Lost and Found 12c

"Wow!" breathed Butterfly, "so, like, you and Matt knew all along that you were so special to each other, yet you just stayed friends!"

CJ smiled at her. " Just seemed right that way between us! I mean, I always loved him, but ours was the most uncomplicated relationship in my life! To have gotten together, to have risked what we had? Ugh, big step…HUGE… couldn't risk losing him!"

Carol smiled as Rosa stepped up to CJ and stroked her cheek. "Yet you lost your fear, and found your heart!"

CJ smiled up at her and nodded

"How many times did you wonder about him, what would happen if you'd risked it?" asked Chris "I mean, all this time working together, you must have been tempted!"

"Sometimes, yeah, sure! Hey, I'm human…fairly sure he was tempted to, sometimes our playful flirting became a little too real…one of us had to step back y'know! But when we first moved here to LA we were so busy getting the company started, and it was so successful so quickly it made our heads spin…we spent 18, 19 hours a day together when it all first took off… I did the legal checks and contracts, Houston found the companies that interested him or the type of investment he wanted to make. My head would explode sometimes, I could be working on buying s an electronics firm or a computer software company one day, the next I would be buying land for oil prospecting…or an insurance company in order to cover all the workers for the building company he had bought on a whim! It all just grew so fast, we were a Fortune 500 a year after starting out, and Houston just used that publicity to churn more business! Whenever I was tempted I just thought don't rock the boat. Besides, we both dated other people, a lot, Houston more than me…it was a way of winding down after all our hard work, and a way of getting space from one another after very long days! "

"So, when did he decide to become a detective?" Butterfly asked

"In part that was my fault!" CJ told her. "I said digging through all these business plans and mergers was like being a detective. I told him about the computer I had used at my old law firm and next things I knew , he had bought Baby! I showed him all it could do, and how it helped me check the background of people we were going to be working with. Then a young man Houston had been working with on a building project got accused of murder, Houston didn't believe he was capable of it, and as the guy was broke he offered my services as his attorney and started to dig around on what had happened. With Babys help, and mine of course, Houston found out the real killer…and got a taste for helping people. So, he studied…read books, worked with a PI to get the tricks of the trade…the rest as they say is history!"

~Couldn't he have got you involved in something a little less dangerous?" Carol asked with a smirk

CJ smirked back. "I like what we do…most of the time. It's a new adventure every day!"

"No kidding!" Chris said with a grin

CJ laughed "Besides, HE didn't get me involved in anything, I got myself involved! I volunteered my help, and once Murray joined us I had more time on my hands to give more help to Houston in the detective work"

"Partners huh? Just friends! Willing to put her life on the line so Houston can live out his dream!" Chris just shook her head

"It isn't always dangerous!" CJ protested her eyes scrunching when the other woman all laughed

"Honey, I got the scar to prove it's dangerous" Carol laughed, "and so have you…more than one!"

"Hmm, well, it has its moments. But it's not just Houstons dream ya know, it's mine to…it's the challenge I've always craved, the excitement !"

"I learnt the hard way getting shot is not exciting! Painful yes…exciting…hell NO!" Carol muttered

CJ was about to say something when there was a quiet knock on the door.

Chris got up and opened it, popping her head out to chat before stepping back in with a grin. "Show time ladies. Cars are here!"

Houston gasped as he saw the line of TV cameras and press photographers lined up outside the Church "Oh boy!" he muttered

"Something wrong?" Will asked

"CJ is gonna kill me when she sees all the press!" Houston told him as he pointed at the crowd of people now in a frenzy to take the best photo or video of the approaching groom. "She wanted a small wedding, no fuss…now this!"

Will grinned. "I always thought you would have liked a small wedding!"

Houston nodded. "I know, part of me would. But ya see Will, me and CJ, we owe so much to so many people. Business guys who gave us a chance to begin with, friends who have been there for us …risked their lives for us to! How could we not have them share this day with us huh? I mean…this is the best day of my life, and I wanna share it with everyone!"

"When you're marrying someone as special as CJ I can understand why you wanna shout about it!" Will agreed

Houston raised an eyebrow and looked at his cousin. "You still not over your crush on her huh?"

Will blushed. "No, not sure I ever will be, but I can live with it! Besides, as your Best Man I get to step in if you run away or don't show up!"

