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Chapter 1

A small boy was running through the streets. You may ask yourself, "Why is he running?" Well, it's quite simple.

A bunch of drunken idiots wanted to kill him. The boy was wearing a Bright Orange Jumpsuit, with bright blue on his shoulders. There were goggles on his head, but not over his eyes, with an Orange sweatband keeping it around his head.

His name was Naruto Uzumaki, and he was only 6 years old. 'Why do they always chase me? They say I killed their family but... I haven't done anything like that! Why?!' He jumped into a nearby alley, and hid behind a trashcan.

There was a powerful, yet soothing voice. He had started calling it his "Guardian Angel", though he never learned the true name of the voice. "They do not see what I see, young Naruto. You only need to find a friend. One who will stay by your side. No matter what."

Naruto didn't answer, knowing that if he spoke to the voice now, then his pursuers will find him that much faster. He tried to keep calm, so he could stay hidden.

Unfortunately, one of the drunkards kicked his hiding spot, making him jump, before he was on the run again. "Head to the forests, Young one. Remember what I told you. Don't think. Feel. It will help. Trust me."

Naruto nodded, and went into the forests as quickly as he could. He was always better at hiding in the forests than anywhere else, for some reason. And he knew it had nothing to do with his Guardian Angel. It wasn't long before he lost the villagers, who had given up on searching for him. Once he knew they were gone, he left his hiding spot, which, ironically, was the base of a tree.

"Young one, we are not alone." the voice warned.

Naruto was looking around frantically. "Who's out there?" He said, hoping they didn't see him come out.

"Behind you!" Naruto turned, but it was too late. All he saw was a red blob, before it hit his chest, and he blacked out.

It wasn't until 30 minutes later that an ANBU showed up and brought him to a hospital. The ANBU had a dog mask, and silver hair that seemed to defy gravity. One thought ran through his mind. 'I hope I wasn't too late. I can't fail Sensei. Not now. Not ever.'

-6 years later-

Naruto Uzumaki had grown a few inches, but not much. He was currently sitting near a wooden shed with a large scroll near him. He was already reading it. "Shadow Clone Jutsu? Ah great! My worst technique!" He read over it, just in case. 'Wait... Extreme reserves needed? Little to no Control necessary?' He grinned slightly. "Now that, I can do."

He had spent 5 years in the academy, playing the fool in front of everyone. Unknown to everyone else, even the village leader, he was learning things he shouldn't even know of. He doesn't even know how he knows of most of them, either. He was a prankster in a lot of eyes. In his eyes, however, it was the way for him to train, without anyone noticing. He would basically play keep away from his pursuers after each one, and trying keep them working for it.

In essence, he was training the supposed elite, while at the same time, increasing his stamina.

Anyway, since he had failed the Graduation Exam 3 times already, he was given a make-up exam. He had a feeling it was a farce, but figured that, if it weren't, he would be able to get some good out of it.

After 4 hours, Naruto had finally mastered making a single Shadow Clone. It was evidenced by the High-5 he gave it, that it worked. It dispelled quickly, though. "I did it..." He huffed out. He had learned to be highly observant over the years, realizing that it would help him in the long run. It wasn't long after this, that a dark-skinned male with a scar over his nose landed nearby.

"Naruto! Do you realize how much trouble you're in?!"

'Oh great. Iruka-sensei found me first. I was hoping Mizuki-sensei showed first, so I could figure out why he gave me this test... OH well.' Naruto finished the thought, before giving a small grin. "Iruka-sensei! I managed to learn the jutsu! Now, all I have to do is show you, and I pass, right?"

Iruka was slightly surprised, and took in the boy's appearance. 'He does look like he's been working hard.' "Naruto, what are talking about?" He questioned, realizing the words Naruto had used.

"The make-up exam. Mizuki-sensei told me about it. And this place. He said if I could learn one jutsu from this scroll, then I would pass and become a Genin. That's how it works right?" Naruto asked, slightly enthusiastic. Iruka would have replied, but sensed an attack on the way in, and pushed Naruto out of the way, before taking a few Kunai causing him to scoot back towards the hut.

"So, you found out about our little hiding spot, eh?" A man in similar attire as Iruka, but with Silver gray hair,and two Fuuma Shuriken on his back. "Naruto, good job. Now give me the scroll, and you pass."

"No, Naruto! Don't give him the scroll! He only wants to use you!"

"Give me the scroll, Naruto. I can show you what it means." Mizuki stated.

Naruto had his eyes darting back and forth. "Mizuki... He's the traitor here." Naruto heard the voice, and nodded slightly.

"Naruto, get out of here and get help!" Iruka shouted.

"Don't you want to know why everyone hates you?" Mizuki questioned, making Naruto stand stock still.

"Mizuki! That information is forbidden!"

Mizuki just ignored Iruka. "12 years ago, the Demon Fox, Kyuubi no Yoko, attacked our village. The Yondaime didn't kill it. He sealed it into a newborn. You are that baby. You ARE THE KYUUBI NO YOKO!" He took off a Fuuma Shuriken from his back and threw it. Naruto felt himself getting pushed back a bit in his shock, and found Iruka over him, the Shuriken in his back.

"Sensei... Why?"

"Because... You are like me. We are so much alike, you and I. A couple of kids, looking for recognition. I know you realize it. I know you're in pain. You never show it, but I know."

Naruto didn't know what to say to that. It was at this point he felt something. Something inside of him. It was multiplying. 'What's going on?'

"Kit! Don't lose yourself! You are not the Kyuubi, YOU ARE NOT ME!" Naruto's eyes widened. "Yes, I am the Kyuubi. Yes, I taught you things. No, I wasn't kidding when I said that they don't see you. All they see is me. That is why you wanted recognition. To show that you are you, and I am me!"

Naruto felt the feeling multiply even faster. Something that he both didn't like, and at the same time, was a welcoming feeling. As if the more it multiplies, the better he feels. Naruto felt something else. It was rage. The rage made the feeling multiply, and the feeling also calmed him. It wasn't long before he was covered in a bright light.

When the light disappeared, Naruto didn't seem to be there, anymore. Mizuki and Iruka were both confused.

"Where did that demon go?" Mizuki was looking around frantically.

They didn't realize it, but there was a small Orange ball nearby, and it could hear everything. 'Time to find out the truth.'

"Iruka, why would you bother to protect that demon? It killed your parents!"

"The demon killed my parents, yes."

Naruto heard this. 'So it's true. Even Iruka hates me.'

