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"Hey to you to." Jillian said to Brian.

"It's been a while Jillian. I hope that your father isn't still mad at me for what nearly happened."

"No, but you know dad. If he had found us in my room during what we were going to do, he would have killed you and claimed that it was something else like you were going to…"

"Yeah, good thing that he didn't." Brian said before getting a nudge from Luke.

"Who's blondie here?" Mara said to Brian.

"Sorry. Jillian, Mara, this is my brother Luke." Brian told them.

"Brother? I thought you were an only child." Mara said to Brian.

"Yeah well, we've just found out not too long ago and we've also have a sister. We're triplets." Brian told them.

Luke decided to try to talk to Mara now and see if she would like to go out with him.

"Say Mara, I was wondering if you would like to go onto the dance floor for a bit." Luke wanted to know.

"Alright. But remember, if you step on my toes I will punch your lights out." Mara told him with a straight face.

"You wouldn't do that now, will you?" Luke asked.

"Trust me, I will." She told him.

The two of them headed to the dance floor while leaving Jillian and Brian alone.

"Jillian, I was wondering if you wanted to pick up where things left off. If not, then I understand." Brian wanted to know.

"I don't see why not. After all, it's not like my father is around here now. He's on some Star Destroyer and he's enjoying that now since he transferred from here." She told him with a smile on her face.

He smiled back at her. They then saw that Luke was having a hard time with dancing with Mara for he kept stepping on her toes! They laughed a bit at the situation. Brian then saw his sister and Han at a table not too far from them, and an evil smile came on his face. Jillian saw the look on his face, and knew he was up to something!

"Brian, what are you thinking of doing now? I know that look, and it can only mean trouble for what you plan to do." She told him while crossing her arms over her chest.

Brian told her to look at the table where Leia and Han was and planned to do something to his sister. Jillian just shook her head at him, and remembered why she still loved him even for his faults. What everyone didn't plan on was the three Dark Side Adepts that happened to come into the cantina looking for them! They are hoping to please their masters in destroying the Skywalker family and hoping to achieve high praise and more training from them. They waited patiently for the right moment to make their move and kill anyone that stood in their way in ridding the galaxy of the stinking Jedi once and for all!