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Chapter 6

It was the day before the finals, and Kakashi was sitting on a rooftop.

'Sensei... I'm sorry for not teaching your son. I just know that you wouldn't like the way I'm teaching my team, but I don't see the need to. They got along better than me, Rin and Obito.'

Just then, Rin walked up to him. "Something else wrong, Rin?"

"Does something have to be wrong for me to be here?" She asked.

"You don't really come to me for social calls." Kakashi pointed out.

"And you don't think this is any different?"

"Is it?" Kakashi questioned.

"Yeah..." She replied, before sitting down next to him. "I've been thinking, lately."

"About what?"

"Your team."

Kakashi nodded. "So have I."

"They're only 13 years old, but they seem to be Jounin level without the experience. What did you teach them?"

"Control, and elemental Manipulation." Kakashi replied.


"That's all I've taught them myself, aside from Sasuke and Naruto learning the Chidori."

"You know sensei had forbidden that one from use." Rin scolded.

"The reason he forbid me from using it was because of the tunnel vision. Sasuke can get around the tunnel vision with his Sharingan, like I do."

"What about Naruto? He doesn't have any way to do so."

"That would be the case... if he was even slightly affected by Tunnel Vision." Rin looked at Kakashi, waiting for an explanation. "He isn't affect by tunnel vision, because of something he's worked on. You should see it sometime. He can use it, with or without his suit. It puts him at the same speed as I go with my Raikiri. He can use Chidori with or without his suit because of how he adjusted to the Speed Booster Ability he has ingrained into his body."

"How does he get around it, then?"

"He won't say, but with him being a Wind Element, I'd put my bet on Wind displacement. With him, there's no guarantee."

"I also heard that Iruka, the Academy Teacher for your team, thought that they weren't ready, and was allowed to test the teams. I would have heard if he went after your team. He didn't. Why?"

Kakashi chuckled a bit.


Kakashi, Asuma and Kurenai had just nominated their teams for the Chuunin Exams to the Hokage.

"Wait a minute." Everyone turned to Iruka. "You can't be serious about this! Hokage-sama, the Genin named were in my class in the Academy. I know what they're capable of. There's no way they could handle this."

"Iruka..." Kakashi started. "Shut up."

"Kakashi..." Asuma started.

"I'm not done, Asuma. I understand you're worried for the Genin's safety. I may not know of Kurenai's or Asuma's reason for doing so, but I have my own reasons. All they need is experience. This will give them that experience."

"By putting them in a situation where they obviously are not ready for?!" Iruka questioned.

"It may hurt your feelings, but as a Shinobi, I don't care. They are no longer your students. They are soldiers under my command."

"Kakashi, even I waited for a year before letting my Genin take the exams." Gai pointed out. "Your Genin will get killed here."

"I am not you, Gai, and my Genin are not your Genin. The progress of my Genin Team is a largely kept secret. No one knows their true skill but me, them, and Samus. Not even the Hokage is aware, being as the training is done on their own, with little guidance from me. I have not needed to go into any lectures, as they understand what is needed, and work out things on their own, as they should."

"Kakashi raises a valid point. Team Kakashi is one team I have little knowledge of their true skills. I have been asked to stay out of the training sessions for a few reasons. As to why I listen, that is none of your concern." The Sandaime stated. "So I will ask you this, Kakashi. Where would you put them, skill wise?"

Kakashi nodded. "There are only 2 things holding me back from nominating them for the Jounin Exams. That is experience, and the fact that Genin are not allowed to take it. Those are the only reasons I haven't done so."

"You overestimate them, Kakashi!" Iruka shouted.

"No, if anything I'm underestimating them. They are ready for it skill wise. They do not have the experience needed to survive mentally. Chuunin will get them that experience much more quickly."

"You believe in your own teachings that much?" a random Jounin questioned.

"No, I believe in their teachings that much" Kakashi retorted. "I have only really taught them 2 subjects actively: Control and Elemental Recomposition. Everything else they know is of their own volition, and ability. I have no worries that my team will at least make it to the Second Portion. Sasuke and Naruto I have no doubt will make it to the Finals. The only one I am even slightly worried about is Sakura, and that's only if there's a preliminary round, and she goes up against either Sasuke or Naruto. Anyone else from their graduating class, I have no doubt that Sakura will pass to the finals. Alone or not. Even with the Jounin level Control exercises, Naruto's Control is barely Chuunin level. He's had to come up with his own, and he did. It has helped Sakura immensely, along with Sasuke and himself."

"What is this control exercise?"

"Air Jumping." Kakashi pointed out. "The exact details are unknown, even to me, nor do I know when it is mastered. Naruto is a master of improvising. The 3 are a better teacher for each other, than I am. Something I can say with utmost confidence."

"What do you think their chances of being promoted are?" Sarutobi questioned.

"Sakura and Sasuke 98%." This surprised everyone. "Naruto is only a 72%, however. The reason for this is not because of him, but rather, the judges. I am no fool. If the judges are of those that hate him, they will not promote him. That's the only reason he doesn't have a 100% chance of making it to Chuunin. Especially with his abilities in Fuuinjutsu. His ability to learn is incredible. His ability to adapt, even more so. I am really starting to doubt the capabilities of our academy for putting him as the Dead last, since It has been this way since the team was formed."

This surprised the majority of the audience. Naruto was a genius and a prodigy. How they missed this, is beyond them. "I believe the biased Shinobi have not looked underneath the underneath with him."

"What would you say is Naruto's Potential?" Sarutobi questioned.

