house

"well okaa-san is working now, while suzuna is on a fieldtrip and yesterday little meg-chan came for a vacation"misaki answered

"oh see..well now that i look at it Ayuzawa, you and meg-chan looked alike" usui said..

."well many people also said that...and maybe that's because we're close to each other that's why..and she's like my imouto too..aside from suzuna"misaki replied...

Just then meg-chan spoke and said "onee-chan can i have a glass of water?"

"sure meg-chan..I'll be right back..ne Usui watch over meg-chan first ok?"Misaki said 'hai! misa-chan"

As misaki went to the kitchen..little meg-chan shot a glare (kawaii glare) to our alien.."so Usui Takumi..am I right?"she said

"yes?" usui said as he looked at the little girl

"so your the guy who stole my onee-chan's attention from me!!"


Usui was a little bit shock from what he heard but at the same time..kept his cool because the cute and innocent girl he saw a while ago turned into weird

(well It's kinda hard to explain but you get the point ;) )..

"You heard me Us-Ui.. since you stole my nee-chan's attention you declare war on me because no one steals her attention except ME!..

and when Im in this mode you better be prepared for the challenge of your life" Meg-chan threatened Usui TAkumi

"hmm so you really look and act like Ayuzawa..well if you really want to little girl..you want to challenge me for my misa's attention then i say GAME ON.. MEg Ayuzawa" Usui takumi replied with a briliiant smile

"GOOd! You better be prepared Usui Takumi you may be good at everything and beat my one-chan always..but not this AYUZAWA.."meg said it with full of confident.

"hmm..GAMBATTE ne meg-chan" usui replied with just a grin

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