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"Little party going on, huh?" Freed said, poking at Gajeel's face. The Thunder God tribe were just learning about the Fanfiction stuff and were quite interested in it. "Why wasn't I allowed?"

"Watch where you're pointing!" Gajeel cried. Freed stuck out his tongue, which made Gajeel throw a fist.

"If its a fight you're looking for, come here!" Natsu said smiling.

"All right, Salamander!" Gajeel said, smiling. Natsu started to rush at him, but was pulled back by Erza, using his muffler. Natsu and Gajeel gulped.

"Oh, no you don't! You're not done with me!" Erza roared. Natsu whimpered as she pulled Natsu away. Erza then glared at Gajeel.

"You're next, for making poor Levy pregnant!" she said. Levy blushed.

"What are you talking about?!" Gajeel yelled.

"Is it a boy or a girl?" Lucy smirked.

"You're so mean, Lu-chan," Levy pouted.

"I'm squished," Wendy said.

"A little room?" Charle asked.

"LET ME FINISH READING!" Mira said. Everyone stopped, except for Natsu who was angrily torturing Natsu. So everyone went around for Mira to finish the story.

"So, what was the story about again?" Evergreen asked, blinking.

"Well, Natsu and Lucy had...you know. And then-" Gray started.

"WHAT?! Really?" Evergreen exclaimed.

"It's a story. I've never had that," Lucy said.

"Are you sure?!" Evergreen said, poking her face. Lucy sweatdropped, but said she hadn't done it by any chance.

"And then, Lucy got pregnant-" Gray tried again, face a little red.

"WHAT?!" Bixlow and Evergreen said.

"And it wasn't me..." Loke whined.

"Shut up. And I'm not pregnant," Lucy said.

"Are you sure?" Bixlow asked with his dolls repeating "Sure? Sure?" Lucy resisted the urge to throw him out, seeing that the rage of three mages would come against her, but what she did was poke him and told him to leave her alone.

Continuation of Good Luck Baby

Silence. *cricket voices*

Then Erza raised her sword so it faced Natsu's throat.

"What? Who? How? When?" Erza asked in her deadly voice.

"That's nothing compared to this Erza," Gray said, trying to drown Natsu in a bucket of water. Everyone sweatdropped.

"We already knew this was coming..." Mira said.

"E-Erza, please calm down, I'll answer you everything, fast, then slowly. Okay? But please keep the sword down, at least kill him after he sees his child." Lucy said.

"A very useless thing to say, Lucy," Levy said.

"She has a point," Charle said.

"Hey! She could at least try!" Wendy complained.

"Thanks Wendy," Lucy said, smiling.

"You dare to impregnate her, without even marrying her? HUH?!"

"That's exactly what he did, stupid bitch," Sting said. Silence.

He was so gonna get it now.

Erza dropped Natsu's head into the bucket and glared at the poor light dragon slayer. Her fierce glare made everyone try to stay as far as possible, including Rogue, but Sting just jumped off Lucy's bed and smirked at the red head.

"So what are you going to do? You can't be as bad as Minerva," Sting said.

"S-Sting-kun!" Lector said. Sting ignored the precious warning.

"Come. With. Me," Erza said. She lifted Sting over her shoulder and left the room. Everyone was speechless.

Rogue broke the silence, "She's worse than Minerva, isn't she?" Everyone nodded.

"Erza, please!"

Then Erza placed her sword to her side and looked at Lucy waiting for her to explain.

"Remember the day Lissana confessed to Natsu?"

Erza nodded.

"That's the day I did it with Natsu."

"So it is true..." Evergreen said.

"In this story," Lucy corrected her.

Erza's eyes widened, and she raised her sword to Natsu's throat, and looked at Lucy telling her to continue, Lucy just gulped but continued.

"Inevitable to escape it now, sorry Natsu. Natsu?" Jellal said. Natsu didn't reply; he was unconscious thanks to a very friendly exquip mage. Gray sweatdropped.

"Remember the day after we went to the café?"


"That's the day I started having motion sickness."


"Remember the day Natsu came here without me?"


"That's the day I figured out I was pregnant."


"Remember the da-"

"Fine, I got it, but Natsu WILL receive punishment." Then she changed into her 'Heaven Wheels Armor' and chased after Natsu who started running around the guild like his life depended on it, which in his case it depends on it.