Kakashi shook his head. "I do not believe he even has a maximum potential. There is literally no limit to what he can learn, or where his skills can go. The only place I do not see him going into is Genjutsu, though he already has a high enough understanding of it, to break out of every A-rank Genjutsu that I know. His control is far from perfect, but it is high enough to find any Genjutsu, and completely overpower it, before launching a Wind Jutsu without any handsigns. Something I have seen him do. His sensory abilities are also top notch, and even better with the suit."

"And you say he got there on his own?"

"Sakura can break down things easily, as if she had a Sharingan for written documents. Sasuke, being the only Uchiha left in the village, has access to every Jutsu known to them that was written down. Which, apparently, was a lot. Surprisingly, there was even Medical Ninjutsu, which Sakura has taken a shine to. Naruto is a Chakra Tank. He can make Shadow Clones out the wazoo, and continuously fire off B-rank and above Ninjutsu for hours on end. He also provides the team with Paper Bombs, the same ones that those at the Higurashi Weapons sells. He is a supplier to them, after all. I have taught both Sasuke and Naruto the Chidori, being as they can both use it, though Naruto prefers not to, he has it in his arsenal." This had a few of the Jounin and Chuunin in the room on edge.

"You taught it to them already?"

"I taught it to them, knowing what it entails. Sasuke has only used it once outside of training. After Naruto mastered it, he has not used it in its entirety. More like using smaller versions to stun his opponents... Another thing he uses it for... is pleasing, yet embarrassing. That's all I'll say on the matter."

"Let me guess... Sexy Jutsu?" Sarutobi questioned.

"Level 2, he says." Kakashi admitted, his head down.

"No..." Kakashi nods sadly. The others, aside from Iruka, were confused.

"You're not saying that he uses it to..." Iruka trailed off.


Iruka and Sarutobi looked at each other, and then back at Kakashi. "Any chance he would not use it anyone?"

"Only if you're not a pervert." Kakashi admitted, before bringing his head back up. "Why do you think I asked Rin for a similar, yet different book genre?"

This caught everyone by surprise. "He got you to give up Icha Icha?"

"Better than getting raped by a Shadow Clone." Kakashi retorted. "He may not have done so yet, but I'm not risking the chance that he does. And by the way, the entire thing is real. Rin AND Samus checked it out, before pummeling him themselves. It may have been called useless... but its highly effective on the right crowds. I don't even think Jiraiya of the Sannin could stand against it. Level 1, maybe. Level 2? Not likely... Did I mention he has the Bunshin Daibakuha in his arsenal as well?"

This made Sarutobi and Iruka pale. Seeing them both pale, everyone was about ready to strike Naruto the moment they could. "Everyone but Kakashi and Iruka are dismissed. And no attacking Naruto Uzumaki unless you want to go to Ibiki AND Anko in the TI department." Those not named scattered quickly. "Now... Please tell me he has not combined them?"

"Honestly? I have no idea."

-Flashback over-

Kakashi sighed. "Turns out he probably already did. He used it against Kiba in the preliminaries. Instant win."

"That reminds me. I haven't seen you reading anything in public these days. Have you even gone through that book I got for you?"

Kakashi nodded. "I'll be honest it's a bit better than I thought. It's not Icha Icha, but at least it's somewhat good."

"Of course." Rin sighed. 'Looks like I'll never get him out of that.'

Kakashi then continued. "Is there a sequel?" This caught Rin by surprise.

"Yeah, why?"

"Well..." He sent out a quick chakra pulse, and found nobody. "That one is actually the best I've read aside from Icha Icha Vol 5. Spiraling Love. I never truly understood where it came from, but I do know that one is my all time favorite. The one you gave me was a close second. No other book has ever come close. I need to see if there's more, even though I have a reputation to keep."

Rin went silent. 'I don't believe it... and to think Kushina told me about what sensei did during those nights.' "Who wrote that one?"

"Jiraiya, just like the rest." Kakashi answered. "Why?"

"Oh... Since Naruto has combined the Harem Jutsu with the Bunshin Daibakuha... I'll have to convince Samus to allow Naruto to up his punishment. Jiraiya still hasn't returned." She pointed out. "Anyway, why don't you get it this time?" She pulled out a piece of paper and wrote on it, before handing it to him. "These are the titles of the entire series, in order. Just tell them you're trying something new. Something that won't get you killed."

Kakashi nodded sadly. "Well, the finals are tomorrow. We'll have to..." Naruto landed right next to them. "Sensei, we've got a bit of a problem."

"What do you mean a problem?" Rin asked, a little too sweetly.

"A Snake bit Sasuke's neck. An X went into the wound, but was nearly killed trying to purge it. And no, I didn't tell it to." Kakashi's eye narrowed. "It gets worse."

"A seal?" Naruto nodded. "Where is he? We have to seal it up, fast."

Naruto turned around. "Uchiha Compound. Boss is already there, keeping a close watch. He's already unconscious. The Snake was a summon, as well." Kakashi nodded, as Naruto went poof. Rin and Kakashi Shunshin'ed to the Uchiha compound, to find Naruto completely inspecting the seal on Sasuke's neck.

"Naruto have you..."

"I'm trying to think up a counter seal. It was placed not even 10 minutes ago." Naruto retorted. "A normal seal won't be enough. I need to put up a counter seal, not a suppression seal." Naruto then widened his eyes. "Got it!" He then made a few motions with a Chakra laced finger, before slapping the mark. "Snow Serpent Counter Balance!"

The moment he hit Sasuke, his eyes shot open, making him scream. "Hang in there Sasuke!" A few more seconds of screaming, Naruto shouted again. "Stabilize!" After a few more seconds, Kakashi and Rin watching intently. "Seal!" Several X in the area went in as the Mark changed into a symbol of the Federation, before changing into the Konohagakure Insignia, and finally dissolving into the skin. A Red X was there next to Naruto.

Sasuke was panting hard, but was conscious, when Naruto spoke. "Why did they go in in the first place? I could've sworn I told you not to!"

