AN: This shifts point of view each chapter.

Disclaimer: I do not, as unfortunate as it is, own the amazing movie from the 90's (best decade ever), Empire Records or any of the eccentric characters.


Corey held the thin plastic stick in her shaking hands. She rested her head on the edge of the bathtub, tears threatening to flow down her cheeks at any minute. Corey let them. She glanced at the white plastic one more time she studied the pink plus sign on the end of the white stick. Positive. It means positive. Could it be a false positive? No, it's been too long.

Corey carefully placed the white stick in the box again. The box so pink and colorful and cheerful, most people are happy about this. Corey wasn't. She was supposed to go to Harvard and graduate and live happily ever after with AJ. A baby would ruin this.

"No, no, no, no," Corey whispered as she brushed some of her long brown hair behind her ear. She looked in the mirror and put one hand on her abdomen. There is a thing in there, she reminded herself. Corey blinked away a few stray tears and sniffled a few times. It's only been two months since they saved Empire Records, the biggest challenge Corey and her friends had faced, until a whole new slew of problems emerged. What do I tell AJ? Corey thought silently.

Corey finally dragged her eyes from her slightly less distraught reflection to focus on her watch. It was 11:37, only twenty-three minutes to make herself presentable. Corey numbly went through the motions of pulling on a lime green skirt with horizontal black stripes, a plain gray belly shirt, and thick black boots. She brushed her brown hair, letting it hang loose. By now she only had ten minutes to get to work and her eyes were no longer tinged pink.

Gina was working a slightly different shift so Corey had to walk to work alone. AJ would be there, Corey thought, and he'll greet me with a kiss and Gina with open a box of M&M's and life will go on normally.

A few minutes later, Corey entered Empire Records through the back door, head down staring at her feet. She punched in, trying to loosen her stiff motions and make everything seem less surreal.

"Corey, I need you to restock the shelves today," Joe said, exiting his office. He gave her a once over. "Are you okay?"

"Yeah, yeah, Joe, I'm fine," Corey replied half-heartedly, attempting at a fake smile.

"Are you sure?"

No, I'm a knocked-up pre-Harvard student, Corey thought. "Yeah, really, Joe. I promise."

Joe nodded uncertainly.

Corey progressed to restocking the shelves, she was placing a Nirvana album on the shelf when hands wrapped around her waist.

"Hey, beautiful," AJ murmured, his breath tickling her ear. "How's it going?"

"Much better," Corey replied and she kissed him in an effort to escape those big puppy dog eyes and soft smile. Corey pulled away, "Someone needs to go wake Berko up, ya know."

"Well that's better than listening to Marc try to sing," AJ said, looking at their weird and most likely stoned friend. His arms slipped from around Corey's waist and he kissed her ear, "I'll be back."