The legend of the Gunslinger

By Michael McDougal

Michael 'demon tracker': the gunslinger

Kairi Everdeen: the women that the gunslinger likes and marries

Steven the Devil: the drunken man who almost marries Kairi

(The two weeks Michael was gone after Williams)

The first day he rode in the gunslinger was looking for a man called Williams. He rode in on a black stallion he called beauty of the west. Some of Williams' men tried to stop him but he was too fast with that black revolver of his. He found Williams and shot him once for what he had to this man in White hills. Then he rode out on his horse.

(The day before the wedding)

(Michael's perspective)

I can't believe I'm doing this giving her away, to that drunk. That man ain't no good.

(Kairi's Perspective)

Oh my god I'm married tomorrow

(Stevens Perspective)

'Hic' well 'hic' its happening 'hic' (crashes on floor)

(When the shoot out between Williams's men and Michael and Steven crashes the wedding)

(Michael's perspective)

I sent Kairi and her kin out the back they should get away pretty fast.

(Steven's perspective)

That low down gunslinger sent Kairi and her kin out the back so he could save me 'hic'

(Kairi's perspective)

I can't just run away! I need to fight to.

(During the week after the wedding)

Stevens in the doctor's office getting healed after the gun shot in the arm for 6 days. Michael tells Kairi he is leaving. She tells him you can't just leave.

(During the time before Michael and Steven duel)

Michael to his horse: come on girl we need to go.

Just then Steven walks out of the doctor and asks one of the Hodges brother where the gunslinger is. They tell him he is in the stable.

Steven walks out to see Michael leaving and quickly challenges him.

(The last words of Stevens)

Kairi I-I-I-I l-lo-lov-love ugh

Steven dies there in the street while Michael just holsters his revolver and tells Kairi he is sorry