"We thought we could counteract it while you worked it out." The X replied. What surprised Sasuke, not that he could show it, was that he understood it.

"That doesn't mean you guys can just go around going into people." Naruto scolded. "You could've killed him doing that, and you know it."

"We realize that, Naruto. However, it wasn't him we were targeting. You remember that Shadow we thought was Orochimaru? Well, his soul was in that mark. That's why we went into the Mark. To destroy the soul in it, allowing Sasuke free reign with it, without as many bad side effects. He may even gain a suit from it."

"What... do you... mean... a suit?" Sasuke panted out. Naruto widened his eyes at Sasuke.

"You understood him?" Naruto asked, Sasuke gave off a weak nod, before Naruto turned to the Red X. "Side effect?"



"No idea."

"Care to try?" Naruto asked. The Red X absorbed itself into Sasuke, and Sasuke felt a lot better. His breathing started to even out.

"That felt... good." Sasuke said, before looking at Kakashi. "I'll need to wake up about an hour before the tournament. I may try to sleep in after this." He then fell backwards, passing out.

"The Finals start at 0900, and I get up at 0530 every day. Samus and I are leaving the village tonight to head to her ship. I've got a big entrance planned."

"What kind of entrance?" Rin questioned.

"All you need to worry about is not whether I'm late or not, but whether he wakes up on time. Let's just say I've got a high act to perform, and leave it at that. I'll be dropping in at 0900 exactly." Naruto looked at Sasuke one more time, before picking him up and putting him in his bed, before blurring out of existence.

Kakashi looked at Rin. "No idea." was all she said.

-the next day, Final Exams Arena-

Everyone but Naruto was there, in front of the proctor. "Alright, where's Uzumaki?" The proctor questioned. Everyone shrugged. Hinata activated her Byakugan, but couldn't find him.

"I can't find him Proctor." Hinata stated. "I know what his Chakra is like. I can't see him anywhere in a 5 mile radius."

In the Kage Box, Sylux was in her suit, guarding the Hokage. "Lord Hokage?"

"Do you know where Naruto is?" Sarutobi questioned, earning a nod. "Then where?"

"The Finals start in 13 minutes. He'll be here on time."

"He better be."

"He just wants to make a big entrance." Sylux admitted. "He didn't even give me the exact details. Only that Samus is involved, somehow."

"We will see, then."

Just then they heard a Gruff voice. "So, Old Man Hiruzen is Hokage again, eh? That Figures." Sarutobi looked at the man, and saw it was the Godaime Raikage. "Lord Raikage, I presume?"

"Heh. It seems one of your Shinobi ain't here yet. Too bad."

"I know that one on a more personal level since he was 5. He always had a flair for flashy entrances." Sarutobi replied. "He is not late until his match starts."

"6 minutes." Sylux stated.

"Lord Hokage. Lord Raikage." Another voice said, being that of the Yondaime Kazekage.

"Lord Kazekage, I'm glad to see you made it." Sarutobi stated.

"It is a good thing the exams are in Konohagakure. I don't think you could have made it to Suna in your old age. Perhaps you should find a successor, Lord Hokage."

"I've got a few years left on me. Besides, after these exams, I've got another one lined up." Sarutobi replied. "Sylux?"

"2 minutes." Sylux then thought about Naruto's statement. "I'll be dropping in at 0900 exactly."

-in the sky-

Samus's Ship had the hatch open at about 29,000 feet above Konohagakure. Naruto stood over the edge looking down. "You sure about this, Naruto?" Samus asked, suit ready.

Naruto turned slightly, no suit. "If I wasn't, I wouldn't have told you I would do it in the first place." He then pulled a face mask over his mouth and nose, took 2 steps and jumped out.

"He's insane." Samus stated, before navigating the Ship out of the area.

-with Naruto-

Naruto was in spread eagle falling through the sky at terminal velocity quickly. The moment he got a view of the Chuunin Exams Stadium, he went streamlined.

"Naruto, you're insane." Kira told him.

'I'm not insane... I'm just impulsive.'

"No, I agree with Kira, here. You have definitely gone insane."

'I believe you both have forgotten one thing.' Naruto felt like they were at the edge of their seats. 'I'm a wind element, and can stop the Wind from moving.'

"I didn't forget that! You think I would?"

'Would my mother have done this if she could?'


'So that means that I'm doing what she would, right?'


'Then I think it best if we drop the subject. T-minus 10 seconds.' Naruto then did a front flip, before hitting the ground. (A/N: Picture the opening to Iron Man 2, just without the suit, or maneuvering) Dust was flown everywhere around the point of impact. Even the Contestants were wondering who it was.

That is, until a fierce wind blew the dust away, to reveal Naruto crouched with an open palm towards the ground, before he stood up, and looked at the others. He then gave them a 2 finger salute. "Yo."

Kakashi looked at Naruto, before shaking his head. "He just had to do that, didn't he?"

"You knew about this?" Rin hissed next to him.

"No." Kakashi replied. "If I did, I wouldn't have him dropping from the... sky..." He then looked up. "Samus did that. The only question is... How high was he?"

"Anything higher than 10,000 feet would break his legs, so that's a height limit."

Down in the arena, he saw Sasuke's questioning gaze. He knew one of the questions off the bat. "29,000." was what he said, making Sasuke shake his head.

"And how are you standing right now?" Sasuke questioned.

"Trade Secret. And no, it wasn't the suit."

"Moving on," The proctor interrupted. "the first match, Naruto Uzumaki and Yugito Nii, stay here. The rest head to the contestants box." All but the aforementioned Jinchuuriki walked out of the arena. "Are both contestants ready?"

Yugito nodded, while Naruto shook his head.