Houston laughed. "So not gonna happen! Nuthin is ever gonna keep me an' CJ apart!" His laughter tailed off and he frowned slightly


"Just thinking back to what Tyler said, 'bout someone paying a million dollars to have CJ killed…"

"Aw c'mon Houston! The guy was a looney toon! He shot my dad, he tried to shoot CJ, he thought he and CJ were gonna wander hand in hand into the afterlife, thought she loved him…guy was delusional…he was spouting off, trying to get you mad…you can't believe a word that guy said!"

"Can't I?" Houston asked quietly before stepping out of the car and walking across to the side Chapel to wait for his Bride

Will caught up with him. "You can't let this guy get to you Matt!"

"All I know is that someone tried to kill her, and nearly succeeded!" Houston whispered

"And we know who it was. Duval! And he is dead. Duvals son is gonna be locked up for the rest of his life, Renfield is going nowhere…Duvals daughter shot down the plane, she is going to jail for life…and the mad man behind it all, Tyler..is dead to, gone! So who is left? The Davies woman? Rounded up and waiting to be sent back to the States for trial…and this mysterious benefactor? Has to be Vincenci, and he is off to jail to for his part in it all, hiring Tyler & co to kill people. They're all gone Houston, it's over…you can relax, and just enjoy being married to the best woman in the world. You lucky son of a b…"

"Will! We're in Church!" Houston looked up at him and grinned. "Guess you're right. I just worry ya know…can't lose her Will, not again…not ever!"

Will stepped up to him and put his hand on his shoulder. "And you never will lose her Matt. Not now you have found this much happiness together , you get your happy ending, ok?"

Houston nodded. "Ok!"

CJ took her bouquet of flowers off Carol and stood up straight. "Wish me luck pal!" she grinned

"You don't need it CJ. But just so you know, I got ya back today, so relax, and enjoy! See you at the Church girl friend!"

Rosa Noveli reached up again to stroke CJs cheek. "I am so proud of you my beautiful CJ, and I cannot tell in words how my heart burst with happiness that you and Houston have come to this day…this day I have longed for you both since first I met you…this day that was always meant to be. Mi bella CJ, be happy, that is my wish for you!" And with that she gently kissed both of CJs hands before rushing out to join the Bridesmaids on their journey to Church

For a moment the room was still and CJ closed her eyes and took a steadying breath

"Knock knock! You decent?" came a mans voice from the doorway

CJ smiled at the new arrival. "Aren't I always?"

He came to stand in front of her and she felt her own eyes well up when she saw how he looked at her.

"Oh CJ!" he gasped, "that nephew of mine is one very lucky man!"

"Thanks Roy!" she whispered

"That's Uncle Roy to you!" he said with a small wink. "I can't tell you how proud you're making me today, asking me to give you away…well, I, I…uhh…you know I see you as a daughter anyway, see Matt as another son…today is just, well it means so much to me…darn it, why can't I find the words!" he muttered to himself

CJ grinned and reached out to gently stroke the blue rose in his lapel." Because sometimes, it isn't about the right words, just the right person!"

He took her hand and kissed it. His watery blue eyes sparkling. " C'mon, let's go knock Houston out of his socks!"

CJ giggled as she hooked her arm through his and walked out of the hotel room and down towards the waiting car

As they walked out of the hotel suite CJ looked across at the stack of cards and presents, as her eyes scanned excitedly the pile of telegrams on one side for later she noticed a now familiar shaped enveloped, and couldn't stop herself shuddering slightly. Roy felt it, knew it wasn't nerves, but waited until they were in the car before asking softly. "Somethin' troubling you CJ?"


He gave a small smile and asked. "As we walked out, felt you shudder…and don't tell me it was nerves, I know better!"

CJ chewed her lip a fraction but decided honesty was the best policy. "When our engagement was officially announced the press made a big thing about LA losing one of its top bachelors ya know. I mean, it was all done in fun, and the majority of messages that came in were well wishers and congratulations…"


She sighed. "There were a few crank ones, saying I'd stolen their man, that I'd bewitched him, that kinda thing!"

Roy nodded and gave a soft chuckle, then asked softly, "But they troubled you?"

"Most of them stopped writing after a couple of weeks…but one, well one still writes, every week, same style envelope, same words…HE'S MINE! Sometimes that's all it says, sometimes they have paper clippings inside from when my plane crashed, or Robert died…Then they write things like, "YOU'RE ON BORROWEDD TIME, or ENJOY IT WHIE IT LASTS!"