"But Naruto isn't the Demon." Naruto would've widened his eyes if he could. "If he were, the village wouldn't be standing right now. He would have destroyed us all with single breath for our treatment of him. At least I took the time look. No one else seems to have done that. Sure he may be a prankster, and he doesn't always have the best grades. However, he is not the demon you hate so much. This village doesn't even deserve Naruto's presence! He's too good for all of us!"

"Iruka... I was going to save you for later, but I'll just have to kill you now." Mizuki stated, pulling the other Shuriken off of his back.

Naruto felt like he had to intervene, seeing as Iruka gave the unbridled truth. But he didn't know how to.

He was balled up, after all. Then it hit him. He rolled forward, and jumped to hit Mizuki as a ball, knocking the Shuriken off course and through a few other trees. "Ow!" The ball then separated a bit, and revealed a much larger Orange body, almost 5' 9. There was a helmet with a yellow visor. The left arm was replaced with what seemed to be a long tube from the elbow down. His voice was masked, but the message came out clear.

"If you ever lay a hand on an innocent... I'LL KILL YOU!" Iruka and Mizuki stared at the newcomer. Iruka had an idea, but couldn't figure out why he thought that. He raised his left arm to point the tube at Mizuki.

"Who the hell are you?!" Mizuki shouted. "Another demon lover?!"

"If that's what you want to call me for saving your sorry asses and taking all the shit you threw at a child, then sure. Why the FUCK NOT?!" A small yellow beam left the arm, and hit Mizuki in the chest, sending him flying. 'Sweet. Long range cannon. Let's see what else it can do.'

He sent Chakra to it, and he could he a slight whirring sound, as a glow appeared near the end of the tube. "Repeat after me." A new voice stated.

"Charge Shot... FIRE!" A larger yellow blast blew off Mizuki's arm, making blood splatter all over the place. "Any last words, traitor?"

"Go to hell!" Naruto had charged another shot and fired it point blank into Mizuki's chest.

Iruka saw this, and had a multitude of thoughts. 'Why would Naruto do that? And how come he isn't affected?' Iruka then realized something. 'Unless it isn't Naruto.' Naruto then turned to Iruka. "Who are you?"

"I am the soul of this suit. The Young One does not know of me. You need not fear me, but I had to take his place and make the shot. He himself would not have."

"Who are you?" Iruka stated.

"I have no name. I have no title. I am merely a suit that the Young One can access." The man in the suit then walked over to the scroll, and picked it up before tossing it towards Iruka. "I can also access the Young One's Memories. Take that to the Hokage, and get yourself checked out at the Hospital. He would not like it if you remain harmed. He is grateful, but it was not him that did that. It was all me."

"This Young one... is it Naruto?"

"That is his name, yes."

Iruka sighed in relief. "And you are not Kyuubi?"

"Do you mean that fox that is in his mind, unable to do a thing but play board games with me for the past few years?"

This put a shocked look on Iruka's face. "Board games?"

"Yes. She is quite the natural. If you have something to say, I would suggest you say it now. The Young one is unconscious, allowing me to use the suit. When he is in a safe spot, I will let him know what has happened, and train him to use it. You need not fear me... Iruka."

Iruka then took off his headband. "Give this to him. He's a graduate now."

"I will make sure he knows. Remember to get yourself checked out." The suit started walking off. "He will look for you when we are done. And do not let anyone know what has happened here, Iruka. Sandaime." The suit then went into a ball and rolled off.

'Sandaime? But Hokage-sama isn't even here.'

A few minutes later, Iruka was trying to get up, and an ANBU appeared. "Iruka-san."

It was an ANBU in a bear mask. "Kuma-san. Can you get the scroll to Hokage-sama? And hopefully get me to the hospital to get checked out?"

The ANBU nodded. "We are old teammates after all. It's the least I can do."

"Thanks." Iruka said.

"What of Uzumaki?"

"I don't know. He went off, trying to absorb what happened, probably. Mizuki was a traitor." Iruka replied. The ANBU hung the scroll around his arm, and held Iruka over his other arm, and walked him back to the village.

-back in the village-

Iruka was sitting in a hospital room, when the Hokage had walked in. "Iruka..."


"I believe you know why I'm here, Iruka, so I'll cut to the chase. Do you know where Naruto is?"

"Not exactly. But... I know he's safe. He isn't being influenced by the Kyuubi. I think we should postpone the Team assignments for 2 weeks later than usual." Iruka stated.

"Why that long out?"

"I think... Naruto may have a Bloodline. Something that doesn't involve the Fox." Iruka stated. "I don't know why I think this, but I do."

"If it were a bloodline, then he'd have to get it registered as such. I don't think he'll want it as a Village Bloodline, if it is new."

"I don't think he will either. Still, this is only speculation, sir."

"I know, but be careful. If he does, then I will see to it that no one finds out. Not even the Council." Sandaime stated with a small smirk. "Naruto may cause a lot of trouble..."

"But the ones that get the worst of it piss..." Iruka continued.

"Him..." Sandaime stated.


The Hokage got up. "Iruka... Thank you for giving him the chance he deserved."

"I still don't think this village deserves him, though. I wasn't kidding when I said that."

"So do I, Iruka. So do I." The Sandaime walked out of the room.

'Naruto... I hope you're okay.' Iruka thought, before falling asleep.

-random cave outside of Konohagakure-

We find Naruto asleep on a rock, dressed in his Jumpsuit.


Naruto had woken up in what seemed to be a sewer. "Where am I? The last thing I remember..." His eyes widened. "Iruka-sensei!"

"Calm down, Young One. Iruka is safe, for the time being."

Naruto visibly relaxed at the voice, before wondering something. "Follow the feeling of my power, and you will find the truth." Naruto then followed the pipes giving off the same feeling, until he found himself in front of a gate, with a piece of paper with Seal written on it. "You have finally come, Young One."


A giant fox appeared in the shadow beyond the gate. "Why what?"

"Why did you let me think you were a Guardian Angel?"

"Would you have let me help if I corrected you, saying I was a demon that your own mother wanted to watch over you?" The fox stated, the voice low, but not dangerous. "If I did that, you'd never let me help. You'd ignore me. And you'd probably be dead 7 times over by now."

Naruto had to concede that point, before realizing something. "You knew my mother?"

"Of course. I was sealed in her before you, after all."

"Did she... Did she love me?"

"I can only say yes. Both she, and your father loved you. They sacrificed their lives to make sure you lived, the day you were born. They gave you me, so I can help you. The attack... it wasn't exactly my fault, so you know."

"Then who's fault was it?"

"I am partially at fault for letting that man control me... AGAIN! But... he's also the one that ripped me out of your mother. He wants to see Konohagakure burn to the ground. Still... I fear he has more in store for the world."