"Too bad. Begin!" the proctor jumped back, but Yugito made no move.

"You do all that, but are not ready?" Yugito questioned. "What? Did you break your legs or something?"

Instead of replying with words, the entire field was covered in a mist, before the entire field changed to what seemed to be a Volcano, Lava flowing everywhere. "Welcome to Alinos, Yugito Nii." Naruto said, once the location was set. "That mist was not a Genjutsu, or just a way to hide, like the Kirigakure no Jutsu. That mist, was to move our fight here, where we can fight with no restrictions whatsoever, and without worrying about anyone getting caught in the crossfire."

"So, you did this for the spectator's sake?"

"Pretty much, yeah. The guys back home will also see what everyone in the Federation sees. The entire thing will be watched by those that wish to. Unless I'm mistaken, we're at the Elder Passage in the Alimbic Cluster. Just further down." Naruto looked around. "From my aunt's description, that would be about right."

Yugito then figured something out. "Wait, did this place have an atmosphere?"

"It's thinner than we're used to, but its there." Naruto then got in a stance. "So, let's do this. Oh, and before I forget, all fights in this tournament will end up in a random place from my Aunt's journeys as a Bounty Hunter and Soldier. Just be glad these are just replicas of the real places, not the places themselves."

Yugito got into a fighting stance as well, before they both vanished, connecting with their elbows over a pit of lava. While Yugito tried to land on one of the rocks in the lava, Naruto jumped on nothing and before launching a Fireball from his mouth. "Katon: Grand Fireball Jutsu!" Yugito jumped off the rock, making the Fireball hit lava, as he landed.

"Nice try." Yugito smirked before going through handsigns, and stick her hand out. "Lightning Ball!" A ball of pale blue lightning charged Naruto, before it simply snuffed out before reaching him. 'What the... How did he did that?'

"I'll have you know I have an affinity for all elements." Naruto smirked, before his left arm turned into the arm cannon. "Which reminds me. I took one of the Kirigakure bloodlines and turned into a weapon that was already created. Currently working on variations. Magmaul shot!" A blast was fired and caused more Lava to emanate from the point of impact.

"You should know something. Lava won't hurt me that much." Yugito retorted, before calling out. "Blue Flame Fists!" Both of her hands were covered in blue flames. Naruto knew the heat was there, but couldn't feel most of it.

He simply whistled. "That's hot."

Yugito charged him, and yelled out, "Crash down!" She hit him, and made the area explode, before jumping back, looking around. "Come on out, foxy."

When the dust around the point of impact cleared, there was nothing but a few cracks in the ground.

From his perch a ways away, Naruto was hiding his Chakra Signature. He aimed the cannon at Yugito. 'Sorry about this.' He then whispered. "Imperialist Shot."

It was only battle trained Instincts that allowed her to dodge it, and even then, it cut her sleeve, and left a cauterized wound on her shoulder. She looked at Naruto, before being amazed at the distance. "Stealthy little fox." She muttered. He was suddenly right in front of her, as she dodged the punch he sent her way.

"Nice reflexes."

"What'd you use from that distance?"

"A little something called the Imperialist. Compliments of a Kriken that my Aunt killed for targeting me."

"Hn." She jumped back, before being covered with a Dark Purple cloak, with 2 tails flowing behind it. Naruto raised an eyebrow, and donned the entire suit. "You'd better watch it, Uzumaki. I'm not done with you yet."

"And you better watch it, Kitty. You have no idea what this thing can do, or how much training I have with it." Naruto replied from within the suit. He launched more shots, but didn't call it out. It was the Battlehammer from Weavel. Yugito dodged them all, before she ended up getting hit from behind, not expecting a Clone.

Just then, Naruto made a swiping motion with his right arm. "Fox Death Claw!" it turned into a fox claw, and cut through the cloak with ease. She jumped back, wide eyed.


"The Fox Death Claw is a move that was invented by me. I'm pretty sure you know where I got the idea from."

Yugito smirked. "Why not go for the Cloak?"

"Who said I wasn't?" Naruto retorted, earning a raised eyebrow. "I should let you know something right now. There has been 3 Jinchuuriki for the Kyuubi no Yoko. I'm the Third. The first one was well known, but few know about her being one in the first place, herself, her husband, and one Madara Uchiha, and only because they were there. The Second one was my mother. Kushina Uzumaki. I have no idea how many knew about her being a Jinchuuriki, but her loyalty, along with that of the first, was never disproven. My seal is far stronger than both of theirs, and yet people have always thought that I was the Kyuubi in human form. On that, I call bullshit."

Yugito waited for him to continue, ready for any attack. "And?"

"I just find it confusing the the Wife of the Shodaime, the wife of the Yondaime, and the son of the Yondaime all bore the same burden, and yet only the Son of the Yondaime had any kind of bad reputation. Whether they knew I was his son or not is debatable, but I'm actually quite glad. This way, I actually have to work for what I have learned. Anything less is an insult to one's skill. Too bad the village won't hear this. Oh wait. That's right. I made it so they can hear every. Single. Word."

-back in the village-

The civilians were beginning to think 'OH SHIT! We harmed the Yondaime's Son?' The shinobi thought, 'The little brat played us this whole time? Oh well. Another day, another chance to say "WTF?"'

Sarutobi was thinking along different lines. 'Naruto, this is going to cause me many headaches. What's more is, the results of the Blood test between you and your father were never released to the Council. Samus is only known as your Godmother to them, but your Aunt to nearly everyone else.'

The Kazekage (Orochimaru) had other thoughts. 'So, the brat truly is the Yondaime's son. Perhaps I should kill him before he reaches his potential. Still, that Suit is eerily similar to those Centaurion fools. I shall leave him to them. If they fail, then I will do what must be done, and kill him myself.'