Roy swallowed slightly. "You've told Hoyt?"

CJ nodded. "Uh huh, and he has analysed the envelope, done what he can…but no traces on it and no clue"

"What does Houston say?" Roys eyes narrowed as CJ remained silent. "CJ, you have told him haven't you?" CJ just gave him a small smile and shrugged "Oh boy!"

"Aw c'mon Roy!"CJ said wriggling in her seat to look directly at him, " it's just a few crazy ass letters from some sad lady who doesn't know fact from fiction!"

"But you went to Hoyt?"

CJ blinked a couple of times. "Roy, if these last few months have taught me nothing else it's taught me to take nuthin' for granted, and if Hoyt doesn't mind spending his lunchtime helping an old friend to put her mind at rest, then hey I'm not above pulling favours. If he had found anything, IF…then I wudda told Houston, but he didn't find anything…so why worry him! Right?"

Roy studied her for a few seconds, her big eyes pleading with him. "Ok," he said slowly. "So the letters are our secret, for now!"

"Thanks Uncle Roy!"

"For now CJ! These letters keep comin' once you're back from your Honeymoon we tell him, ok? He has a right to know!"

Her smile broadened as she nodded. "Deal!"

Roy was just thinking how much he loved her smile when he saw it falter slightly. "CJ?" Silently she pointed at the crowd of journalists and TV cameras packed outside the Church. "Oh boy!" he muttered as he reached to grip her hand

Houston walked in to the main Church, nodding at familiar faces who all mouthed words of congratulations or encouragement. He watched as him Groomsmen, Hoyt, Noveli and Murray all escorted guests to their seats, a little quicker now the Bride had arrived and was having photos taken outside with her Bridesmaids Carol, Chris and Butterfly, and of course the mother of the bride Rosa. "I've just had a thought!" Will whispered at him as they stood at the end of the pew, "I FINALLY get to hear CJs real name!" Houston looked over his shoulder at him and smirked, turning quickly to face the door as he saw his cousin jaw drop open and he mouthed "WOW!" , just as the organist began to play.

CJ took one deep breath as she watched her Bridesmaids make their entrance. Roy pulled her closer to him and patted the hand she had threaded through the arm he offered. "Shall we?" he asked softly

She licked her lips and swallowed slightly. "We shall!" she replied taking her first step, then second…one foot in front of the other, and before she knew it she was turning into the aisle and walking towards the altar. Friendly faces beamed out at her, cameras clicked and the Church organ boomed out, but suddenly as she looked up, her eyes locked on the most amazing warm brown eyes she had ever seen, and everything else just faded away. Her breathing steadied, and as she reached to take the hand he held out to her she couldn't help but smile, watching as his eyes twinkled back at her.

For both of them, staring deeply into each others eyes, the first part of the ceremony had been a bit of a blur. There had ben some amusement when the Priest had asked if anyone had any objections and Slims young son had chosen to yell out "Dada!" Quick as a flash Houston had said "Anyone know a good lawyer?" Playfully CJ had shoved at his shoulder and the Priest had given a slight, polite cough to bring the service back to order. As the Priest began to say "Repeat after me: I Mattlock William Houston, do take thee…."a strange feedback noise cut through the Church, causing everyone to flinch slightly, except the Bride and Groom. Houston had solemnly repeated, "I Mattlock William Houston , do take thee…" the noise came again, ending just in time for the congregation to hear the last few words of "To be lawfully wedded wife" The guests looked at each, several off them shrugged, and waited for CJs vows.

CJ smiled as the Priest turned to her and said. "Now CJ, repeat after me…I…" this time his microphone cut out, snapping back in just as he looked at CJ waiting for her to repeat the vow. She gave a small cough and stepped nearer to Houston and repeated. "I…" and again the microphone cut out, coming back on as she finished with "wedded husband!"

Will leaned forward and stage whispered. "Does it count if nobody heard the full vows?"

The Priest smirked at CJ before telling him. "God did, that's all that matters to me!"