"I do not know what is going on with you two, but I think we should get to business." Naruto and Kyuubi turned to the man that walked up to them. It was a simple scientist. Lab coat, black shirt, black pants, and glasses that completely cover the eyes. "Young One. Kira."

"Ah. And the body is in a safe spot?"

"You think I'd come back in here if it weren't?" The scientist questioned. "I didn't find my way in here all those years ago just to let someone that gained a natural immunity to my usually harmful genetics die. Sorry, but that's not going to happen."

"Point. So..."

"Iruka sends his regards to Naruto. Believe it or not, when I landed here, I was the last of my kind. My race truly had no name, mainly because we couldn't even speak human languages. We were a primal race, one that couldn't even think. It was only after a being known only as Samus Aran came to us, and we went into her. I was a part of that initial absorption. Unlike the others, I had gotten into her memory banks, and found what it means to be a human. While the others attacked her as a threat, I didn't. I completely steered clear of her. What's more is, as she was about to blow up the station, I used one of the only escape pods there. She had blown the rest of my species up, to protect the galaxy. Over time, the rest of my species had transferred what they had learned to me. I am the last of my kind."

"Why didn't you say any of this before?" The fox, Kira, questioned.

"Because I didn't want to repeat myself, and the Young One had to know of this as well. Besides, I actually thank Samus for doing that. We were a disgrace, compared to some of the things she fought."

Naruto watched the two, and paid close attention to everything that was said. "How did you get in here, then?"

The scientist looked at Naruto, as did Kira. "Naruto... You remember that Red blob of goo that hit you years ago?" Naruto looked at Kira and nodded. "He never said it, but I think that was him."

"You're kidding me."

"No, he is not. In fact, that actually WAS me. I found that your body can adapt to something much quicker than normal humans. It didn't take long for your body to gain an immunity to my usual viral genetics."

"Speak English, please."

"In other words: Your body can take something harmful, and make the harmful portions useless. You aren't affected by the harmful effects of his race. Another way to look at it is poisons. Some can kill you. You will not die from it, if you can gain an immunity to it before it does."

Naruto thought about it for a moment and nodded. "That makes more sense."

"Now, on to the reason I'm here now. Apparently, you have a suit. From Samus's memories, it is called the Power Suit."

"Power suit?"

"Yes. It is a battle suit, but it is no where near the level Samus is. You only have a small portion of what she did."

"What do you mean?" Naruto asked.

"Her Power Suit, had a multitude of abilities, and attachments. The Majority of which... you don't have."

"Too many abilities, you have only a select few." Kira explained, earning a nod from Naruto.

"What do I have?"

"To start, you have the abilities of the Gravity Suit, and Varia Suit. Gravity Suit allows for natural movements underwater, and in Lava. The Varia Suit can handle extreme temperatures allowing you to actually get to the lava, and still be unaffected. With a Varia Suit, but no Gravity Suit, Lava can still harm you, but since you have both right now, that is not really that bad." Naruto nodded, understanding all of that.


"The next ability you have is the Charge Beam. Basically, you take the Arm Cannon, and charge it up. I found that you have an inner energy, and it can be used to Charge the Beam, making it a Charge Beam."

"I told you about chakra, and you learned how to access it in the Academy. Chakra is what he's talking about. Channel your Chakra to the Arm Cannon, which was on your left arm, and you will fire a Charged Shot."

"You will not be affected by my kind, since you have already adapted to my presence. That is an ability you have, with or without the suit. We can heal you by absorbing ourselves within you. You can also make more of us to control others, find out what they know, take their consciousness, genetic traits, or simply kill them. If someone you care for is dying, you can make one of us and have us take their consciousness, memories, and genetic traits, so we can go into a dead body, and revive them later. We cannot take the memories of a dead body, however."

"Wait. Back up. Are you saying you can prevent death?"

"Not a physical death, not. But we can keep them from dying, and make a new body for them, with all the abilities of the original. It is like... Reincarnation, in a sense. The genetic code will be the same, their memories, personality, it will be like they never died. Though this has never truly been tested, I think it could very well work. But I would not suggest doing so unless there is a good reason for it."

Naruto was in awe at the ability. "I can stop someone from dying completely, just by using this ability?"

"In a sense, yes. Their body will die, unless you could put it in a cryogenic state, which, from what I've seen of this world, is impossible with the current technology."

"Cry-what?" Naruto questioned.

"Cryogenic State. Basically, it preserves the physical body, allowing it to heal." Naruto tilted his head, still in confusion.

Kira then understood. "This may be easier for you to understand. The body is frozen, keeping it from aging, but still allowing it to heal from whatever would have usually killed the person."

"Oh... I get it. So, it stops them from aging, dying, and can be used to heal?"

"In a nutshell, yes. But as I said, it is impossible with this planet's technology."

"You underestimate us. Believe it or not, there is another way to do so with what we DO have here." Kira stated. "And it just so happens, I know exactly, how to do it. After all, his mother did so a few times. It was only really used to keep her targets from dying, when they were needed alive, though. They were mangled, but not dead. They came out in a slightly better state than they were in, due to a slow healing factor. Top physical condition, but still unconscious."

The scientist raised an eyebrow. "How did she do this?"

Kira looked at Naruto. "I'll be teaching you your mother's Fuuinjutsu skills. I know them inside and out, after all. I can't do much for your father, and yes I know of him, but I can't teach you his only 2 original techniques. You'd have to learn them from elsewhere. Through Fuuinjutsu, the only limit is the user's imagination. Thankfully, your mother already had the Cryogenic one made a few times. But that will have to wait for a while. Still... The Shadow Clone Jutsu will come in handy here."

Naruto raised an eyebrow. "How so?"

"Because of the special ability of them. I will let you know, in case you didn't read that part. When they dispel, they will transfer all memories to the original. Your mother abused this for training Chakra Control, elemental manipulation, and Fuuinjutsu. Trust me. They're more than worth it, and by learning Fuuinjutsu, you'll save a lot of money on sealing scrolls, Exploding tags, and the like. You'll be able to make your own, after all." Kira explained.

Naruto's eyes lit up. "Sweet!"

"For now, though, you'll have to work with this guy here on working with the suit. Before you start, make a lot of Shadow Clones, and then work with him on getting out and using the suit. The clones will work on Fuuinjutsu. I'll put all the lower end Seals in your mind for you to work on. Once you master those, to my standards, you'll go up a level. I'll let you know when you go up a level."

"Where is the seal that I need?"

