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"LUCY~!" Natsu said, jumping out of her window. He jumped on the bed and landed on the floor.

"Is Lucy here?" asked Happy. Both of them wanted to tell Lucy they have another quest going on, but they couldn't seem to find her anywhere. They noticed a strange thing on her desk.

"Happy, do you know what that is?" Natsu asked. Happy shrugged. Natsu was about to touch it, when she heard Lucy yell "NO! DON'T YOU DARE TOUCH IT!" Natsu and Happy backed away from it immediately and saw an angry Lucy.

"Hi, Lucy!" Natsu said cheerfully.

"Sorry, its just that it's brand new and was given to me by my father for a present before he..." Lucy said, muttering.

"Oh. So what is it?" Natsu asked.

"It's called a 'laptop'. It's basically a computer that's portable as long as you have internet access," Lucy explained, praying that he understood it all. Both of them had blank looks on their faces.

"So...what's a computer? And what's internet?" Happy asked. Lucy sighed. This was going to be a long day.

"A computer is like a machine that you use to store files and look up stuff and...other things. I'll try to make it simple," Lucy said, "So this pad right here is the mouse and you type things in by using these letters and numbers. The internet is what you can use to search for information."

"Oh! You mean I can search for ways to find Igneel?" Natsu said, his eyes gleaming with joy. Lucy sweatdropped again.

"Yeah...I think?" Lucy said. Then she sat Natsu on the chair and demonstrated a little.

"Okay. If you promise you won't destroy it, I'll let you use it," Lucy said.

"We promise!" Natsu and Happy said. And so she directed Natsu to the internet and he began to use it. Lucy was drinking a cup of tea peacefully, until...

"Lucy! Look at this!" Natsu yelled. She dropped her cup form surprise and then sighed. She clambered over to the desk and looked at the monitor.

"What is it?" she asked, annoyed.

"It's this place called and it has all our names in here!" Happy said, tossing away the fish bones.

"Really? How do they know us?" Lucy asked, suddenly interested.

"I don't know, but I bet they have in-for-ma-tion about me kicking Gray's ass!" Natsu said, looking around the site. He clicked on one of the stories.

"Natsu! What are you doing?" Lucy asked, for Natsu was suddenly squinting at the computer, trying to read the tiny words.

"Fine. I'll read it," Lucy said, pushing Natsu aside.

Title: The Dragons' Children

"Oh! Maybe this has some stuff about Igneel!" Natsu said.

By: anime tiger 12

"Lucy? What are tigers?" Natsu asked.

"I KNOW! They're grown-up female cats! The males become lions and the females become tigers!" Happy said, jumping up and down excitedly.

"Mama?" shouted young Lucy as her mother would not respond

"Mama!" Lucy was now sobbing when she heard the door open revealing her father

"Papa!" she yelled run up to him, but he past her and when straight to his wife Layla

"What the hell happened to all the periods?" Lucy muttered.

Lucy stood there for minutes watch as her fathers shock went to sadness to anger he turn to Lucy in a angry voice and yell "WHAT HAPPENED HERE!" Lucy was to scared ,upset, and shocked to answer that's when her father came towards her and yelled again "WHAT HAPPENED!" as he yelled that his son and Lucy's brother Sting came running in the room.

"Lucy? I didn't know Sting was your brother. And he beat you up in the Games? Bastard how could you do that to your sister..." Natsu said.

"Natsu, this is a story," Lucy sighed.

As he came in he saw his father with furry in his eyes looking at Lucy as his father was coming closer he step in front of Lucy that's when his father snaped he grab the two children and throw then in there room they shared and locked the door.

Lucy sat there showing no emotion Sting walked up to her worried for his sister's well being he asked her "Lucy are you ok , what happened?" she didn't answer.

"Oh, so you're worried the first time, but then you're not now?" Natsu said.

"Natsu, this is a story," Lucy muttered.

This is what it was like for the next year Lucy would not talk, play, she ate very little and, never left there room. Sometimes she would wake up screaming and Sting would comfort here, he blamed his father for Lucy's behavior so one night he told Lucy to pack she did.

"Wow, Lucy. Your life sucked when you were little," Happy noted.

"A story...just a story..." Lucy said, trying not to get angry.

He was happy that his sister responded but she still didn't talk which also made him sad.

After they where done packing Sting and Lucy were about to leave when they herd a maid the maid smiled and handed Lucy three golden key that where her mothers and she smile a real smile not the fake ones she did Sting was happy for his sister but that was not all the maid handed an earing to Sting and said in a hushed voice "It's the birthday present your mother picked out" Sting nodded

"I don't get come Sting and you were siblings...but then he was raised by a dragon..." Natsu wondered.

They left night not knowing not where they were going they just left the house that held so many bad memories and never looked back.

"And that's the end of chapter one!" Lucy said, finally thankful it was over. She couldn't stand the fact that the author put her and Sting as siblings.

"That story was as boring as hell," Natsu said.

"Natsu! That's rude!" Lucy scolded.

"But, it was boring!" Natsu whined.

"What's boring?" They turned around and saw Erza and Gray coming in through the window.

"I have a door...?" Lucy said.

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