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"Dad, there is way too much milk in this," Scorpius noted, holding up a soggy pancake for Draco to see.

"Oh, stop complaining. When does your friend come round?" Draco muttered, flicking through channels on his TV- which his annoying son had finally managed to convince him to get.

Scorpius began tapping his spoon against his china bowl; the ringing sound put Draco on edge. "He arrives at ten."

'He'. That was a clue. Being secretive was never Draco Malfoy's son's forte, but he was surprisingly good at keeping the name of his visitor from Draco, much to his irritation.

"I know what you're thinking, and the answer's still no, Dad. I'm not telling you who he is."

Draco groaned. Internally, he cursed how Scorpius inherited his mother's nerve. "Scorpius, why on earth would you want to keep your friend's identity secret like this? He isn't a pedophile, is he?"

Rolling his stormy grey eyes, Scorpius shifted on his seat but said nothing.

"He is, isn't he?" Draco began to panic. "Did he try to seduce you? Scorpius, you're only seventeen, and didn't Astoria and I tell you not to get wrapped up in stuff like this? Oh, God, he's going to be here in thirty minutes; how could you lead yourself into danger like this, Scorpius? I am so disappointed in you for inviting a criminal round to the house. We have a bad enough reputation already. Imagine if the Prophet saw a well-known pervert entering the Manor! That would do wonders, wouldn't it? Well done, Scorpius, well done."

"Draco, darling, you're being ridiculous. You should hear yourself," said a light, female voice.

Blond hair whipped his cheeks as he turned to face the area the voice came from (years of public discrimination had made him paranoid).

"Dad, chill, it's only Mum." Scorpius crammed some pancake into his mouth so that he looked like a chipmunk, before saying with his mouth full and muffled by the food, "And I assure you, he's not a pedophile. He's just a boy in my year."

'In my year'. Another clue.

Smirking slightly, Draco wrapped his arms around his wife's slender yet curved frame, resting his head on her light, fluffy, black curls. She made a small sound. Rose petal, lavender and mint perfume washed over Draco.

"Trust me, darling, you'll love our guest," Astoria assured him, a hint of a grin in her dark eyes.

Draco froze and hesitated. Then, in one sure movement, he whipped round and set his wide eyes on his smug son. "You told your mother."

He received no reply except a sly look.

Draco hit his head on the wall, knowing fully that his wife and son were laughing silently behind him, and threw curses to whatever higher power there was for giving him his crazy family.

He loved them, though.

* Flashback *

He shouldn't have had that last Firewhisky, but it was too late for regrets now.

Warm, pale skin responded eagerly to his touch as Draco roamed it. Soft lips parted for him. Strong arms held him against a slim body. Eyes as dark as nightmares yet still glowing and smouldering were half-open but still fixed on his own.

Draco wrapped his arms around Astoria's small waist and backed her against the wall of the room. He didn't know exactly where he was, but he knew he was at a party, and he was in a bedroom with Astoria, the door locked and walls lined with Silencing charms.

Gasping and whimpering little a kitten, Astoria combed her fingers through his hair and nibbled lightly on his lower lip. Draco could feel ever inch of her very female body against his own, and it felt right in the wrongest way possible. It was such a mistake, but a deliciously beautiful, bittersweet mistake all the same.

Releasing her lips, Draco's mouth went upwards, to kiss both of her lavender eyelids as softly as the whisper of dove wings, and the down, to lick and bite a trail down her pale column of neck. He was letting his mind run away from him faster than his lips could kiss; instead of this speckled dove in his arms, he had a raven, eyes , skin and hand roughened by the past. As Draco's hands trailed down Astoria's flawless skin, he pretended to feel the puckered lumps of scars crisscrossing it. He wanted to feel what Astoria must've been feeling as she caressed his firm, torn abdomen underneath his shirt.

Together, they removed Draco fully of his shirt and jeans, and Astoria of her dress. Draco's mouth reached Astoria's collarbones, and he nibbled across them and down to the top of Astoria's lacy bra, causing her to bite her lip and whine. Her hips rolled, trying to reach Draco's erection but failing.

"Off. Off, off," Astoria breathed, reaching for the clasp of her bra. Draco sank his teeth into where her neck and shoulder met, and she moaned, her fingers fumbling on the clasp. Being so kind like that, Draco helped, and together they released her ivory mounds from their cage. Draco cupped them and lavished her nipple, biting and licking and fondling her breasts until it was pebbled, before moving on to the other one and giving it the same treatment.


