1-Mash name
"People will probably want to give us a mash name, like 'Sharkgirl' or 'Lavaboy'. Those are stupid mash names!"
"Do you think I care?"

2-Fan girls
"We'll probably be hearing fan girls squealing about us being together. They're loud squealers."
"They'll only be squealing because we'll make such a great couple."

3- Cliché
"The "opposites attract" thing is too cliché."
"Tell me why I should care."

"Have you seen how many people on FanFiction pair you up with an OC?"
"They're stupid. I love you and only you."

5-Ups and downs
"Relationships have their ups and downs. Imagine how many ups and downs we'll have if we become a couple."
"I can't see the downs. I only see the ups."

6- Cute
"Our fans will probably be constantly saying what a cute couple we make. I'll get annoyed hearing "you guys are so cute!" all the time."
"Facts are annoying."

7- Why?
"Why do you want us to be a couple?"
"We're perfect for each other."