Prince Bail Organa was sitting at his desk when he received word from one of the agents about the Empire's secret weapon code named the Death Star. This was not good news for both Rebel Alliance and the entire galaxy. The agent informed him that the plans for the Death Star were ready to be picked up, and it had to be now!

He didn't know of any other person to do this, but he had to send his daughter Leia to retrieve the plans and bring them here to Alderaan. Hopefully a weakness can be found, and then the Rebel Alliance can destroy it before it was too late. He called Leia into his office, and told her to sit down.

"Leia sweetheart, I have something that needs to be done and you are the only one that can do this since you will be using the Tantive IV to accomplish this." Bail told her with sadness in his voice.

"What do you need me to do? I'm more than willing to help you out anyway possible that needs to be done." Leia said to him without saying what needed to be said without someone listening on them.

"I need you to travel to these coordinates and you will receive a transmission that is very important to our friends. They will be very grateful for this." He told her with the code word that meant the Alliance.

"Is there anything else that needs to be done before I return?" She asked knowing that there was more to the mission.

"In fact there is. I need you to go to Tattoonie to pick up someone that will need to be here as well. He's an old friend of mine, and make sure that he brings his nephew with him as well. He's very important to this as well." Bail said while stroking his beard.

"His nephew? Why does he need to bring him as well? I thought that your old friend would be enough." Leia wanted to know.

"He is very important as well. There's something that he can do to help as well. Also, I have to contact someone that needs to be here as well who is very important to the task and her son and friend as well. They can arrange their own transport since where they are, it's too far out of the way. You better leave now Leia, and get back here as soon as you can." Bail said with a sad smile on his face.

Leia got up and gave her father a hug before heading to the docking bay where the Tantive IV was kept. She greeted Capt. Antilles as she boarded the ship along with C3PO and Artoo-Detoo. She is hoping that this mission will go smoothly, but for some reason, she doubted it very much. They launched a short time later, and then things went downhill from there.


Ami and Soka were watching the Swoop Track, and they were not happy that Brian had entered the race against their wishes, but since he was 20, he didn't need their permission to enter. Both Ami and Soka saw a lot of his father in him, especially when it came to fixing and building things, racing, and pulling pranks when he was younger. If fact, there was times when he still did. But his first love was racing. He enjoyed it very much, and it worried them since the track was dangerous.

They waited for the race to begin and to see if he would qualify for the next round. The buzzer sounded off as the light went from Red to Green. They watched his Swoop Bike take off, and hoped that he would not qualify so they could return home. Even though the planet was under Imperial control, it was the only planet where they could hide without drawing attention to themselves.

They watched as his Bike made it to the finish line. It came in second place, and Brian was not too happy about that. He got off his Bike and started to curse in several languages that he picked up since living on Manaan.

"Brian! What did I tell you about using swear words?!" Ami yelled at him.

"Sorry Mom, but I should have won and not came in second. It was a fixed race and I know it was." Brian told his mother.

"And how many times have I told you to be patient and be calm?" Soka reminded him for the hundredth time.

Brian just rolled his eyes everytime Soka told him that. He moved his Bike to the garage where he kept it. He then locked it up and headed home with his mother and aunt. He loved them a lot, but wished they would give him some breathing space so he could race some more. He then remembered that he had some 'practicing' to do when they got home. He had to spar some with first a Seeker, and then with his aunt. He was just about done with building his Lightsaber, but still had to choose a crystal for it. He was still not sure whether if it should be Blue or the Purple crystal he found the other day in the shop.

They entered the apartment, and Ami saw that there was a message waiting for them. She turned on the holo-recording, and the image of Bail Organa shown itself.

"Hello Ami and Soka. I know that we were not supposed to talk to each other again, but it's very important that the three of you come to Alderaan. I have valuable information that will be of great importance to everyone of our 'friends'. Let me know the earliest the three of you can get here. You will be welcomed with open arms from everyone here. Looking forward to seeing everyone again." Bail said before the image faded.

Ami looked at Soka, and called for Brian to come into the living room so he would know what was going on.

"Alright then. Brian and Ahsoka, I need you both to pack what you can. We're leaving for Alderaan as soon as possible." Padme told them.

All three went into their rooms and packed what they could. They then headed to the docking bay where Padme's ship was kept. They boarded the ship, and Brian and Padme went into the cockpit while Ahsoka secured their belongings. She along with Brian and Padme strapped themselves in as Brian launched the ship into space. Padme entered the coordinates for Alderaan, and saw it would take a couple of days to reach it.

This would be the perfect time for Brian to finish his Lightsaber and continue with his training. Padme is still amazed that her baby was grown, and still wondered how Luke and Leia were doing. Hopefully they were alright and would be on Alderaan as well. Once they were in hyperspace, Brian set the autopilot on and went into the hold area of the ship to finish his Lightsaber and continue on his training to be a Jedi like his father before him.

Padme smiled as he was training with Ahsoka. He was like Anakin in many aspects, but when he got angry, for some reason his eyes turned grey instead of yellow like Anakin's did that fateful day on Mustafar. Neither Padme nor Ahsoka knew why this would happen, but would ask Obi-Wan when they saw him soon. None of them knew of the danger that would await them when they would reach the Alderaan system.