"It will be on level 3. It is more complicated, and the slightest mistake will mean a massive explosion. Your mother tried it before the first 2 levels. Needless to say it blew up in her face. Kushina would kill me if I let that happen to you. Take your time, and work your way up."

Naruto looked a little down, but nodded. "Alright. It's for my mother. I'll make her proud."

"Remember, this is so you can learn how to use the Power Suit as well. I bought you at least an extra week. We'll work on what is needed, and your Fuuinjutsu for now."

Naruto nodded. "So... how do I get out of here?"

"Your body is exhausted. That much I know. For now, come. Sleep in my fur. Your mother did it from time to time, mainly when her body was exhausted. I kind of missed that feeling." Kira admitted. Naruto was slightly wary, but did just that.

"So soft..." Naruto said, before he passed out in the fur. Kira gave a light chuckle. "His mother said the same thing the first she did this."

The scientist raised an eyebrow. "Do you think it is possible for me to implant my own knowledge that I gained into him?"

"Given the abilities your race has... I would say it is possible, but do not over load his mind. In fact, wait for a while, or do so gradually. It would make less strain on his mind, and the Shadow Clone Training will put enough on it as it is. We don't need more than is necessary."

With a nod, Kira put a tail on Naruto's forehead and sent the memories of the first level seals.

-2 weeks later, Hokage's office-

There was only 2 days left until team placements, and the Hokage was worried. No one had seen hide, nor tail of Naruto. 'Where are you, Naruto? I'm worried.'

An ANBU with a bear mask then entered the room. "Hokage-sama."

The old man looked up. "Report."

"Naruto Uzumaki has been found, and is currently inside of his apartment."

"And the Kyuubi?"

"Not in control. He does not seem to be affected by his kill, however." The ANBU replied.

"Kuma, there is probably more to it than that. He has been gone for 2 weeks. I should probably go and see him."

The ANBU nodded. "Shall I get him for you?"

The Hokage nodded. The ANBU disappeared. 'Naruto... I hope you're okay mentally.'

Within minutes, the ANBU returned, with Naruto right there. "You wanted to see me Jiji?"

"Naruto... I'm sorry I didn't tell you but..."

"It's okay. I'm over it. All of it. I can understand why you didn't tell me." Naruto cut him off. "You owe me a lot of Ramen for it, though."

"You are sure?"

"Pay me back with all the Ramen I can eat, and I'll let it slide for good." Naruto said with a small smirk.

'Yeah... That's Naruto.' Sarutobi though. "I see. And if I don't?"

"I'll leave that to the imagination." Naruto suddenly had a very sadistic smirk on his face. Sarutobi nearly paled at the look, being reminded of a certain interrogator. 'If he's been found and helped by Anko...'

"We'll do so later. But I must ask... How are you feeling about your first?"

Naruto knew he meant Mizuki. "The silver haired teme?" Naruto asked, earned a raised eyebrow and a nod. "Well, he was a bastard, and he tried to kill Iruka-sensei. I don't like the fact I had to... but I know that if I didn't, Iruka-sensei would be dead right now. That's what I've been telling myself. If I didn't do it, Iruka would be dead. If I did, Iruka would live. While I was out I heard a saying. It was a code for some old assassination group: Kill one, and maybe, save 1,000. That saying got me over what I did, knowing that I could have saved a lot of lives down the road."

The old man was a little surprised, but nodded all the same. "I see. And you are right. Mizuki has had his body burned. Now, on to another matter. Your graduation."

"Look, I know I didn't graduate, but..."

"Actually, you did graduate. You already have a B-rank mission under your belt as well." Sarutobi sated, earning surprise from Naruto and the present ANBU. "You flushed out a traitor, and took him down. You lack experience, yes. However, I do see what others don't. What happened that night will be strictly classified to you, Iruka, me, and the ANBU present. It will go on your record as a B-rank." He also took out a bag. "And here is your pay for the mission. Don't spend it all in one place." Naruto looked at it, and took out a scroll, before sealing the bag into it. Both the ANBU and Sarutobi were surprised. "How did you..."

"You didn't think I wouldn't learn anything while I was out, did you? The Kyuubi may not be any harm right now, but that doesn't mean she doesn't know anything about the only way she was defeated. I've only learned Fuuinjutsu from her, but it helps out a lot."

"What are you..." Sarutobi was shocked, but also a little fearful.

"She won't take over my mind. We've come to an agreement. One of mutual benefit. She helps me, I take out the one person she wants dead. She only says that this person also killed my parents the day I was born, but won't say my father's name. I do know my mother's name, though." Naruto admitted.

Sarutobi sighed. "I see... And you are sure that the Kyuubi will honor the deal?"

"It's a Demonic Code of Honor. If a Demon gives their word, they will keep it. She gave her word she will not take over my mind, and will not ask to be let out. I'll admit I was wary at first, but she hasn't even tried to. Unless I allow her to take control, she won't. She is only teaching me in Fuuinjutsu for the time being. After all, it was one of my mother's best skills."

Sarutobi was slightly surprised, but didn't see a reason to dismiss it. He nodded. "Alright. You still have to get a picture taken for your Ninja ID. And no pranks for it. After that is done, I'll take you to Ichiraku's." Naruto nodded, with his trademark Foxy-grin.

"So, when do teams get put together?"

"2 days from now. After today, I would think you may need some rest. You don't want to burn out your mind, right?"

"Nope." Naruto stated. "The Kyuubi doesn't, either, that's for sure." Sarutobi was still slightly worried about that, but let him go. Naruto then jumped out the window and went to where he should go for the picture.

Sarutobi then turned to the ANBU. "Follow him. Make sure he is himself. Even with his explanation, I am not sure whether or not it is the truth. Make sure he does not know. This is to last until Team Placements."

"Sir." The ANBU left.

'Naruto... as much as I want to believe what you said, I need to be sure that you are not being controlled already.'

-2 days later-

It was 8:00 AM and Naruto was sitting in class. Someone else came up to him. He recognized it as Shikamaru. "Naruto, what are you doing here? Class today is only for those that didn't fail."

Naruto turned his head slightly. "I know you're lazy, Shika, but I can't believe you didn't notice the headband." Shikamaru looked, and saw he was right. "I did graduated, if you can't tell. It's an alternate way of graduation, only for someone like me."

"A dead last?"

"No, Teme." Naruto hissed at the one on the other side of him. "I have a reason for passing. You just don't need to know."

Shikamaru, on the other hand, noted the hatred in Naruto's voice. 'What happened to make him so pissy at the Uchiha?'

"Kit, calm down." Naruto heard. "There is no reason to get pissed at him for his ancestor."

