Chapter 3. Vic, Ghetto Racer

Full Name: Victor Vasquez

Nickname: Vic

Nationality: Mexican

Place of Birth: Mexico City, Mexico

Date of Birth: 9th October, 1981

Likes: Bets, street racers, gambling

Dislikes: Baron, Webster

Car: Toyota Supra

Blacklist number: 13

Martial status: Single

Victor Vasquez, aka Vic, was born in Mexico City, the capital of Mexico. He travelled to Rockport when he heard that it is a famous street racing settlement.

When he moved to Rockport, he met the Blacklist in a bar near Camden Beach.

There, he met Bull, the Blacklist's number 1.

Vic said to him: "Sup, dude.".

Bull said: "Sup. Are you new here? I'm Bull.".

"I'm Vic.".

"So, why are you doing here in Rockport?".

"I heard that Rockport is a good street racing settlement.".

"Yeah. I'm the Blacklist's number one.".

"Blacklist, eh?".

"Blacklist. It is the list of the most wanted racers of the city.".

"Sounds neat to me. I wanna enter.".

"Show me ya car.".

Vic showed to Bull his ultramarine blue souped-up Toyota Supra.

"Looks good, very good.".

"Like it?".

"OK. Just escape once from the rozzers and you will enter.".

Vic accepts Bull's challenge, and engages into a pursuit with the Rockport Police.

Vic's strong point is that he can last long in pursuits without getting arrested.

He engaged into a pursuit, making it last a whopping 20 minutes.

The police went all out against him, since they hate street racers, but it wasn't enough to arrest him.

"Why did it take so long?", Bull asked Vic.

"I made them suffer, those damned cops!", says Vic, satisfied of himself.

"Wow. You're in the Blacklist.".

NEXT CHAPTER: Discover more of Isabel Diaz, aka Izzy, the number 12 of the Blacklist. She was born in a family which goes crazy for street racing. And she, for not letting her relatives down, she became what she is, a very capable street racer.