As they exchanged rings it was Houstons hand that was shaking with emotion, by the time the Priest looked at them and smiled as he told them "I now pronounce you husband and wife!" CJ could feel herself crying with happiness, leaning into Matts hand as he softly wiped away the tear that fell. They stared at each other, the spell broken as they heard "You may kiss your Bride!" and Houston leaned forward to gently brush his lips against hers, before whispering. "I love you…Mrs Houston!" They could hear the applause and cheers as once again they kissed, with Will asking if anyone had a crowbar to prise them apart to get them to the wedding reception!

Crowds of well wishers cheered as the Bride and room stepped out in to the bright California sunshine, hand in hand and grinning from ear to ear. They kissed again, the sound of camera motors whirring could be heard from across the street, as could the cheers and laughter. The BMW with tinted windows blended in with all the other cars parked there, nobody noticed it, nobody turned an eye as two of the guests dressed in dark suits walked towards it and handed in their cameras and several polaroid snaps through the open window, before walking away to another car parked behind. The two passengers of the BMW studied the snaps, before one of them hissed "It should have been me!"

The other passenger leaned over and patted her knee gently. "And it will be one day dear…when Houston is a grieving widower your chance will coma again. We got it wrong this time, we won't miss again! So patience dear, that's all you need…patience!"

As the guests mingled for the cocktail reception, Houston pulled all his friends and family into a small dining area away from everyone else. He held CJs hand who shrugged as Carol asked "What's going on?"

Suddenly Roy appeared from a side room carrying a wooden stick and a silver cup, and followed by a Piper . "Make ye a roond!" Roy said solemnly, tapping the stick to the floor andwinking at CJ as she gasped

"Houston!" she turned to look at her husband, her eyes wide!" "A Quaich?"

Butterfly looked at Rosa and asked "A what?"

They all jumped as the Piper started to play, and Carol started to drag them all into a circle, all except CJ and Houston who stood to one side until Roy came to get them. As the three of them stepped into the Circle their family joined hands to close it around them and Roy smiled before telling them . "Normally it is the fathers of the Bride and Groom who stand here and join the two families together over the uurh…Kaysh? Quaich! But as Houstons Uncle, and now CJs, it is my honour to join the two together." He looked at Will who passed him a bottle of Malt that Houston had sent back to them, and with great pride he poured a large measure into the silver cup. He reached for Matts hand and placed it on one handle, then reached for CJs hand, placing it gently on the other. As CJ and Houston drank from the cup Roy explained the tradition to the gathered guests of honour, smiling as the cup made its way around the circle before coming back to the centre. As Roy looked at both his nephew and new wife, he raised the cup and nodded "Your eternal health and happiness!" he said before draining off the last of the fine whiskey and smiling in appreciation

The food was wonderful, everyone had agreed. They had cheered as the new couple had made their entrance, with Houston sweeping CJ into his arms and spinning her around pausing to dance briefly before heading to the head table to enjoy the five course meal. But it had been the DJ and band that everyone had really loved. At some point in the evening Roy had ended up wearing CJs garter as a head band before dragging everyone up for a Conga line, he had told Rosa Noveli she was a fine woman and spent the rest of the evening flirting outrageously with her. Both Matt and CJ had spotted Will and Chris spending a lot of time together, and agreed they made a god couple, smiling as their friends looked up and noticed they had been spotted. Carol and Nick made an impromptu speech that had everyone laughing, and Roys speech made everyone emotional, it was Will who brought the house down though with a speech that told of his gratitude to his cousin and best friend, and his joy that they had FINALLY done the right thing and got married…"After all, " he had finished, "nobody else could put up with these two!" Carol had led CJ astray, again, by persuading her to dance to We Are Family with all her Bridesmaids and Rosa…then by encouraging her to do the Twist and the Timewarp, laughing as each time CJ did the pelvic thrust she had to slightly hitch her dress back into place! But Carol had tears of happiness in her eyes as Houston and CJ took to the floor to dance to The Power of Love, before they left to start their new life together.

As Houston closed the door of their honeymoon suite, he instantly took off his jacket and slung it on a nearby chair before he reached for his cravat and pulled it loose, smiling as he heard CJs chuckle. "Surprised it lasted that long!" she whispered as she walked slowly over to him, reached up and gently pulled it free.

He smiled slowly at her reaching out to pull her to him. "Didn't wanna let ya down slick!"

She leaned back a fraction in his arms and looked at him, smiling softly before saying. "You could never do that cowboy!"