The Raikage began to think. 'Perhaps I can set him up with Yugito. They already seem to get along. Still, my brother and her are only here because of him. She believes it beneficial to Kumogakure's standing to help out Konohagakure during the invasion. One of the reasons we agreed to this. It would end up being an alliance between Kumo and Konoha. I'm also glad to know that Orochimaru is likely to be the Kazekage that is here, while the original is dead somewhere.'

-Somewhere in the Alimbic Cluster-

Spire and Noxus looked at the kid, as if watching a stupid program. That is, until Spire noticed the Magmaul Usage. "Impossible... How did that kid get information on that?" Spire mused.

"If he has the Judicator, I probably wouldn't be surprised. Remember, this thing is being broadcast all throughout the Federation." Noxus stated. "Then again, some of the things they've got isn't exactly common for some. I figure that we should head to that area as well. If only to give them the actual data, and compare yours to his."

"Still... that suit does look familiar. It's almost as if..."

"You're starting to delude yourself, Spire." Noxus cut him off. "I mean sure, if she were there, then that means that the Federation would already know about him and her being related. I mean come on! What are the odds of Samus actually being an Aunt? Chozo or not?"

"I don't think so. Think about it. They're hair color, from what I know, are nearly identical." Spire pointed out. "I'm not one to believe in coincidences, and you know that. The fact that he has a suit similar to hers only adds fuel to the fire, so to speak."

"Should we go and visit him? They said his name is Naruto Uzumaki."

Spire nodded. "I say we get going now, Hyper Drive."

"Surely we don't need to go that fast... unless you're having a gut feeling." Spire didn't respond. "You are, aren't you?" At the nod, Noxus sighed. "Alright, let's get going. Your ship?"

"No. Yours is faster." Spire admitted. "I can wait for my ship to get there on its own, but something tells me that time is of the essence."

Noxus nodded, and they went into his ship. As it went up to take off, Spire asked a question. "Why do you prefer the cold?"

"Same reason you prefer the heat. It's in our blood." Noxus replied, as the ship left and vanished within seconds.

-with Naruto-

Naruto and Yugito continued to trade blows, Yugito long ago figuring that her Youki would not harm his suit that much. In fact, none of her Jutsu have been doing any damage since he let slip he knew who his parents were to an entire Federation that spanned more than one galaxy. Regardless of her only having 1 Jutsu in her arsenal without the Nibi Cloak that actually made contact, and he was using Jutsu out the Wazoo, attack from odd directions with his suit, and there were no Handsigns made for any Jutsu used, though he used mainly Wind, Fire and small lightning element Jutsu.

He was also too fast for her to hit, or when he didn't dodge, she literally went straight through him as he disappeared, or flickered a bit. She also noticed that it was much harder to use Water Jutsu... and Naruto knew it.

Naruto simply had too many advantages, so she jumped back, and sighed. "I forfeit. I am out of my league here."

Naruto and Yugito were covered in a strange mist, before ending up in the Arena again. "You never really had a chance in the first place, Yugito. I'm just glad you fought. So, did you figure out how I never got hurt?"

"Aside from when you dodge, no."

"Winner! Naruto Uzumaki!"

There was mere silence, before a few started to clap. Then the rest of them did. Naruto just looked around, and disengaged his suit. "To be honest... you only really hit me twice. It's just that neither of them hurt. At all."

Yugito raised an eyebrow.

-with the judges-

"Well, I gotta say, that kid has quite the arsenal. What with that suit, and all." One of the Chuunin pointed out.

"It's not just the suit. He thinks on his feet, and can work out plans quickly, and efficiently. I saw him get hit 22 times, but I don't think any of them did anything to him." Another stated.

"No... he only really got hit twice. Neither of which did anything to him." Kakashi stated, from nearby. Both judges looked at him in confusion. "As to how I know this, there was only 2 times he was hit that his form didn't flicker. Any Fire and Lightning Jutsu were dispelled before they could even reach him, after all."

"I saw that. A Wind Barrier?"

"Not sure. It's something he created on his own... after he was taught Wind Manipulation. Coincidentally, that only took a week. Water, a day longer than Wind. Fire, 2 weeks. Earth, 2 and a half weeks. Lightning... that one he hasn't mastered. He reverse engineers Jutsu that he sees, and pick apart any jutsu within seconds, and review them later to recreate them himself. 90% of the Jutsu in his arsenal were learned this way."

"You're joking."

Kakashi sighed. "I wish." Rin was right next to him. "What? You think he couldn't pull it off? He has a specialty."

"No Genin, Jinchuuriki or not, could do that without being possessed."

"And that's exactly why he can." Kakashi retorted. "His specialty is not Ninjutsu. It's the Impossible. From everything I've seen, whenever Something bat-shit insane happens, he doesn't flinch. He takes it in stride, and fights back. For him: The only thing that's impossible is the Impossible itself."

"That doesn't make any sense."

"It does if you see in action." Kakashi admitted. "Nothing is impossible for him. It's why his Potential is unlimited. And he's passed that potential on to his teammates."

The Chuunin looked back toward the arena, as Sasuke and Gaara walked out.

Gaara and Sasuke fought in the arena, since it was only one Jinchuuriki. Gaara actually looked slightly rested, thanks to Naruto. During the fight, Gaara got an injury from one of Sasuke's unnamed moves. It was the Chidori taken to both hands, unrestrained in all directions, before they picked up Gaara's and Shukaku's Chakra.

All lightning bolts hit him dead on, going through the Sand Shield and Sand Armor.

The Raikage whistled at that. "I've never seen that one before."

"Neither have I, Lord Hokage." The Kazekage added.