"His life was already in danger," Lucy said.

"Danger, Danger!" Bixlow's dolls cried.

Mira looked at Lucy eyes widen.

"So-so that's t-true, you a-and N-Natsu, d-did i-it." She stuttered then fainted.

"Seems like a reasonable response that Mira might do," Lucy said.

"You have a point," Laxus said.

"MIRA-NEE!" Lissana shouted as she went to her sister's aid.

As Lissana bent down next to her sister, she was glad nobody could see her behind the bar because tears of jealousy, and agony trickled down her white skin.

"Jealous, Jealous!" the dolls chimed.

"Now that Lucy's with Natsu, I can let my relationship grow with Gray-sama!" Juvia said.

"Oi!" Gray said. Lyon's head was fumbling with thoughts of revenge and tricks to win Juvia over Gray. Maybe he could put one in action right now...


"HAHAHAHAHAHA, What a loser! HAHAHAHA!" Gray continued laughing as he rolled on the floor clutching his sides.

"Reasonable response for Gray," Lucy said, "Check."

"OH BLOODY MURDER! Lucy~ Waaaa~ *sniff-sniff* my chances are all gone, GONE I TELL YOU, GONE~" Loke continued sulking in a far, far away corner.

"As you can see, I have been crying~!" Loke sobbed.

"Bloody murder..." Wendy said.

"Oh, not this again!" Charle said, "This is all your fault Mira!"

"Wha...Not me! Zeref!" Mira said.

Then Virgo appeared out of nowhere in front of Lucy, then she bowed and said.

"Hime, do I get punishment for not reminding you to use protection?" Lucy's face was beat red!

"I thought it was the...man to...use...the.." Gray said, his face also red like Lucy's.

"Er..." Lucy said, "R-Reasonable response for Virgo~"

"Um...is it just me or is it suddenly very hot in here?" Laxus said.


"Shouldn't she get punishment?" I mean, you're pregnant and..." Levy said.

"Don't question it!" Lucy said.

"As you wish Hime, I'll tell Loe then. I'll take my leave now!" she bowed again, by that she left.

"Oh god, I can't believe it, how the heck is my baby going to survive here, I BARELY survive?" Lucy screamed as she lifted her hands in the air in frustration.

"It'll be a Fairy Tail baby! One that spews fire and can summon weird wobbly-cone nosed-dogs!" Happy said, "Oh, maybe it got some of my traits and it likes fish like me!"


"We are Exceed," Pantherlily said.

"Oh, shut up!" Lucy said.

"Don't yell at Lily like that!" Gajeel said.

"NATSU COME BACK HERE, OR I'LL SWEAR THAT I'LL THROW 200 SWORDS AT YOU THIS TIME!" Erza screamed, still following Natsu.

Lucy sweat dropped, I mean seriously, how could he survive that?!


"That was a lie..." Lucy said. Natsu was still unconscious.

Lucy just sighed and patted her belly.

"I guess it's only me and you little guy, good luck baby! You need it!" By that, Lucy stayed the whole day watching her boyfriend, almost dead, her strongest spirit SULKING! Talk about being the strongest! Her best friend rolling on the ground, laughing his ass out at her half dead boyfriend, and then she giggled.

"I thought I was your best friend," Levy said, "Wait, I take that back. The way you've been treating me for the past few hours..."


"Okay, let's go with this! Everyone in Team Natsu, plus Levy, minus Happy, are my best friends~" Lucy said.

"I'm fine with that," Levy said.

"YOU'RE STILL TOO CLOSE!" Juvia said. Lucy and Gray sweatdropped.

"Next chapter~!" Mira said.

"Natsu wake up." Lucy was currently standing in front of her bed, while waiting for her boy friend to wake up, but he didn't the only reply she got from him was a groan.

"Wake up."


"Wake up"


"WAKE UP." She then took a pillow and smacked his head with it.

"Maybe that will work now," Jellal said. He picked up a pillow and raised it over Natsu's head.

"WAKE UP." He took the pillow and whacked it hard enough to cause a small wave of spiritual energy to come out. Everyone blinked as Ultear and Meredy tried to strangle him.



"Huh~?" Natsu said, his eyes drowsy.