'I'm not pissed at him for what Madara did. I'm ticked off because he thinks he's so powerful, all because of his Clan, which is dead.' Naruto retorted. 'Hey, X? You think it's possible to make it so he doesn't gain his Sharingan?'

The scientist in his head had gained the name X, because they had no idea what else to call him. He took a liking to the name, for some reason. "Well, it should be possible. However, I do not see how to do so without him noticing. It is in his genetics, after all." Naruto and X had gained an exclusive lesson on Kekkei Genkai, or Bloodlines, because of X's presence. Being able to reproduce a genetic code just by absorbing it into an X body would make it so Naruto would need to know what each one can do, in case he wanted to take it for his own.

That also means he could get rid of one, in theory.

'Damn... oh well. Look into it later?' Naruto asked, earning a pair of mental nods. It was at this point, Naruto had heard what seemed to be a stampede. 'Oh no. the Banshee crew.'

"It is a good thing you know the silencing seal, and already placed on your body. Activate it."

'You don't need to tell me twice!' Naruto nearly shouted in his mind, before making a half-ram seal, causing slight distortion around his head.

It was at that point, the door was slammed open. "I win!" Two girls shouted. One had Pink hair, emerald Green eyes, and wore a red dress with a white circle on the back. Her name was Sakura Haruno.

The other was wearing a purple dress, with white tape around her waist, and her headband over it. Her hair was bleach blonde, tied in a ponytail in the back, with a small bang over the right side of her face, but not covering her eyes. Her name was Ino Yamanaka.

They both spotted Sasuke and Naruto was right next to him. They got up there quickly. "Naruto! Move it!" Naruto didn't even acknowledge Sakura's words.

"NARUTO! Move it or I'll..." she was cut off by Naruto looking at her.

"I'm sorry, did you say something?" He asked, causing her to face fault, as did Ino. A few people in the classroom raised an eyebrow, but everyone else laughed. "NARUTO!" She moved to hit him, and he used a sealless Kawarimi (Body Swap, Substitution) to switch with Sasuke, causing her to hit him.

"I wasn't kidding with what I said. I can't hear anything. You probably made me go deaf from years of yelling." Naruto stated. Only one person in the class realized what he was really going on.

And it was because she saw the Chakra Barrier around his head. And this person, who happens to be female, giggled a bit. 'Oh Naruto-kun... That's a sound barrier, isn't it? I knew you were better than anyone else here.'

Naruto caught a girl in the corner of his eye. And he found she was giggling at something. 'Kira, X, any idea as to why that happened?' She then noticed that he was looking at her, and turned her head away with a blush. 'Nevermind. I think she has a crush on me.'

"Let it be known that you are NOT dense." Kira stated. Naruto mentally nodded.

"NARUTO!" A bunch of girls shouted. Naruto saw them, and the anger in their eyes.


'Don't worry. This is just more training for me. Dodge an evade is all I have to do... or use Kawarimi with Sasuke, but I'll save that for when I can't dodge.' Naruto replied.

"Good luck." X stated.

"I second that." Kira added.


The girls charged him, and he managed to dodge every attack they threw at him. They kept this up until Iruka entered the classroom, and found what was happening. His eye twitched, before his head grew to 10 times its usual size. "SIT DOWN AND SHUT UP!"

The girls looked at Iruka, before realizing that Naruto was right next to him. "Oh come on, Iruka-sensei. I was getting in some practice." Naruto said.


"Hang on." Naruto made the Half-ram seal again, and a shimmer appeared once more. "Okay. Now I can hear you."

"I heard that you've been learning Fuuinjutsu. I didn't think you'd be able to understand it. I'm guessing I was wrong?"

Naruto shrugged. "It was a little complicated at first, but I got the hang of it pretty quickly. It's easy once you understand the concept of it, you know?"

Iruka nodded. "Alright. Find a seat." Naruto nodded, and found a seat next to the girl he caught giggling earlier. He sat there, away from the ones that tried to beat him up earlier... and those girls were still pissed at what he did.

Iruka then went into an explanation, which Naruto only half listened to. He was more concerned with the girl next to him, who was trying to sneak a few peeks at him, but turning her head away quickly.

'Yeah, she's got a crush on me.'

"Kit, you might as well tease her a bit. See how she takes it."

Naruto did just that, and caught her looking at him again. He winked as she did that time, causing a massive blush, and her to faint. 'I didn't think that would happen. Her self-esteem must be low. Someone's got to work on that. I think I'd have to, though.'

"Alright, now for the teams. Team 1..." Iruka continued going through the teams. "Team 7, Naruto Uzumaki, Sakura Haruno," Naruto and Sakura's heads both hit the tables, and everyone was more confused at Naruto's reaction, thinking he was still head over heels over her. "And Sasuke Uchiha." Naruto raised his head, and slammed it through the desk again. This time, making a hole in it.

THAT had everyone looking at him in shock. He raised his head. "What the hell! This probably the worst people to put me with!"

"Naruto, these teams are made with the Hokage's Opinion. Sasuke was at the top of the class, you were at the bottom. The team has to be balanced. If you have a problem, you'll have to take it up with Hokage-sama." Iruka countered.

Naruto grumbled. "Look at it this way, Kit. At least you can keep an eye on the Uchiha, in case he shows any signs of becoming a traitor."

"Kira does have a point. A wise man once said, keep your friends close, but keep your enemies closer. This... could do just that." X added.

'Fine. I'll put up with them, but I won't like it.' Naruto replied.

"Team 8 will be Hinata Hyuuga, Kiba Inuzuka, and Shino Aburame. Team 9 is still in session from last year, so Team 10 will be Ino Yamanaka, Chouji Akimichi, and Shikamaru Nara. Meet your sensei's here in two hours. Until then, break for lunch." Everyone left the classroom, though the Fangirls sent a glare Naruto's way.

He simply ignored them, and unsealed a Bento box eating it in the classroom. He unsealed another one for when Hinata woke up. It was 10 minutes later that she did, and Naruto was still eating. He swallowed what was in his mouth before speaking. "Glad to see you're awake." He tapped the Bento on the desk in front of her. "Eat. You'll need it."

She looked at him, warily, before realizing who it was. "Don't faint on me again. Please, don't." He said. "You need to eat something, or it could happen again."

"B-b-b-but..." She stuttered.

"No buts. Just eat. I have enough for 8 men. I eat a lot. I'm sure I can spare one bento for someone else who could use it." Naruto had a small smile.

