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Deb parked her yellow Vespa behind Gina's house and pulled her helmet off her head which had hair thatwas rapidly returning, banishing the "Neo-Nazi-boot-camp" haircut, as Gina referred to it. Deb straightened her plain black tank top and blue jeans. Deb still wasn't sure what her relationship with Gina was, she was reluctant to refer to her as a girlfriend, but Gina was sure as Hell more than just a friend. Like AJ had been before he pronounced his love for Corey.

Deb pulled out of her thoughts and knocked on the back door twice, Gina's mother was rarely home, usually at a bar by noon, only to come home with a different man late that evening. It was already one o'clock so Gina was already off work and Deb had a few hours before her shift started.

Gina opened the door with a smile on her face. Deb leaned in and kissed her before even crossing the threshold; it had been a particularly bad day. "Well, hello," Gina murmured, voice breathy.

"Hi," Deb responded, meeting Gina's eyes. Deb pushed her way inside, closing the door behind her.

Deb knotted her hand in Gina's hair, bringing the soft mouth towards her own and kissing her hard. Gina's lips parted invitingly and Gina pushed Deb against the wall, her hands sliding into Deb's back pockets as she leaned farther into the kiss.

They parted for a second, breathing the air laced with each other's scent. Gina's perfume mingle with the smell of cigarettes coming from Deb. Deb still didn't understand why she was so fucking attracted to the person she used to snipe at on a daily basis, she remembered bitching and moaning to Berko about how peppy Gina was. It was confusing, but in moments like these, Deb didn't care.

Gina slid her hands out from Deb's back pockets and up her tank top, to the delicate skin on her ribcage. Deb was breathing heavily, her breath warm against the other girl's cheek. Gina sighed and Deb wrapped her hands around the back of her neck again, about to resume making out.

Someone knocked on the front door and Deb jumped guiltily. The person knocked again.

"Gina, I know you're home! It's Corey; I need someone to talk to!" Corey hollered outside. She must have left work early for some reason.

Damn, Deb thought. She pulled away from Gina quickly and bolted out the back door without a word. She waited until she heard Corey enter the house before she walked her Vespa to the street and headed for the record store. Nobody could tell she was crying at this speed.

By the time she reached Empire her fear and frustration had easily turned into anger; an emotion she was more familiar with.

I can't fucking be falling for Gina, Deb thought to herself. It was supposed to be me and Berko! Me and Berko! I used to love him! Not Gina, dammit!

Deb flicked the kick stand down on her Vespa with more force than necessary. The smiling Devil AJ had painted next to the back entrance seemed to be taunting her, its wide smirk knowing. She kicked the wall, the throbbing through her toes instantly made her regret it. Deb through the door to Empire open and strode inside, slamming her white helmet into the cubbie marker "Debra".

"Hey, Deb, what's up?" Berko asked, dropping over the back of the old couch, guitar in hand.

Just seeing the blossoming rock star sent a pang of guilt and shame through Deb. "Just the usual shit I have to deal with. How's the band?"

"We're so close to getting a record deal, I can feel it. You know, one of our songs is about you," Berko's voice was flirty and he flashed a perfect smile at Deb.

"I can guarantee that one won't get you anywhere," Deb replied, voice hard as she punched in her count out card. Deb through her employee ID around her neck and picked up a box of freshly delivered CDs. "I need to head to the register, Corey left early."

With that she left the room, fighting back the heat building behind her eyes.

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