"Believe it or not, I don't watch over the team he is on. The only thing that stopped their sensei from nominating them for Jounin after 6 months was the fact that they lacked the experience." Sarutobi stated.

Sylux, however mused. "I wonder... he got that idea from my Shock Coil, didn't he?" This drew Sarutobi's attention.

"Come again?"

"My Shock Coil locks onto my targets. He used the same concept. Unrestrained, until a Chakra signature was locked on to. By that point, it was an all out barrage." Sylux explained.

Sarutobi nodded. "That may be useful one day."

No one noticed it, but Sasuke only had one eye with an active Sharingan in it. He had come up with the idea from Sylux and Naruto, yes, but it was more complicated than that. He needed a way to focus on the targets, which was why he used his Sharingan to target the opponent's Chakra. He also managed to find a way to use his Sharingan in one eye instead and both.

Gaara was starting to go insane, and went into a ball. Sasuke was aware of what it meant. It was the first signal to the Invasion. Sasuke charged up a Chidori, activating the second Sharingan eye, both charging the sphere, and making contact, launching it through the sphere and into the wall on the other side, making Gaara emit a cry.

Out of the corner of his eye, he saw a Genjutsu being placed. Sasuke knew it then and there.

The Invasion had begun. The sphere collapsed, and Sasuke jumped back, as Baki, Gaara's Jounin Sensei, landed next to him. "Yes mother... I will kill all the Oto ninja."

"Gaara! The target is Konohagakure Ninja!" Baki reprimanded. "Temari, Kankuro, get him out of here!"

They picked him up and took off, Sasuke not bothering to go after him. "You're screwed, Suna Jounin." Sasuke said.

"I saw your Lightning Jutsu. Impressive feat... for a Genin."

"Well, I'll be... so Suna really is attacking." The proctor said. "Sasuke, go after Gaara."

"Negative." Sasuke replied. "There's no need. He's acting on the wishes of the Ichibi, which is acting on the wishes of Naruto." There was a giant flaming cat near the village, which everyone noticed. "And so is that one."

"So, Uzumaki knew of the invasion already?"

"Of course."

"He told you."

"Yeah... He let me know because there are vital pieces in this. Such as this." Sasuke pulled out a scroll with the Yondaime Kazekage with a sword speared through his lung and heart. "This was found in the desert between Konoha and Suna. Withdraw your forces, and attack Otogakure. I just got this thing this morning, so don't ask."

Baki looked at the body, and then the barrier on the roof. He jumped off, and told every Suna nin that he found that the Yondaime Kazekage is dead, the body is in the hands of Konoha, and the cause of death was a sword belonging to Orochimaru. Suna then turned on Otogakure.

It was then that the SA-X attacked. The Shinobi were surprised at the sheer numbers, which was over 500. Before they could reach the village, they were stopped by another mass of suits.

The NUN-X had come in, Samus landing in front of them. "Destroy any SA-X. Leave none of them alive, or absorb their abilities. Move out!" Samus shouted, in her suit.

The ensuing fight consisted of lasers, missiles, red beams at mid range, Blue beams that bounced off of trees (Judicator), lava blasts (Magmaul), and green orbs (Battlehammer) going back and forth. Some of the Jounin stopped to watch the fight.

Sylux had entered the area, realizing that there was nothing that could be done to get to the Sandaime Hokage in the barrier, in Lockjaw form. She continuously laid tripwires, that went unnoticed by the SA-X, but was used largely by the NUN-X by baiting their opponents into them. Lacking the Common Sense, they walked right into the traps, while Sylux came out of Lockjaw, firing off the Shock Blasts. It was an adaptation that Naruto developed. It like a combination of the Battlehammer and Shock Coil.

It wasn't long before more Judicator shots hit the field. The only difference this time was the shots came from the sky. Causing many to look up.

"That's Noxus's Ship." Samus thought. It looked eerily Similar to his altform Vile-Scythe, but didn't spin. Instead, it just kept moving in any direction, firing multiple Judicator Shots, that was hitting the SA-X, while missing the NUN-X.

Naruto had his suit donned, and found a light from the side of it, and found information on who he found. "You've gotta be kidding me... Samus, Spire has just arrived."

"I don't see his ship."

"You wouldn't in the first place." Naruto watched as Spire jumped from the opening, before going into his Altform Dialanche, landing directly in the fray, taking on SA-X left and right, while Noxus kept to his ship, firing from the air.

That was before everyone heard a screech that widened Samus's eyes, and made a grin appear on Naruto's face. "Attention all units! Do not attack Ridley! I repeat DO NOT ATTACK RIDLEY! He wants in on the SA-X horde."

Samus, thinking he was crazy, relayed the order to the NUN-X, who continued to fight the SA-X.

It didn't take long for Serris to come out as well, knocking the SA-X down before a NUN-X, Samus, Sylux, or Spire took them out. Naruto took to sniping with the Imperialist, with a few X near him.

Sasuke then landed next to him. "Naruto, what are you doing here?"


"I see that. Why?"

"Do you see the carnage out there?" Naruto asked, before sensing a Sound Kunoichi behind him, which he grappled with the Plasma Vice. "Going somewhere?"

"You're a bastard, you know that?" The girl questioned.

"Sorry, but my parents were happily married. Besides, if I wanted to be an ass, I'd rape you right here. But I have a better idea." Naruto relayed the idea to the X around him, who then formed a cannon, which he put the Kunoichi in, before firing it into the fray, causing her to get blasted by the NUN-X and SA-X alike.

"See, that's what happens when you fall into a federation gunfight." Naruto told Sasuke, before he shook his head, and landed a headshot on an Escaping Orochimaru, blasting the head to bits, causing the body to fall down, before he fired off a second and third shot, taking down 2 others in that area, before he found another Imperialist shot taking out the final 2.

