Liana Harris walked through the hallway, pulling her blonde hair into a ponytail.

"Gotta find the damn locker room."

She walked a little further before seeing a group of women clustered around a little girl.

"Look at her! She's so weak and small."

Liana growled and pushed through them, crouching. She could see the fear in the girl's eyes

"Hey sweetheart. You okay?"

"I want my mommy."

"What's your name, honey?"


"Hi Ember. I'm Liana. I'll take you to your mommy, okay?"


She stood up and grabbed the girl's hand, glaring at the Divas.


"Or what?", a muscled blonde snapped.

Liana's fist shot out, catching her in the nose and breaking it.

"Or that. Come on honey."


She turned to see a redhead walking toward them, and Liana pushed the girl behind her slightly.

"I found her being hassled by the Divas. You are?"

"Jezebel Jacobs, her aunt. I'm Kane and Undertaker's little sister."

"I'm Liana. New Diva."

"Nice. Emmy come here. You okay?"

Ember nodded and hugged her aunt.

"She punched Beth and broke her nose!"

Jez grinned.


"Yeah I hate bullies. Especially those kind. Picking on a little girl is kind of pathetic."

Ember looked up at her.

"Fank you Auntie LiLi."

"You are welcome, angel."

Rage Against the Machine's How I Could Just Kill A Man blared through the arena.

"Making her way to the ring, from Las Vegas, Nevada, Pyro!"

Liana grinned and slid through the ropes, smiling at all the fans.

"Now I know I'm new here, but even I know you don't mess with a little kid."

The backstage footage rolled before Beth Phoenix's music began to play, the blonde angrily walking down the ramp.

"What do you care about some freak's demon seed? You're the new Diva, and it's time the freaks of this place got what they deserve!"

Liana started to talk, but the sound of Korn's Get Up interrupted her as a black-haired woman bolted down the ramp, taking out Beth.

System of a Down's Psycho played as the redhead from before joined her, making it a two-on-one fight.

Liana ducked through the ropes and helped the girls, throwing punches to Beth's stomach before pulling the first girl away.

"Take it easy, Killer."

"That's my kid she messed with, Newbie. My baby girl. And I don't take it lightly."

"I know but back off a moment, alright?"

The woman backed off and pulled Jez away, looking at Liana, who crouched and grabbed a discarded mic.

"That was a taste of the pain you'll feel if you mess with that kid again, Phoenix. You wanna play with fire? I'll bring the gas and light up your ass. Don't mess with Pyro."