Gosh!..gomenasai minna..that this chapter took long because I got busy with things in school..but so to make it up to you here's chapter 7..hope you like it..

Chapter 7

As meg-chan showed her work to misaki.

"Meg-chan is this you?" Misaki asked

"Hai! Nee-chan..'meg-chan answered

"Its kawaii!.."Misaki said

Meg-chan drew Misaki in her dress in the park with a young girl who is meg-chan though its not perfect as usui but its kawaii..

"Hmm..this kid has a talent to draw' Usui thought as he ws looking at meg-chan's drawing

Just then Meg-chan suddenly put her tongue out to usui's direction..and that made our alien smile..

"What a kawaii kid" usui thought

"So nee-chan who's the winner..or which drawing you would like to choose?" Meg-chan asked

"Uhmm…should I really pick?"Misaki asked

"Of course nee-chan so that will determine who's the winner "Meg-chan said

"And so that guy can't come" Meg-chan thought

"Well both of your drawings were great but.." misaki said

"But ..what nee-chan?"meg said

Misaki suddenly looks at usui..

Hmm this look Ayuzawa's giving me telling me something that I should Understand the results"Usui thought

Just then the atmosphere became silent…





.Soon misaki spoke…

"Uhmm the drawing that I liked is…Meg-chan" Misaki said

"Really nee-chan?!" Meg-chan exclaimed

"Yup!...it was kawaii!..well yours too usui it was good"Misaki said

'Well good doesn't really describe your drawing usui more like Amazing!, Fantastic!, and marvelous!"Misaki thought

"Yehey! Nee-chan! Likes my work! And I won! Over usui-niitan!" meg-chan said happily

'well what luck for me..hehe still I know the reason why my misa-chan did that..hehe' usui thought

"Aww I lost!..well its still worth it seeing you misa-chan in a dress..and again I wil say this..You look beautiful!"usui said

"Damn it! Usui stop saying that!" Misaki said as she was blushing so hard

"EHEM!..now since I won ..usui-nittan you may now leave!..because were gonna get busy because we are going this afternoon at the amusement park..WITHOUT U!" Meg said

"Uhmm..meg-chan its ok if usui will stay here for a min..its still 11-" Misaki said but was cutted off

"No !he can't!...I mean maybe he has some things to do" Meg-chan said

'heheh she I really trying to get rid of me!..hehe 'usui thought

"uhmm she's right misa-chan I do have some things to do..so I better leave first..hehe.." usui said

Front door..

"Well..I gotta go.." usui said

"Yes! you should now go! Sayonara!" meg-chan said

"hehe..but first I think I left my phone in the living room..could you get it for me meg-chan?" Usui asked

"Why should i?" Meg-chan said

"Fine ..I will get it..where did you put it usui?" misaki said

"Maybe in the tables?" usui said

As misaki left..

"Let me tell you something meg-chan..getting rid of me will be hard..you might get stress" Usui said with a grin on his face

'The heck!'Meg-chan said

Just then misaki was backed..

" Usui your phone wasn't there"Misaki said

"Hontou?..ahh..I remembered!..my phone was just in my pocket heheh silly me.."usui said

"The heck! Usui!" Misaki exclaimed

"Well..I'll be going now Ja ne! don't miss me too much ayuzawa!..and oh meg-chan remember what I said" usui said as he left misaki's house

"Dream on! "Misaki replied

As Usui was out of sight meg-chan is still staring blankly..

"meg-chan?..lets go inside?" Misaki said

But no response..

"Hey! Meg-chan! Hello earth to meg-chan!" misaki shouted

"Oh nee-chan! Gomen! I was out for a min.." meg-chan replied

'damn that guy!' meg thought

"it's ok lets go inside and prepare ourself! Misaki said

'I should not think about that..of what he said..beside I won and I'll be spending time with my nee-chan this afternoon at the amusement without any distraction' meg thought

"hai nee-chan!" Meg-chan said happily

What will be happening in the amusement park?...will it be a fun time for meg-chan?..did she actually win over usui?