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Title: Not so Secret Admirer
Rating: PG
Pairing: None.
Spoilers: None.
Warnings: None.

I can't believe I forgot to upload this. -_- I wrote this awhile ago.

Jaden had his fair share of fan girls. Alexis tended to ignore them, that's all they were fan girls. But there was one who grated on her nerves.

Blair Flannigan.

She was always hanging all over Jaden. She linked her arms with the duelist, "Let's Duel Jaden!" Blair tugged on his arm. "If I win, you get me ice-cream."

Jaden laughed, rubbing the back of his head with his free arm. "Actually, Alexis and I were gunna grab some lunch." On cue, Jaden's stomach rumbled.

"Great! I'd love something to eat." Blair giggled, lightly poking Jaden's arm.

Alexis' eye twitched.

Jaden freed his arm from her grasp."Well, come on then." He patted her on the head then turned to Alexis. "Ready Lex? I'm starving!" He gave her a warm smile.

Alexis smiled at Jaden before standing at his side once more. "Yeah, lets go." She grinned at both of them, "I'll race you guys there!" Alexis took off laughing.

"Hey! Not fair!" Jaden followed suit.

Blair pouted. "Jaden! Wait up!"

Alexis didn't hate Blair, she was just a child who happened to have a crush on the same person as her. Jaden was completely obvious to both…

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