He reached up to stroke her hair, running his fingers through the soft waves of silk, before slowly resting his hand on the back of her neck and gently pulling her towards him. The kiss was soft, barely a touch, but Houston felt a charge of electricity shoot through him, he closed his eyes and deepened the kiss, his hand twisting in her hair, his other hand pulling her hip tightly against him, he was exactly were he wanted to be, CJ in his arms, his ring on her hand, their life together ahead of them, he had no need to rush, he could savour every second, every moment. So he deliberately pulled back, letting his grip on her hair ease up and bringing his hand down to slowly stroke her bare shoulder. He moved across to softly nuzzle her ear, nipping her earlobe before tugging at it with his lips. He heard her sigh with pleasure and decided to slow things even more, stepping back from her completely but holding tightly on to her hand. "I uhh…I know we said no wedding presents for each other, but I had to CJ…couldn't resist!" He pulled her with him as he walked over to the table and pointed at a wrapped box he had left there earlier that day. She looked sideways at him and smiled before letting go of his hand and sitting down before reaching for the parcel. "It's not much!" he told her, "just a token really!"

CJ gasped at the glass photo frame inside. The frame itself was exquisite, but it was the picture that made her smile. It was off the two of them at the Lomond Lodge, taken the night they had been invited as wedding guests, the sunset behind them as they stood in front of the open patio. She looked up at him and cocked an eyebrow.

With a smile he sat beside her, and pointed at the frame. "I know today is our wedding day CJ, and lot bigger wedding than we would have wanted, but to me…that trip to Loch Lomond, well…it was special in so many ways, so I guess this is my way of saying that to me, you'll always be Mrs Wilma Tuckerbuck…and that will always be our honeymoon picture!"

She gave a soft laugh, reached over to stroke his cheek before kissing him gently. "Thank you!" she said eyes twinkling, "and…well I have a present for you to…hold on!" She got up and walked over to the small case the hotel staff had delivered for her, and reached in to the side pocket, before turning and handing him a small square, flat parcel. He raised an eyebrow again before smiling and ripping the paper off, taking a small breath as he looked at his gift. The CD box had a picture of him and CJ on the front, from when they were at the Ranch, before the plane crash…and an older picture of the two of them, taken at Lake Taho, the first time they had met. He read the four songs listed, The Power of Love, Make You Feel My Love, The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face…and 9 to 5, which made him chuckle! With delight. "Well, when did you get a chance to do this?" he stammered

"Do you like it?" she asked shyly

"Like it? Oh CJ…I love it!"

She giggled and tossed her hair off her shoulders. "I really wasn't sure, but Carol persuaded me, she said it was something personal, and she had seen your reaction at the rehearsal dinner…so, well that gave me the push I needed! We went to one of those studios you can rent by the hour, did it during our Bachelor weekends!" "

"It was after the rehearsal that I remember better!" he wiggled his eyebrows and reached his hand out to her, pulling her down next to him on the couch. "Know what else I remember?" he whispered as he started to stroke her shoulders and lean towards her. "I remember how lonely I've been since that damn dinner, and I remember just how much I've missed you!"

He stopped as his phone rang, felt CJ jump slightly as it startled her. He frowned but CJ told him, "Best get it Houston, could be important"

"On our Wedding Night!" he growled before picking it up. "Hello!"

It was Bo. "Put us on speaker boss!" he giggled, "there's something we forgot to do!"

Matt sighed, switched it to speaker and said "ok?"

"Is CJ there to?" another giggle from Bo

CJ grinned and looked at Matt before saying. "I'm here Bo, I can hear you just fine!"

"Good! Good…ok everyone…on the count of three! One, two…three!"

Matt and CJ looked at each other and laughed as a group of their friends started singing Let Me Call you Sweetheart, down the phone to them. It had been a long tradition for guests to serenade newly weds, but they thought they had escaped, and from the noise coming down the phone it would have been a lucky escape. CJ reached forward and told the group "Don't give up your day jobs guys, but thank y'all! Buh-bye now!" And she switched the phone off completely before tossing her hair back off her shoulders and looking back at her husband. "Now, where were we?" she grinned as he sat up to kiss the back of her shoulder

She sighed as he started to kiss her neck, his hand sliding down her bare arm and up again, before slowly moving to her waist and snaking around behind her. She could feel him start to pull at the laces holding her dress in place and smiled just as his mouth claimed hers. He leaned up and started to push her back against the couch, one hand still frantically pulling at laces, the other buried in her hair, pulling her closer to allow him to kiss her more thoroughly. She smiled again as she sensed his growing frustration with her dress. "Houston, let me stand up ok?" she said gently as she pushed him away from her. He looked puzzled, and a little crestfallen, but nodded and helped her to her feet, looking even more puzzled as she turned and pulled him to his feet as well. "Ok" she looked at him over her shoulder as she had now turned her back to him, "You pull the lace free here, " she indicated and he did as he was told, "and here!" and again he followed her instructions, his smile broadening all the time, " and…here, yes. Now, if you gently wriggle it loose…oof, gently Houston, that's it..now I can just push slightly ….and done!"