Hinata, on the other hand, blushed, before taking the bento, and opening it up. Inside was a mix of foods that didn't exactly look edible. "It tastes better than it looks." He said. She took a pair of chopsticks, and took a small piece. 'Naruto-kun... you'd share your lunch with me?'

She put the small bit in her mouth, and tasted it, trying to figure out if it was good. And she was not disappointed. In fact, when she swallowed it, she blinked a few times. 'this is good.' She took a bigger piece, and did the same. 'This is really good!' She thought, as she went through it all pretty quickly. She noticed that it was gone within 30 seconds, causing her to blush. "S-sorry."

"No worries. I know how to make something edible with little or no fancy stuff. I normally can't afford it anyway. It may not look edible at a glance, but I tell ya, it can be good if you try it." Naruto admitted. "So, how was it?"

She looked at him, and found his eyes mesmerizing. "G-great..."

"You don't sound like you mean that." Naruto pointed out. "Is it really that good?"

She widened her eyes, realizing that he was slightly disappointed. "Y-yes... it was really good. I've... I've never tasted anything l-l-like it." Her voice was low, and held a tone of nervousness. 'That's an understatement. This stuff is better what than the Hyuuga Cooks make!'

"W-what's in it?"

"Believe it or not... a lot of things that wouldn't really be edible on their own. I can somehow make them edible. I've been able to since I was 9. It's hard to do, but doing so all my life is the reason I can. It's either I do that, or I die of starvation... or live off of ramen for my entire life. I blame human ignorance for that." Naruto admitted. "I won't say what it is exactly, but just know that I wouldn't have given it to you if I didn't think it was okay to eat."

She looked at him in surprise, but nodded slightly. "So... why are you so nervous?" He asked, without even looking at her. The ANBU watched the interaction, and Naruto paid no heed to him. "I mean, being from the Hyuuga clan means you shouldn't really be that nervous. I'm actually kind of curious."

"W-what do you mean?"

"Well, I'll let you know what I've noticed: You're shy, timid, nervous, and have a low self-esteem. Most other Hyuuga I've known and seen are rude, arrogant, stuck up, have a superiority complex, and some even need to have surgery done to remove some of the sticks up their asses. None of which I see in yours. It's like you're everything the Hyuuga Clan isn't. A kind of black sheep, you know?" She looked down.

"I'm too weak." She said in a small whisper.

Naruto heard that. "No one is truly strong, nor weak. We all have our strengths and weaknesses. It's something I've learned on my own. I mean, I may have graduated at the bottom, and I can understand that. My brain isn't exactly something I used often, you know?"

She looked at him in shock. "Why?"

"Well... most of the village hates me for a reason beyond my control. I found out about it 2 weeks ago. I can honestly say they are fools for thinking that way, but that's just human nature. They don't understand, and humans fear what they don't understand... though some try to understand it, they are too few and far in between. Human Ignorance knows no bounds, you know?"

"W-what is the reason?"

"I'm sorry... but I can't say it. I may have accepted the fact that I have the reason, I don't necessarily like the fact they hold it over my head and hate me for it. I have a gift, but like all gifts it can be a blessing or a curse. Until I found out, it was little more than a curse. Now, I can make it a blessing. Use what I have to protect others. Prove the idiots wrong. Earn some kind of recognition for who I am. Not what I am."

"That's just wrong." Hinata stated, without a single stutter. "If they don't see you for you, then they are really stupid." Naruto had a small smile. "Please... I want to know. Why do they hate you? I promise you, I won't hate you."

Naruto looked down. "I can't say... I'm sorry, but I don't think I can say it right now. I'll tell you someday. Just not now. I promise you that. And I don't go back on my word." he looked at her, his eyes telling her to drop it for now. She saw what he wanted, and conceded.

'he doesn't trust me.'

"Don't get me wrong Hinata. I will tell you someday... but I don't think I'll be able to handle it right now. It's not you... It's just me. I won't be telling anyone what it is. Not for a while."

She had to concede there, too. She couldn't say no to those eyes. "A-alright... I won't ask again. Just... please, tell me when you're ready."

Naruto nodded. "I plan on it. Anyway, shouldn't you go meet up with your family? I'm pretty sure they're worried."

She shook her head. "Father... He thinks I'm weak... sister... she won't even call me a sister." Her voice was low and sad.

"Well, that's just wrong." Naruto said, catching every word. "Although I can see why they think that, coming from the Hyuuga Clan." She looked down in shame. "You're not arrogant, you're not stuck up, and you're not mean. In fact, you're the only nice Hyuuga I've ever seen. They probably tried to destroy your self-confidence. And it worked. Do not take their words as fact. If I did that, I wouldn't be who I am today. It's because I don't believe what they said is true, that I can keep going. The only one who can say who, or what you are... is you." He got up, and walked out of the classroom. "Think about it." Were the last words he said before he went out the door.

Hinata let his words sink in, and she had yet to move.

The ANBU that was watching them had heard the entire thing, and made a mental note to put that in a report.

-a few hours later-

Everyone had gathered back in the classroom, and Hinata had yet to move once. Several Jounin, both male and female entered the room, calling out Team numbers. A female, who Naruto noted was named Kurenai Yuuhi, called for Team 8. He looked at Hinata, who was still out of it. He tapped her shoulder, and brought her back to reality. "Your sensei is here." He said, pointing at Kurenai. She nodded, and got up, before she went down, though, she spoke. "You were right. About earlier."

Naruto raised an eyebrow. "We'll talk later." he replied. Kurenai raised an eyebrow at the exchange, but didn't comment, as her team had left. After 10 minutes, everyone but Team 7, meaning Sasuke, Sakura and Naruto, had left. 'Hmm... I heard that Kakashi Hatake was going to get a team this year. From what I heard about him, he is 2 or 3 hours late to everything that isn't B-rank or above... or a meeting with the Hokage.' Naruto then got up and went to the front of the classroom, before unsealing a Shogi board, and creating a Shadow clone. He started to play himself, while Sakura and Sasuke were surprised at what he was doing.

"Dobe, what are you doing?"

"Passing the time." One Naruto stated.

"I have a feeling I know who our sensei is." The other stated, before moving a piece.

"If I'm right, he'll be a few hours late." the first one continued.

"So, I'm training my mind right now."

"You're an idiot. How can a mere game train your mind?" Sakura retorted, making it sound like it was a idiotic mistake.