Draco hummed, kissing down her stomach to her abdomen.

"Make love to me?"

It was so wrong. So wrong.

But you said yes.

* Nine Months Later *

Surrounded by white walls, white floors and people in white uniforms, Draco feels invisible, what with his blond hair, pallid skin and being clad in nothing but his white t-shirt and jeans and shoes (obviously). This, combined with the fact that his wife was a wall away, writhing in agony, was enough to drive Draco half demented. He paced the corridor, ignoring the glares of people passing him, and most importantly ignoring the screams.

It seemed to go on for years. Inside, you were cowering in fear from the shouts of your wife, trying to focus only on the taps of your shoes against the floor.

This can't be happening how is this happening this is a nightmare this isn't real this isn't happening god she's hurting she's crying let it stop this is because of me.

Suddenly, there was a silence, and a snick of the door opening. When Draco spun around, he saw a small witch with brown hair in a bun smiling at him.

"Is she okay? What happened?" Draco asked.

Her smile grew. "She gave birth to a healthy baby boy. You may see her now."

She was pregnant. She was pregnant with his child. He was a dad. A dad.

He couldn't believe it. He was gay. But he was a dad.

He rushed into the room.

On the bed, her black hair stuck to her face with sweat and a fond smile on her face was his wife. He followed her eyes, which were welling up with tears, down to her lap, where a small bundle of blankets lay. Confused, Draco edged closer.

Once he reached the bedside, the blankets moved, and when he saw a pair of blue eyes meet his own he realised.

It wasn't a bundle of blankets.

It was a baby, or, to be more precise:

His son.

"The eyes," Draco muttered.

Astoria looked up at him. "Pardon?"

"They're blue. Where did he get them?"

Astoria laughed and said, "All white babies are born with blue eyes. They change. Regardless, I think he looks just like you, don't you agree, love?"

Laughter filled his ears, and he could see those innocent eyes again and again in his mind, as if imprinted behind own eyes so he couldn't see anything else.

It was a mistake, how he was conceived, but a beautiful, bittersweet mistake all the same.

* Reality *

Draco's parents had died soon after, killed by Aurors, and with the new (unneeded) money in their will, Draco moved back into Malfoy Manor with his wife and newborn son.

The doorbell rang.

"He's early!" Scorpius cried, fingers raking through his blond hair as he hurried to the door.

When Scorpius pulled it open, Draco almost fainted at the sight of Scorpius's visitor.

He was like a Potter spawn, the unruly-haired youth hesitating by the threshold was. His skin was the same tone, his main facial features the same, his eyes the exact shade of emerald green and just as sharp. However, he smiled wider when he saw Scorpius than Potter could ever smile, and it emphasised the differences: freckles rampaged over his skin, and Draco couldn't see how little creases formed beside his eyes when he smiled as well as he could on... Potter, due to the absence of glasses.

However hard he tried, Draco couldn't prevent his eyes from seeking out the man behind the boy. Literally.

Harry Potter was stood there at his doorstep once more, just like before he left. He looked older, but his spiky hair was no less black, his eyes no less green, his build no less willowy, his scar no less prominent on his forehead, which was only slightly streaked with frown lines. Potter readjusted his glasses and stared at Draco like Draco was staring at him.

"Albus!" Scorpius cried, beaming. "Come on, we don't bite."

The boy - Albus - grinned. "We'll see about that." He rushed into the house and swept Scorpius into...

...a kiss.

Draco stared at Potter, and he appeared just as astonished as Draco felt. However, Astoria simply gave them a fond look before sweeping into the kitchen.

"Scorpius, you run along and have fun with your boyfriend. I'll call you both down when your lunch is ready. No funny business," Astoria warned.

Scorpius gave her a salute, before dragging the Potter spawn - Albus, his name is Albus - up to his room to do Merlin knows what. That boy had some nerve.

"Now, I think we have a lot of catching up to do. Would you like to stay for some tea?" Astoria poked her head past the kitchen door and smiled at Harry.

"Yes, please."

Astoria nodded, shut the door and began making the tea, allowing Draco to talk to Potter.

"Potter- Harry," Draco whispered.

Harry flinched.

"I never forgot about you. Never. Not for a second."

"Don't do this to me, Malfoy. Draco. Don't make me..."

Silently, Draco's hand brushed Harry's, urging him to carry on.

Harry sucked in a breath and whispered so softly it may have been the wind outside, "Don't make me love you again."

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