"It worked!" Jellal said. Ultear smacked his face against a pillow, which knocked him out.

"It also works the opposite way," Ultear said. Meredy smirked.

Then he jumped, "I'M UP, I'm up."

"Good, now do make breakfast while I go take a shower."

"But Luce~ Don't you remember, I was the one that almost died."

"Let's bet on whose going to win the fight. I bet Lucy, 500 jewels," Mira said.

"I'm in too. Lucy's bound to win. I'm putting in 500 as well," Levy said.

"Natsu doesn't stand a chance. 1000 jewels on Lucy," Gray said.

"Why is everyone against me?" Natsu whined.

"It's okay, Natsu-san. I'll bet 10 jewels for you," Wendy said, knowing well that she was going to lose them.

"I'm still betting all my fish for Lucy," Happy said.

"YOU TRAITOR!" Natsu sobbed.

"How could I forget if you keep reminding me every second, of every minute, of every hour, of everyday, of every week, and that happened 3 WEEKS AGO?! Now, I want you to move your fuckin' ass, over the fuckin' kitchen, and make some fuckin' food, while I take a fuckin' bath. Got it?" Lucy said with her deadly aura.

If you are wondering what is going on Lucy is going threw her mood swings, and till now it ain't pretty, good luck Natsu, you need it buddy.

"YEAH!" Gray said.

"Here are the 10 jewels..." Wendy muttered as she gave the betters their share. She reminded herself to never bet for Natsu when it comes to stuff like this.

When Lucy went to the bathroom, Natsu gave away the breath he was holding, damn she was scary during mood swings.

After they ate in silence, because Natsu was afraid to mutter something that would anger her, they went to the guild of course in silence.

After they reached the guild they entered.

"Tadaima minna." Natsu said, as she kicked the doors open, Lucy glared at him, while he gulped and muttered a small 'sorry', and she nodded.

"This doesn't count along with the bet, does it?" Wendy asked.

"No it doesn't," Mira said.

"But if you want to, you know-"

"No, Levy!" Wendy cried, "I was saving this money for my rent..."

"Now you know how I feel," Lucy sighed.

While Lucy was walking Gajeel bumped into her without saying sorry afterwards, a visible vein was on her forehead, then she got Gajeel from his collar and pressed him to the wall.

"Oh oh." Natsu said.

"You dare to bump into me and don't say sorry? Huh? You want me to fuckin kill you? I'll beat you till you're fuckin shit comes outta ya. Got it?"

"Bunny Girl's got some serious nerve to piss off me," Gajeel said, his hand forming into a fist.

"KYAAH~!" Lucy screamed.

Gajeel just stared at her, mouth wide open.

"You don't have to beat him, cause I think his shit is already out." Gray said, and the guild roared in laughter, people started clutching their sides from laughing.

"I like my story me in this story," Gray said, smiling.

"I, for one, hate it," Gajeel said.

"DID YOU SAY YOU HATE GRAY-SAMA?!" Juvia thundered.

"N-No of course not," Gajeel said.

"Hey, isn't Natsu supposed to be your servant still?" Lucy asked.

"Servant?" Freed said. Lucy started to explain janken pon as Gray ordered the recovering Natsu to fan him. Natsu cursed inside his head, but took out a fan and started to wave it.

Lucy let him go and went to the bar.

Levy stood beside Natsu frozen in utter shock then she asked him, "Mood swings?"

Natsu nodded "Mood swings."

As Lucy was sitting on the bar stool, she saw Gray naked from the back of her eye.

"Gray wear your clothes." But Gray was too busy talking to the men of Fairytail he didn't listen to her.

"Gray, wear your clothes," Lucy said. Gray ignored this, but when Lucy repeated herself, he realized that he had stripped unconsciously once again.

"I hate your real self," Natsu said.

"That makes sense," Gray said, "Because I hate you too."


Still nothin.

"THAT'S IT GRAY FULLBUSTER!" Then she walked to the shivering poor soul, and caught him by his collar and brought his face close to hers.

"You ignoring me? Huh? Do you have a death wish?" Gray shook his head vigorously. "Then put on some damn clothes before you see your life flash in front of you." Then Lucy went back to her stool bar. While Gray looked at her retreating figure and said, "I already saw my life flash in front of me."