And it didn't come from any of the known locations where Samus, the NUN-X and Sylux were.

In fact, Naruto was cursing that he didn't realize that the guy was there, and was about ready to strike, when the Kriken simply looked at him. "Glad you took that bastard out. Seriously, I've been getting too much flak from him. He's been ruining my reputation."

"Trace? But I thought that Samus took you out..." Naruto said, still in his suit.

"No, but she did me a favor. Turns out someone had made a clone of me, and used it to destroy my reputation." Trace pointed out. "I'd pin my money on Sylux, but even he's not that heartless. Weavel, on the other hand, might actually do it."

"I'd place my bets on Weavel." Naruto replied. "And for the record, Sylux is a girl. Not a guy."

"No way. Samus couldn't be..."

Naruto made a pair of holograms. "The left is Samus Aran, without her suit. The right is Sylux, without hers, and before she joined the Federation."

Trace examined them both, before looking down a bit. "Damn... The two best warriors in the last Century, and they're both female. What... The... Fuck."

"If either of them heard you say that, they'd fire a missile at you... Though Sylux would rather use the Shock Coil."

Trace nodded. "Anyway, I noticed you had the Imperialist. Did you get it from that bastard clone?"

"Yeah. My Aunt Samus took it out. 3 Missiles made it dissolve. 3 missiles, 3 limbs lost." Naruto pointed out.

"Well, what do you plan to do now?"

"Snipe the hell out of the SA-Xs down there. Spire is helping out as well as Sylux."

"As is Noxus from up there." Trace pointed at the floating ship that was firing.

"I figured as much."

"So, what do you plan to do with the Imperialist data?"

"I've been adding the Judicator into it, making it a Long-range Ice Element beam. The problem is the programming at the moment. I've already done so with the Magmaul. Magmaul is little more than a Lava enhanced version of the Battlehammer in application. The Programming levels, however, is where the differences are truly noticeable."

"Good to know that bastard is getting put to some good use. Thank Samus for me?"

"No need." Naruto replied. "She's been listening to every word."

Samus and Sylux landed in the area, Sylux in Lockjaw, before priming the Shock Coil. "Trace, what do you mean that someone created a clone of you?" Samus questioned, knowing that Sylux was ready if there was a single lie.

"Exactly that, Samus." Trace stated. "I came here for that bastard, so I thank you for taking it out. Just be careful. Someone's been trying to get a hold of bounty hunters to make clones of them. I'm not the only one. After about a Galactic Year, Kanden and I met up. They managed to take us both, and I managed to escape... Kanden didn't. You know he's not that good at stealth."

Samus looked at Sylux, who nodded slightly. "Trace, if that clone is the only reason you're on this planet, then why are you still here? I killed it 4 months ago, thinking it was you after my nephew."

"I wouldn't have targeted him at all." Trace admitted. "Besides, they only cloned the body and weapons. They couldn't recreate my experience."

Samus nodded. "I'm familiar with Cloning. So... why are you still here?"

"After I found out you were in the area, I was actually hoping that you would help out in getting rid of the bastards. They've been a nuisance inside and outside of the Federation. I've already taken out 82 of them, but there's always more. I really hope to find the lab where the research was moved to."

Naruto thought for a moment. "I think I can help." The others looked at him. "What? I had these guys go into his memories. I just never looked at them, more interested in the Imperialist data. The data is already saved into the database at TG69-N. I'd have to go through the earliest memories to find out where it was made." Naruto then found a bunch of Core-X in the skies. "Hey, guys? How about we have a competition?"

"Whoever takes out the most Core-Xs wins?" Sylux asked.

"Just what I thought in mind." Naruto replied. Trace, Sylux and Samus nodded.

Meanwhile, Sasuke just watched. Everyone watched as 4 Red beams were being firing from the top of the Hokage Monument, taking out the Core-Xs of the SA-X army, which had just been defeated.

They then found that Noxus took out a few with his ship, before Spire got right next to them. "Samus?" He was surprised.

"I'm not looking for another fight, Spire. I'm trying to save my nephew's home." Samus replied, firing off another shot. Naruto had then locked on to 3 targets, and fired a Triple shot from the Imperialist. The counter on his screen went from 24 to 27.

Sylux's counter was at 25.

Samus was at 19.

Trace, being the natural sniper, was at 27.

After a few more shots, Samus looked at Naruto. "How did you get the Multiple shots?"

"Simple. Sylux, you and I all have the Tri-beam data. I just incorporated it with the Imperialist." Naruto replied. "It required a Targeting system upgrade, which the NUN-X have, but I got it to work." Just then, Yugito landed next to Naruto and Sasuke. "Naruto... the Sandaime is dead."

That struck a cord with Naruto, and both Samus and Sylux knew it the moment they heard it. "Please... you're lying. I got Orochimaru with an Imperialist Headshot as he was fleeing. There was no way... there's no way!" Naruto then jumped off to find the old man that he saw as his grandfather.

"Naruto!" Samus started going after him, only to be held back by both Samus and Sylux.

"He needs time alone, Samus." Trace said.

"You may not like it, but this is something he has to confirm on his own." Sylux added. "When he does find the truth, he may not like it, but it whatever doesn't kill you, makes you stronger."

"But..." Samus tried to fight their hold, until Yugito touched her forehead, making Samus pass out, the suit disappearing, before catching her.

"Sorry, Samus. Nibi and Ichibi already got the word. He's emotionally distraught by the news, I know." She looked at Sylux. "Get her to her house. She's fine, just exhausted." Sylux nodded, taking Samus's limp body.

"Oh, and know that all the experience and training she's been through has been turned into Chakra from that. She just need to learn how to control it. She's got quite a bit." Yugito added, resulting in a confused look from Trace. "Tell her it's a gift from the Nibi, Sylux. She'll understand."