Houston watched as the beautiful white dress slipped to the floor and CJ carefully stepped free of it. She still had her back to him, but he reached out to softly stroke down her silky skin, tracing the contours of her back, letting his finger tug slightly at the garter belt. Before she could turn he had stepped closer and pulled her back against him, his open hands resting on her tummy, his chin resting on her head as he breathed in and pulled her tight against him. "I love you, wife of mine!" he said with a smile, before turning her to face him and quickly leaning down to kiss her. He felt her slowly undoing the buttons on his waistcoat, quickly followed by the buttons on his shirt, and gasped as her fingers made contact with his bare skin, he shrugged himself out of the clothes and heard the soft noise as they hit the floor. He buried both hands in CJs hair, desperately pulling her closer to him as his tongue began to explore, pushing its way into her mouth, teasing her, tasting her. His breath quickened as she responded, using her own tongue to push back, her own hands buried in his hair, her own heart thumping against his chest, his hands travelled down her bare back, he frowned a fraction as they found her bra, but he needed no instruction on how to remove that and felt CJ smile against his mouth as he quickly unhooked it and let it join the other clothes on the floor. She sighed deeply as he kissed her neck, letting her hands rest on his shoulders as he lowered his lips down to her breast, the sigh becoming a gasp as he licked at her nipple before pulling it in to his mouth, her fingernails dug in slightly as she let out a soft groan of pleasure as his tongue teased at her, his teeth lightly grazing her. He was losing control and wanted her completely, but had no desire to rush, so again he tormented her by pulling back, smiling down at her as her eyes flickered open and she looked at him, cheeks flushed, lips parted.

"What…Houston!" she breathed as he stepped away from her, leaving her nearly naked in the lounge as he walked towards the CD player . She crossed her arms across her chest in defiance, her eyes sparkling and her mouth pressing down a grin as she tried but failed to look angry. With a small laugh she listened as her own voice played out to them, and Houston turned and held out his hand whispering "Dance with me?" She shook her head in mock annoyance then with a smile that could break his heart she reached up to take hand, hesitating as she saw his eyes widen and jaw drop. She looked down at her hip and the new artwork that had caught his attention. "Oh, yeah! Rupert and Drusilla!" she said of the two cartoon frogs one with a blue bow, the other pink. "They're uhm, not permanent, I mean not yet…they may be, but then again they might not, but could be…or uhm…"

"Not?" Houston finished with a smirk. "So, wanna tell me about them?"

She blushed. "I didn't wanna have scars on my honeymoon, but couldn't get a permanent tattoo cos the scar tissue is still to new, so, I had these done…they should last about 8 weeks, or I can take them off with surgical spirit if you really hate them!"

He chuckled as he pulled her to him and lifted her slightly off her feet to swing her around. As he put her back down again he pulled her close to him and slowly started to dance, his hands gently locked together in the small of her back, their bare skin pushed close. He nuzzled at her hair, placed soft delicate kisses on her jaw, her temple, her neck…passionately kissed her lips. She smiled as his hands dropped down to her butt and pulled her tighter to him, and she felt his arousal, so slowly she let her hand drop down from his chest to pull his belt buckle loose, deftly undo the button fly, then put both her hands behind him, letting them travel down to his butt and firmly posh his trousers down to allow easier access. He pulled back and she saw him take a deep breath and swallow before he whispered hoarsely, "I'm gonna have my hands full with you aint I?"

She pressed her lips together and smiled up at him before stepping out of his arms and walking towards the bedroom. She stopped and turned to faced him, one hand on her hip, and grinned as she said "Care to join me?" Houston gave a small laugh and began to walk towards her, stopping a moment as she winked at him and said…"You'd better cock your pistols!"