Both Narutos turned their gaze to her. They spoke simultaneously. "You may have had the highest grades among the females in class, but you are stupid. Use your mind for something other than the Uchiha, and find the similarity between things that few ever look for. Look underneath the underneath. If you cannot do that, then you cannot be a shinobi. You have book smarts. That's it. No skills, no common sense." They both turned to the Uchiha. "You are arrogant. You think everyone is beneath you, yet you never see the truth. You are not alone, even if your family is dead. There are people out there with no family, because someone else killed them. Myself included. When you lose the arrogance, and sense of superiority, look for me. We will show you, what you have missed all of these years." They both turned their gazes back to the board and continued playing in silence.

-An hour later-

"Checkmate." One Naruto said.

"Damn." The other said. Sakura had been watching the game go by. She was surprised at what was going on.

"Can I try?" She asked.

One of the Naruto's went into smoke. "Sure. Take a seat." She did just that. "You know how to play, right?" She nodded. She had read up on the rules of the game when she was younger.

"I know the rules, and how to play. I just haven't done so."

"That makes it simple." Naruto stated. "I've been playing myself for a while. Always trying to outdo myself, it's not easy, let me tell you."

It only took 5 minutes, and Sakura was beaten. She was in shock. "How..."

"Your moves were too forward." Naruto stated. "I've been playing myself for weeks now. Believe it or not, your moves were predictable. By the book, even. Choose a different strategy. The official strategy book won't do you any good if you can't counter what your opponent does. Everything has a counter. You need to find it, and act on it. And you need to do so fast."

"Again." She said, putting her pieces back in place. Naruto had a small grin. This time, Sakura had only lasted an extra minute. "Checkmate."

Her eye started twitching, still not seeing how she lost. "You know, Sakura, I believe I see how you think now." She turned her twitching eye to him. "Your moves say more about your mind, than your actions. I see why I liked you before, but it isn't enough to sustain a relationship. Our mental processes don't match anywhere. You're too straightforward, believing everything you're told by your elders. I am too unpredictable. I question nearly everything, until I know the truth. You have a defined strategy to begin with, but you don't make room for adapting to your opponent. I go in with a goal, and make the strategy on the spot. My plans are never the same twice, because in life, nothing is certain. Take it from someone who's gone up against all odds just to survive in a place where everyone hates him."

Sasuke and Sakura noted the fierce tone, and realized there was more to him than they thought. "it's because you're a troublemaker."

"No. That was just me getting my own training done." Naruto retorted. "The reason they hate me stems from the day I was born, and they've hated me all my life. Both of my parents are dead. That much I know. And the one that killed them... I'm going to kill him myself." Sasuke heard that, and his eyes widened. 'He is after revenge, too?'

"I'm not so arrogant to believe I can take him on easily though. In fact, I doubt it would be easy to even survive the fight. After all, he survived a one on one fight with the Yondaime Hokage the day the Kyuubi Attacked, before forcing the Kyuubi to attack the village as a last ditch move. I want him dead, but I won't be willing to forsake everything I have, just to gain the power to beat him. He's not someone that power can defeat, and this is a fact, since he could control the Kyuubi no Yoko. He's done so twice, actually." Naruto explained. He made another Shadow Clone. "Now if you'll excuse me, I'll get back to training my own mind." He started up another game, and she watched the game intently. Sasuke also started to watch, suddenly interested in how he's preparing himself for his own revenge.

Both Narutos noticed his sudden interest, but didn't comment.

This one took longer than his first one. It took a good hour and a half for this one to finish. "Checkmate." The clone said.

"Fuck." The original stated.

"You can't win them all, boss."

"I can when I'm facing myself." The original stated. "Because, in a way, I win against myself. And since I'm using Shadow Clones, I'd still get what I did from both sides."

"How does this work for you?" Sasuke questioned, somewhat curious, though his face didn't show it.

Naruto looked at him. "The greatest obstacle to progression is oneself. You beat yourself, you will progress. In a simple board game like Shogi, playing yourself is one way to counter anything you will do. By figuring out how to counter yourself, you will learn what others will do to counter your moves. If you know where you are weak, train yourself to get around it, or least know how to counter what can counter you. In essence, I'm preparing myself for when someone that has more experience in finding weaknesses in a fight by learning how to find my own openings. To win a fight, you need more than just brute strength, speed, or pure brains. You need all three to win a fight. I've got the strength, and I'm working on the brains. Sasuke, you've got the speed. Sakura, you've got brains, as well. You just don't use it."

Naruto then looked at the door, 3 seconds before it opened. "Team 7?"

"As I thought." Naruto stated.

"My first impression of you... you bore me. Meet me on the roof." He vanished.

Naruto sealed up the board, and pieces. "Let's go. We don't want to keep him waiting." They all walked out of the room, and made it to the roof, where they saw him.

"Alright, so, since your my team, why don't you introduce yourselves."

"We don't know anything about you. You go first." Sasuke pointed out.

"Hmm... Alright. My name is Kakashi Hatake." Naruto's eyes registered recognition. He made a mental note to ask about that later. "I'm not a person that likes to talk about his likes, or dislikes. My dreams... I haven't thought about them. My hobbies... I have lots of hobbies."

"Let me rephrase that." Naruto stated. "His name is Kakashi Hatake. His likes are basically Porn, and if you go into his mind, you'd find that he'd worship the author of the half-famous Icha Icha Paradise series. His dislikes are those that call it smut, and those that would burn Icha Icha, along with those that disregard their comrades or friends. His dream... Last I heard his only dream when he was younger died when one of his teammates died on a mission gone wrong. And his hobby is reading Icha Icha." All 3 of them looked at him in shock. "What? I listen to more than you think you know?"

Sakura and Sasuke didn't expect that from him that quickly. "I must say you did your research." Kakashi stated. "You go next, then blondie."

Naruto then shrugged. "My name is Naruto Uzumaki. My likes are few, and I'll only say them to those I trust implicitly, which are also few. In fact, there are only 5 people in this village on that list. My dislikes are those that make my shit list, very few, my Top-Shit List, One person there, Rapists, extreme perverts..." He looked at Sakura. "And don't comment about my Sexy Jutsu, because that was made for 2 reasons: Because I initially had trouble with the Henge, and to bust perverts. I also dislike people who judge others based off of name or rumor. You won't find me doing that. My hobbies... I had a mental re-evaluation recently. I really have no hobbies. Pranking is just a way to train. My dream... I have 2. One, is to be like my idol. The other... I said it earlier in the classroom, and that same person is on my Top-shit list."

"And who might that be?" Kakashi stated.

"You wouldn't believe me if I told you, so why say anything on his name?" Naruto stated. Kakashi had to give him that.

"Pinky, you're up."

" My name is Sakura Haruno. My likes are..." Looks at Sasuke. "My hobbies..." Looks at Sasuke and blushes. "My Dream..." she looks into the sky. "it got confused earlier."