"I will. Don't worry." Sylux said.


Naruto was crying over the limp body of the Sandaime Hokage, the Raikage right looking right at him. "Old man... Why? Why did you have to go and do this?" He was crying, so his words were barely choked. He noticed the seal on the the navel, and nearly let out a gasp. "No... You didn't..."

"What? You know what that seal is?" The Raikage asked, earning a solemn nod from Naruto. "There's nothing... There's nothing even I can do. I can rebuild the body. I can make everything necessary. But... I can't make another soul." Still crying, he closed the Sandaime's eyes the rest of the way. "I know it's probably useless but... Rest in peace... Hiruzen Sarutobi... My grandfather in all but blood." Naruto cried all throughout the statement, before breaking down over the soulless body.

Yugito landed there. "Naruto?"

"Yugito, we're staying for the time being." The Raikage stated, without the gruffness in his voice. "And by we, I mean you.

"Sir?" Yugito was surprised.

"You've got a reason to stick around." A explained. "You'll be here to hash out the agreement of an alliance, and you're already on good terms with, by far, the best Genin in this village. There could be a..."

"No." Naruto said, not looking at them. "No marriage for this. I'm not a political tool. I'm a Jinchuuriki. A developer of weapons for the Federation. The tester of said weapons. I am not some political tool. Son of the Yondaime or not, I will not be used in that fashion. If you want to base an alliance on anything, then I do have a suggestion."

"What is it?" Yugito asked.


"Look, I know that you're effectively my boss as a Kunoichi, but as Jinchuuriki go, he's the top spot."

A hesitated but nodded. "I'm thinking an Academy exchange program. Every year or so, a few Academy Students from both villages trade a few students from each class. Use this to improve both of our standings. Konohagakure is known as the most powerful, but I've seen a few problems myself. Make it known that there are problems with the educational system, especially since they tried stunting my progress from day one. I failed the Graduation exams 3 times. The third time, I stopped a Chuunin from going Rogue. That is how I graduated, not through the normal exams, which I failed, but by taking out a new Rogue Chuunin. If the dead last can defeat a Chuunin, but the Rookie of the Year, meaning the Uchiha, can't when said Chuunin wants to kill you, something's definitely wrong. My graduation was more like a Field Promotion, rather than a test."

A blinked. "That... is a valid point. If a non-graduate could take out a Rogue Chuunin, that would mean their system is flawed, and their teachers Biased. I'll bring it up during the meeting."

"That reminds me, did you see the giant toad on the South end? All the SA-X were on the north." Yugito questioned Naruto. That was before Jiraiya landed nearby, and saw Naruto, who was glaring at him.

"Uh... Why are you glaring at me like that?" Jiraiya asked.

"You are... Jiraiya of the Sannin?"

"Oh ho! You..."

"I know what you're supposed to be." Naruto cut him off, ice in his voice. "And needless to say, you failed epically. My Aunt on my father's side is here. Your student."

Jiraiya only had one thought. 'Oh shit.'

"I want no summoning from you, I've already completed both of my father's original Jutsu."

"You mean that you managed to figure out the..."

"Yeah, no thanks to you. Oddly enough, the Kyuubi is more of a help than you were." Narutos voice was like venom on a stake. Said stake was being driven into Jiraiya's heart at every word.

"At least allow me to explain why I wasn't around."

"You've got 5 minutes."

Jiraiya just made his palm glow and put it on Naruto's forehead, transferring the knowledge to him. When he removed the hand, Naruto blinked a few times. "You're kidding me..."

"Sadly... yes. At least I got something out of it for you." Jiraiya admitted. "And the extra money being sent would help out."

Naruto sighed. "Oh yeah. Yugito, close your eyes, Matatabi, don't listen or watch either." 'Kira?'

"Do it."

"We tested it on Kiba. Let's do this." X added.

Naruto then surrounded Jiraiya with a bunch of female clones... eerily reminiscent of Tsunade. Jiraiya's ingrained senses went off too late to escape as they all exploded. Everyone else in the area was untouched. Naruto looked at Yugito. "You can open your eyes now, Yugito. Lord Raikage, wake the fuck up." His right eye was twitching.

"What happened to him?" Yugito asked.

"I just punished Jiraiya by my Aunt's request. If anyone asks, I used my Level 3 Anti-pervert Jutsu on him for not being there in person, or bothering to check in on his godson. Oh, and if someone gives you flak, let me or Samus know about it. We'll take care of it." Naruto replied. "Anyway, we've got shit to do. Suna's got an alliance to reconstruct. Checking out the recent history, I can actually see why Orochimaru would want them to help out, much less why they'd agree at first. Desperation attracts vultures. You should hash out an agreement alongside them. It'll help. Kirigakure still has no allies, and I hope to get them in through Wave Country."

"I see. You're the new owner of Gato Industries." A realized.

"Sadly, yes. I didn't want the position, being a Shinobi, but I am leader in all but name and title." Naruto sighed, as Jiraiya groaned. "The pervert's awake. I'm outta here." He then ran off the building and into the arena, where he used the main exit using the Speed Booster ability without his suit. He was going to do a lot of running for the time being.

The day after the invasion what looked to be a biplane (our standards) was flying with a banner trailing behind it. The banner clearly showed a message.

This invasion brought to you by McDonalds. I'm lovin' it.

Over the next week, everyone had heard tell of the White blur traveling at high speeds throughout the forests around the village.

Samus, Sylux, Yugito, and Sasuke knew the reason. It was Naruto, and he was depressed.

But out of the four of them, Sylux was most depressed Samus's worry was dwarfed by Sylux's depression. The reason for that...


Chapter complete.