"WHAT DID YOU DO TO GRAY-SAMA?!" Juvia thundered.

"Nothing, Juvia! It's just a story!" Lucy said.

"Juvia!" Gray said, but Juvia didn't listen as she engulfed Lucy in her water. Lucy thankfully swam out safely, but everyone was soaked, including the furniture. Thankfully, her father gave her a custom made waterproof one.

"Juvia!" Gray said, "Stop it!"

"YOU ARE PROTECTING MY RIVAL IN LOVE. DAMN YOU, LUCY!" Juvia said. Lucy screamed, from fear and from the fact that everything in her home was going to be soaked by Juvia.

"Sting..." Rogue said. Lector looked up.

"I forgot! I hope he''s alright," Lector said.

"From what I've heard, Sting has a chance he might die by Fairy Tail's Titania," Rogue said.

While the men sitting on the same table started laughing there asses out.

After a while Natsu went to the bar and sat beside Lucy, Lucy looked at him with big teary eyes, as always Natsu started freaking out, I mean what do you expect?!

"O-oi Lucy, are you okay?"

"*Sniff-sniff* You were ignoring me after I finished my bath, *sniff-sniff* did I do something? I knew it you hate me don't you?!"

Natsu's eyes widened at his crying, pregnant, girlfriend, he's currently cursing mood swings.

"I-Is this what it means to become pregnant?" Lucy said, frightened.

"Why, do you think of doing it with Natsu?" Levy smirked.

"No!" Lucy complained.

"THEN ITS GRAY-SAMA YOU'RE AFTER!" Juvia roared. Lucy paled.

"My home~" she wailed. Gray started to freeze up Juvia which made Lucy sigh with relief.

"What is up with that girl...?" Gray sighed.

"JUVIA-CHAN!" Lyon cried.

"Give it a rest, will you?" Gray said.

Everyone looked at the said couple, while insulting Natsu because he made Lucy cry, Natsu started freaking out more.

"L-Luce I'm not mad."

Lucy looked at him with those big browny eyes.

"R-really? *sniff-sniff*" Lucy asked.

"Really." Then she jumped on him and hugged him, while happy tears trickled down.

After that she kissed him passionately.

'She's in heat, well maybe not all kinds of mood swings are bad, i like this one' Natsu thought.

"Lucy and Natsu, sitting in a tree," Happy started.

"K-I-S-S-I-N-G!" Bixlow said.

"And not with me~" Loke said.

"Hey, that rhymes!" Laxus said.

"Oh, SHUT UP!" Lucy growled. This was definitely not a mood swing.

After they pulled apart she looked at his eyes while he looked at hers, and she smiled while the guild errupted in cheers, Lissana had to excuse herself, even though Natsu already have someone she can't help but feel jealous. Of course Mira fainted. Erza WILL KILL NATSU! Well that's what she said, Loke he chose the bad time to come here. Of course what do you expect other than sulking in the corner. Virgo is... still Virgo.

"Same, same," Gajeel yawned.

Then she started smiling and giggling, then a blue fuzzy flying cat came out of nowhere and hugged Lucy.

"LUSHY~!" Then he started nuzzling his face between her breasts.

Then we he finished Natsu looked at Happy and asked him,

"Were have you been?"

"I was hiding, waiting until angry Lushy was gone, and happy Lushy was here so I can hug her." Happy said as he munched on a fish.

"You traitor!" He said as he curled his hand into a fist, but Happy ran away.

If I barely survived today, how the heck am I going to survive 9 months?!

"It's been three months already?!" everyone yelled. Lucy was astonished.

"I wonder how big your belly would be..." Happy said, trying to imagine a pregnant Lucy.

"I'm afraid that if you do, Lucy might get mad," Pantherlily said.

"Another chapter?" Mira asked.

"Oh, fine. This better be good," Lucy said.

Thirty minutes later...

"TO BE CONTINUED?! FUCK!" Mira screeched.

"No need to yell, Mira," Levy said, "It isn't as good as some of the books I read."

"NO IT'S NOT!" Mira yelled. Eardrums nearly exploded. "It was at the part where Natsu said he would never ever love anyone but Lucy...WAA~!"

"Ugh, calm down..." Laxus said. Mira slapped him in the face as everyone stared. Then, Mira started to cry. She started to sob on Gajeel's shoulder which caused a tinge of jealousy to erupt from Levy and a tinge - no scratch that, a lot - of annoyance for Gajeel.

