Just want to thank everyone again for the reviews and the adds that everyone has done! Hopefully I can pull off Mara's character since the only time I've read anything with her was with the "Heir to the Empire' series, plus a little of the Vong wars which I could not get into. Sorry, but it wasn't for me. Hope everyone will enjoy the story still and hopefully will be good for us! Thanks!

Brian happened to see a service droid pass by Leia and Han, and used the Force to make the drinks from the tray fall on Leia! Han started to yell at the droid for the mess while Leia tried to clean herself up a bit. Brian started laughing while Jillian just shook her head and wondered why she still loved him. Then she remembered he was caring and gentle with her while he did things like this to those he didn't like that much. But to do this to his own sister, that was pushing it now.

Leia heard the laughter, and saw it was coming from her brother! He was the one that had the droid spill the drinks on her, and she was going to get even with him!

"Han, it wasn't the droid's fault." She told him.

"What?! What do you mean it wasn't the droid's fault?" He asked while still giving the droid a dirty look.

"Look who's laughing." She told Han.

Han saw what Leia was talking about. It was her brother that caused the trouble. He was going to give him a piece of his mind for this, but Leia stopped him. She started to go towards him with the intent of getting back at him.

"Brian Skywalker! You wait till I get my hands on you! You will wish that you weren't my brother!" Leia yelled at him.

Brian got up from his chair and told Jillian to find his mother here in the cantina and tell her what happened. He started backing up and bumped into a trio of people behind him. He turned around to apologize to them, only to see that they pulled out Lightsabers that had red blades!

"Everyone get out! There's trouble here! Leia, tell everyone that we have trouble here and I need help!" Brian yelled.

Brian then pulled out his own saber and wait for one of them to make the first move. He remembered what his aunt had taught him about not fighting with the hate or anger for they would lead to the Dark Side which he didn't want to do! He was then joined by Ahsoka and his father to take on the Dark Side Adepts which he was grateful for.

As they started the battle, everyone else was working on a way to get out of the cantina and to head towards the ships. But to leave in two ships this time may prove to be difficult since the Falcon was the closer of the ships and everyone knew that Brian didn't get along with his father, but they had to escape and head to where the Rebels were now!

Padme watched as the three of them took on the Dark Adepts, and saw that both Anakin and Ahsoka had killed their enemies while Brian was having a bit of trouble since he had never fought another person before for his life! She then saw that both Anakin and Ahsoka joined him to finally dispatch the last one and the left together!

Everyone including Jillian and Mara went to get to the Falcon and escape! Brian was grateful for the help even if it was his father that helped him. He went over to Jillian and hugged her, making sure that she was alright while Luke did the same with Mara who decided to hug him as well.

As the Falcon started to leave Manaan, it came across the largest Star Destroyer that they had seen! Anakin knew this was the Executor since he was the one to design the ship and told everyone this. They came across the ship's bow and were caught in the tractor beam of the ship. There was no way that they could fight out of this one, but would try.

A message was then broadcast over the Falcon's comm. unit, and it was the voice of Admiral Piett! Both Jillian and Mara were shocked to hear Jillian's father's voice for they knew that he was on a Destroyer, but not this one! Jillian told everyone that things will be alright now because she would talk to her father on their behalf. Not everyone was pleased, especially Brian since the last time he saw her father, but put his fate in her hands, and hopefully things will work out.