"And your dislikes?" Kakashi asked.

"INO-PIG!" Sakura screeched. Naruto didn't even flinch. Sasuke, and Kakashi did, though. Naruto just looked at Sakura. "Did you say something?" Sakura, face-faulted.

Kakashi did a mental cheer. 'He's already got one of my traits... I'm gonna like him.'

"You idiot! What was that about hearing more than we think, huh?!" Sakura screeched.

Naruto sighed. "I can't hear you right now, and for a reason. I don't like your screech. It's like a banshee. So, I have a counter for it. As such, as long as the counter measure is in effect, like it is now, I can't hear a damn thing."

Kakashi looked at Naruto, who had a half-ram seal, before Kakashi noticed a small Chakra spike. "Sound barrier?"

Naruto nodded. "It helps."

"How did you learn it?"

"Fuuinjutsu." Kakashi nodded at that.

"Duck butt. You're up."

"My name is Sasuke Uchiha. My dislikes are many, and I don't like anything. My hobbies are running around the village, so ask about them. Dreams, that's just a word. But I do have determination. I plan to restore my clan, and destroy, a certain someone."

Naruto pulled out a tomato. "So, you're telling me that stash of tomatoes in your house is worth nothing?" He asked. Sasuke's eyes widened.

"How did you..."

"I get around." Naruto stated, tossed the tomato. Sasuke caught it and ate the tomato.


"Can it sensei. Or do you want me to burn your limited edition, author signed, first volume Icha Icha Paradise?"

"You wouldn't!" His eye widened in alarm.

Naruto got up and walked to the balcony. "Don't tempt me. Someone tried that, and ended up with his pride and honor shattered beyond repair."

Kakashi's hand went towards his pouch. He tried to shake it off. "Tomorrow, meet me at training ground 7 at 0700. You'll have the true Genin test then and there. And don't eat breakfast. You'll puke." He left in a puff of smoke.

Naruto didn't even look at the others. "If I were you, I'd eat. Word of advice, from your friendly neighborhood orphan." He jumped over the balcony, causing the other two to run towards it. They didn't see Naruto, however.

"Where did he..." Sakura started.

"He's insane." Sasuke stated, before walking off.

"Sasuke, do you think we should take his advice?"

"Do what you want, as long as it doesn't involve me." Sasuke stated. 'I'll follow his suggestion, but I doubt Sakura will.'

Sakura thought about it. 'What did Naruto say before? Look underneath the underneath... if he doesn't want us to eat breakfast... is he really trying to weaken us? I need to think about it.'

She walked home on her own, for once, not thinking about Sasuke.


A female with golden yellow hair in a ponytail in a 2 piece bikini and sunglasses was laying on a beach, enjoying the clouds. A man in a black suit walked up to her. "Samus Aran?"

The girl looked at him. "What does the federation what with me now? I'm retired."

"They are calling a favor. Something they seem to think you could help with."

She looked over the sunglasses. "And they can't get someone else to do it?"

"They explained that only you could do so for some reason, but are not explaining why." the man stated.

The girl, Samus, thought about it. "I'll see what it is, but if I take it, I do so my way. Not theirs." She got up and went into a nearby locker room to change into a completely blue sweatsuit, underneath a pair of jeans and a red T-shirt that read "Don't mess with me." On the front, and "Or pay the consequences." On the back.

They walked into a nearby city, and went to a 33 story building, going up to the 30th floor, before taking a few turns and ending up in a briefing room with a single table. Another man entered, carrying a folder. "So, why are you calling me out of retirement? I don't work for the federation anymore. Not after the incident with the X."

"You remember your old Power Suit?"

"Why do you ask that question? I still have it, and managed to integrate the abilities I gained during the whole X incident that it didn't have. Why?"

"A few weeks ago, we had a suit activate. It had the same frequency as your Power Suit. Being as you were nowhere near the area it happened, it being out of Federation territory, and you being nearby."

This caught her attention. "Do you know how? I could show you exactly where my Power Suit is. It has been there for the past 5 weeks. I've got 1 more week before I go looking for another bounty."

The man nodded at that. "We of the federation are asking that you find out where this suit is, and if necessary, destroy it."

"And why me?"

"Because, officially, you're not a part of the federation, and the area is not within Federation territory. We can provide you coordinates, but we cannot send you any help, if you need it. There is no planet in the archives at that particular location, either. If it is a space shuttle, then that means someone managed to reproduce your Power suit, but if that were the case, it wouldn't have the same code."

"Do you think it could be that Dark Samus again? He survived one death blow. It could be he survived a second." Samus suggested.

"In any case, you're the only one we'd trust with this. Do you accept?"

"I have conditions."

"Name them."

"Number 1: I do this my way. Not the federation's way." Samus stated.

"We figured you would say that, and we couldn't correct anything you do either way. It's not our jurisdiction."

"Number 2: I get a full upgrade to my ship prior to leaving, and no tracers."

"We can do that."

"Number 3: if there are any other bounty hunters after me, you let me know, but do not intercept them."

"That is debatable." the man said. Samus raised an eyebrow. "If we find them heading your way, we can intercept them, but letting you know about it without doing so is against protocol."

"So is calling in a retired soldier. Your point?" She retorted.

The man had to agree to that. "We will keep an eye on the area, and any bounty hunters going there. We will send a message on who they are, but that is all I can do for sure."

Samus thought about it, and nodded. "Pay?"

"If you can bring the suit back intact, then you will get 3 million. If the suit must be destroyed, 2 million."

"2.5 million if destroyed. 3 Million if it's Dark Samus. Do you have any of its abilities?"

"Everything we know is in this folder." He set it down in front of her. "And that should be acceptable." She went through it, and found that they only knew it had the code of her Power suit. 'Wait a minute... The code changed during the X Incident, and it remained changed since then. It never reverted back. Could it be? Did any of the X survive? No... I made sure they wouldn't. It was why I retired. But, if this is the doing of the X, then...'

"This just hit the top of my priority list." Samus stated.

"Alright. We'll get everything ready. Make sure your suit is ready as well. We'll need you at your best."

Samus nodded and got up, before walking to the door. "I hope my best is enough." She whispered to herself as she left. 'I just hope I'm wrong.'

As she walked into the elevator, she thought something else. 'But knowing my luck, I'm right, and this is something that I'd have to do anyway.'


Alright, so this is the first chapter. If you want to try it, the challenge itself is in my profile. The age is actually debatable, but it has to be before 8 years old. I'm putting it right after Metroid Fusion for the GBA, 10 years after it, and she resigned right after it, and became a Bounty Hunter.