"Maybe, she's pregnant..." Gray said, "Mood swings..."

"That's true..." Lucy said, "I never thought of that. But if she was pregnant, who did it to her." Her face was red.

"Maybe...Laxus," Natsu said.

"It could also be Macao," Gray said, shivering.

"Or Freed," Lucy said.

"There's Bixlow," Gray said.

"There's always...Gajeel..." Lucy said, "Though I doubt he has the brains to-" Suddenly, a giant explosion came from outside. Everyone looked outside and saw smoke arising from the street.

"Wh-What was that?" Rogue asked.

"It could either be a magic bomb from the council-" Ultear said giving a dirty look to a helpless Jelly-man, "Or Erza."

"That's Erza?!" Rogue exclaimed. Natsu and Gray nodded. Lots of experience.

"NOW NATSU, YOU'RE NEXT!" Erza said. Natsu let out a yelp, called Happy and started to fly out the door and around, up and down the apartment. Poor Lucy was going to get the blame sooner or later by the landlady. She made a mental note to go and torture him too.

If he were still alive.

Total chaos was now inside the cramped place. Mira was sobbing on an annoyed Gajeel. Levy was looking at them, trying to hide her jealousy. Sting was now inside, retrieved by Rogue, Frosch, and Lector. Wendy was next to them, trying to make sure the light dragon slayer was going to live. Charle was refusing fish that Happy got from outside, though Happy didn't know why. Even though it fell from down below, it was wonderfully smoked. Lily was gagging the whole time.

Bixlow was comforting Loke, that he will get Lucy, much to Lucy's annoyance. Evergreen and Freed were with Laxus, asking more questions about the fanfiction stuff such as "So there was a story were you and Mira were doing it?" and "Loke was using a scratch post?" and the stupidest of all "Natsu and Gray are gay?".

Poor Gray was stuck in the love triangle of Lyon and Juvia. Juvia jumped everytime Gray said a word, nearly fainting at points when he mentioned her name. Lyon was also surprising her, taking her away from the crowd and touching her arm, which made him nearly faint. Gray nearly barfed at the sight of that. It was worse than that. When Gray started to talk to Lucy, Juvia would start to boil, literally, and the hot water would engulf Lucy. Gray had to take actions to save Lucy and calm down Juvia. Sometimes, his was taken care of by an uncaring Lyon. If Gray ever looked at her eye to eye for more than ten seconds, Juvia would rush into the kitchen and come out a few minutes later, to Gray's annoyance.

Natsu and Happy had the worst time. Erza would rush upstairs and then try to slash off Happy's wings. Happy flew up high enough so Erza couldn't reach them, and then they would start going downstairs. Erza would jump from the second floor and raised her sword over Happy. He veered away from the sword and started to rush upstairs.

"Natsu! I'm running out of magic!" Happy said. Natsu looked around and kicked open a door to one of the apartments.
They rushed in and locked the door. Happy dropped to the floor, panting.

"Natsu~! I'm tired!" Happy complained.

"Be quiet. What's in here?" Natsu said, looking around. Natsu sniffed the air and smelled...food. They rushed into the kitchen and saw a meal ready for one, consisting of a smoked steak, pineapples, and rice. Natsu shoved a pineapple slice in his mouth. Happy opened the fridge and started to drool.


He stuffed his mouth in it. And this lasted for about five minutes. Natsu was just finishing off the steak when the owner of the apartment walked inside, freshly washed. She screamed loudly. Erza took that as a go and trampled over the door. She walked into the kitchen and saw a angry owner and two scared mages.

"You fuckers...Getting Lucy pregnant and now this?! COME BACK HERE YOU LITTLE SHITS!" Erza yelled. Happy, who amazingly gained energy from fish, grabbed onto Natsu and started to fly out the door. Erza rushed after them. The poor owner had her uneaten lunch eaten by another and was out of fish. Her door was also ran down. She fell on the floor, fainted.

And Lucy was all in the middle of this. Lucy jumped as a poof of smoke appeared next to her.

"Virgo!" Lucy said.

"Do I have punishment because I surprised you?" Virgo asked.

"G-Go away!" Lucy yelled.


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