Blacklist Insight

A Need For Speed-Most Wanted fanfic

Chapter 1. Sonny's Swag

Full Name: Ho Seun

Nickname: Sonny

Nationality: South Korean

Place of Birth: Daejeon, South Korea

Date of Birth: May 17th, 1984

Likes: Music, cars, bikes

Dislikes: Big Lou, Taz, policemen

Car: Volkswagen Golf GTI Mk5

Blacklist number: 15

Martial status: Married with Jade Barrett, aka Jewels

Ho Seun, aka Sonny, was born in South Korea, in the city of Daejeon. He moved to Rockport when he found a job there as businessman, when he was 19.

"This job looks good for me. I'm gonna make tons of money so that I can tune my car.", said Sonny, when he first found the job request.

Sonny's auspices were true, as he made a lot of money in one year circa.

"I made a nice amount of money, now I can tune my car and dedicate my life to my biggest dream.". With those words, Sonny dismissed himself from his job, tuned his car and entered the street racing world.

When he knew about the Blacklist, he came to ask the number one of it, Toru Sato, aka Bull. He asked: "I'm Ho Seun, but you can call me Sonny. What is your name?", and Bull replied: "Hmph, my name is Toru Sato, but the others call me Bull. I am the Blacklist's number one. You're here to enter the Blacklist, huh?".


"Show me your car.", asked Bull.

And Sonny showed him his VW Golf.

Bull inspected and checked the car, and said: "Pretty nice, if you ask me. If you want to enter the Blacklist, you need to increase your popularity in the Rockport Police. If you escape at least once from the cops... You will enter.".

Sonny, then, tries to get caught by the cops and then escape from them.

He managed to do it, not without a bit of problems, but he still did it.

"Damn! That was close!".

He returned to Bull, and said to him: "I did it. Now gimme my place in the Blacklist.".

"OK, you are the Blacklist's number 15, you need to do a lot of road if you want to race against me.".

Sonny felt victorious and went to his house near the Rosewood College with his car.

The very next day, he met Jade Barrett, aka Jewels, number 8 of the Blacklist, and immediately fell in love for her. A year after being her boyfriend, Sonny asked to her: "Will... Will you marry me, Jewels?", and she said: "If you want to... I accept!", before she kissed him with her tongue.

NEXT CHAPTER: We will discover Vince Kilic's life before being what he is. He was fired from his jobs various times, and mourned about the loss of her parents due to a sadistic serial killer, and for avenging them, he became a street racer, trying to find the evil killer.