It's been a looooong time since I wrote my one and only SG1 fic but since Sanctuary was cancelled I went back to my SG1 dvds to get my Amanda Tapping fix and remembered why I loved this series so much. Yes, I know there have been heaps of Beaneath the Surface fics written - well there is a good reason for it - it is such a damn good shippy episode. Anyway here is my contribution to the pile. Seriously, if you are not a Sam/Jack shipper you will hate this - if however, you are, read on! Also thanks to Chartruesian who I now bow down to as the Goddess of all things grammatical.

Spoilers: Beaneath the Surface, although very much AU from there

Disclaimer - own nothing

Thera felt his warmth as he lay down on the narrow cot behind her. She loved it when Jonah came to her at night like this. They did nothing any more physical than hold each other when in her bed, they saved their more hurried, amorous activites for a secluded spot behind one of the massive boilers and away from prying eyes. While Thera most definitely enjoyed their hurried couplings she felt a sense of peace and 'rightness' when he simply held her. When he held her she knew their relationship was more than just physical release, they were conected in a deep and emotional way, she knew witout a doubt that she and Jonah were meant to be together, forever.

She felt his warm hand sneak under the bulky, orange jacket that provided each of the workers with barely enough warmth, he lightly caressed her stomach and began to move his hand upward to her sensitive breasts. She gasped as his knuckle gently brushed against her nipple.

"Sorry." He muttered into her neck and moved his hand towards her stomach once more. "You're changing."

"Hmmmm " Thera a responded, not really understanding what he was talking about as she was on the cusp of drifting off to sleep.

"Your body. It is changing." Jonah said with a mixture of awe and bewilderment. "Feel." He gently took her hand and placed it on her stomach. Thera immediately knew what Jonah was talking about, beneath her hand was a rounded firmness that had not been there a few weeks ago. She twisted her head so she could look at Jonah. Even in the dim light Jonah could see the fear in her eyes. "You hadn't noticed?" he asked quietly.

She shook her head, the fear remaining. "You know how little time we have in the showers – I didn't….I ….there was barely eough time to wash let alone notice changes." She explained quietly.

"Hey, I'm sure it's nothing to worry about. " He smiled wanting to put her mind at ease and the worry in her eyes began to disappear. "I will just have to take it upon myself to keep a constant watch on you. Just in case there are more changes, you understand." He grinned at her and the last of her worry eased.

"Are you planning to sleep with your hand on my stomach each night?"

"It's going to be a tough job, but for you, I will make the sacrifice." He teased.


Two weeks later Jonah and Thera were sitting in the dimmly lit eating area. Jonah's back was against the cold wall and Thera was nestled between his thighs, her back to his chest. Thera looked into her bowl of unappetising gruel and craved…something. She wasn't sure what it was her body wanted but it certainly wasn't this sloppy grey mush.

Jonah finish his pitiful food and placed the bowl on the ground bedside him and slipped his hand onto Thera's stomach. Even through the thick jacket he could feel the growing hardness of Thera's stomach. He would never let her know but he was beginning to worry about her. He was fairly certain he had never heard of one of the workers stomachs growing over time like this. As he wondered what they should do he felt a small movement under his hand.

Sudden shock at what he was feeling, mixed with clear understanding. He leaned forward and whispered in Thera's ear. "It's a baby."

Thera turned to look at him.

"Don't ask me how I know – I just do. The reason your stomach is getting bigger – it's because there is a baby growing in there." Jonah spoke with such certainty that it didn't occur to Thera to question how he could possibly know that.

"But there are no babies – no children. I've never even known…."

"I know." Jonah cut her off not liking where her thoughts were going, his own having gone there already. "Just don't say anything." He watched as Carlin made his way towards them. "To anyone." He emphasised quietly as Carlin sat opposite them. He didn't like where his thoughts were going, the fact that neither of them had ever seen a baby or child amongst the workers concerned him more than he would ever let Thera know. All he knew for certain was that it was his job to protect Thera and their child and he would do everything in his power to ensure no harm ever came to either of them. Now all he had to do was come up with a plan. For some reason his brain kept repeating 'plan B, when does plan ever work', but damned if he knew what it meant.

Carlin began a flow of chatter that required very little input from either Jonah or Thera, which was good because neither was capable of coherent conversation. Both were lost in thought about the tiny life growing within Thera's body and unbeknownst to the other their thoughts were almost identical, awe, wonder and excitement mixed with a fairly healthy dose of fear and a strange feeling that it shouldn't be happening because it wasn't allowed.