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It was a bright, sunny day in Gakuen Alice. Everything seems so perfect and happy. Today was the day after the ESP disappeared. Information shows he is working together and co-operated with the AAO to anguish all the Alice Rebels at once : to gather more forces, and attack them once for all. But for now, everyone could rest at ease.


The alarm clock rang as I slammed the snooze button. It was such a good day to be wasted in class, it should be used to sleep. After all, we were all still exhausted from the last battle a week ago they had with the ESP.

BAKA BAKA BAKA! "Mou, Hotaru! That hurts!" I pouted while rubbing my head. "Get up, baka." My violet-eyed best friend said. We were very different, but I still love Hotaru! "I'm leaving. Bye." Hotaru suddenly said while I snapped out of my thoughts. "Mou, Hotaruu" I said as the door slammed in front of my face, leaving me 15 minutes to get ready for class.

I took a quick shower, slipped in the uniform, and tied my hair to a side ponytail. After all, I am 14 now, although, I might act like a 10-year-old sometimes. I took my red back pack and ran straight to class.

As I was running I bumped into someone. "GOMENASAI!" I shouted. I looked up to see red, crimson orbs staring into my hazel ones as a familiar voice said, "Polka."


There she was. As clumsy as ever, and running late for class. She was the only person who have brought light to my world of darkness. She was the only one I opened up to, aside from Ruka of course. My thoughts were disturbed as she started stomping her feet shouting, "NATSUME NO BAKAA!"


That idiot's shout was heard all through the hall. I took out my Panda Earmuffs to prevent myself from having an ear damage. I bet that Natsume was being a pervert again, as usual. If only that jerk wasn't my best friend's friend, I would've blasted him off to space. A few minutes after that, the bell rang. Just in time, as the two idiots entered the classroom. Mikan, panting ; Natsume just quietly walking in.


"GOMENASAI Narumi-Sensei!" Mikan said, as she bowed in front of her favorite blonde teacher. "It's okay, Mikan-chan ," Narumi-sensei said as he smiled. After that, Mikan headed to her seat next to Natsume, who was already sitting there with his manga. "OHAYO MINNA-SAN!" our cheerful brunette greeted the class. "Ohayo Mikan-chan/Sakura-san/Mikan," the others answered.

A few moments after, the speaker went : "MIKAN SAKURA, PLEASE REPORT TO THE PRINCIPAL'S OFFICE IMMEDIATELY." (Author's Note : The principal, currently and temporarily is Mikan's uncle.) So, the pig-tailed girl jumped off her seat and walked out, saying, "Please excuse me for a moment, Narumi-sensei." Narumi-sensei nodded, knowing what this was all about.

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