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Selina smiled as she tilted her head, admiring her reflection in the mirror. Her dark eyes reflected back intelligence, and as she gently adjusted her hat, she began to strut slightly. Turning, she reached for her handbag, and then her case.

It was time to leave.

As she began to exit the shabby hotel room, she swallowed. She knew that what she'd done would cause pain, and ultimately, death. But she couldn't concern herself with that. Her main - her only - priority was exiting the city, away from the man who held the capacity to destroy her.

She closed the door, and began to walk briskly to the elevator. As she punched in the buttons, she bit her lip.

Blake. She'd purposefully tried to avoid him after her encounter with Arthur the previous night. She'd felt it was too easy - lure him to the warehouse, promise him that she would assist him in finding his team- only to drug him and take him to Bane. She shook her head. He was weak. He'd let her take him in.

Trusting fool.

She shrugged, feeling a slight jump of relief as the elevator reached the lobby. Straightening herself, mentally admiring how the crisp black tailored suit accentuated her figure, she pressed the button to open the doors. As they slid open, she began to walk to the reception desk, smiling at the young woman behind it.

"My key," she said, authoratively. "Room 234."

The woman nodded, barely glancing at her. "Thank you."

Clutching her case tightly, Selina made her way to the street, hoping to flag down a cab. As she positioned herself on the pavement, she turned her head.

She blinked in shock. A figure was approaching her, one who she recognised. Anxiously, she looked again, only to see a cab passing by. She raised her hand, hoping to catch the driver's eye.

It worked. The cab swung expertly into the side of the road, and she climbed in, prepared to sacrifice her dignity for a quick exit. She slammed the door, and leaned forward.

"Where do you want to go?" the driver called.

Selina opened her mouth - then became aware of the man sitting beside her. She turned her head, narrowing her eyes.

Bruce Wayne smiled, his handsome features almost softening as he looked at her. "Police station. Please."

Arthur swallowed. His throat felt dry, and he rubbed at his face, uncomfortably. Suddenly, the door swung open.

"Hey." A man clad in non-descript clothes, his face covered by a mask, gazed at him. "You're coming with me."

"What about Fischer?" Arthur demanded.

"He stays here."

Blake looked up from his desk as a junior officer approached him. "John?"


"There's a couple in reception. Say they'll only talk to you." She shrugged, and rubbed her eye. "I'm not going to ask."

Frowning, Blake got up. As he hurried downstairs, he realised his heart was beginning to pound. The front desk sergeant looked up as he approached.

"Over there." He jerked his thumb. Blake turned his head, and smiled. Bruce was clutching Selina's hand - an indication that she was not going to leaving.

Blake approached them. "Well," he said, politely and formally. "How may I help you?"

Bruce raised an eyebrow. "I believe the lady wishes to speak with you."

John nodded, noting how Selina glared at him, haughtily. "Of course. Come this way."

Arthur felt himself being pushed down the corridor. Resenting the prodding in his back, he decided to keep his mouth closed. Antagonism, he felt, would serve no purpose.

Finally, they reached a door. "Open it."

Arthur put his hand on it, and pushed it open. As he entered, he noticed a figure in the room. "Ari!"

Letting the door close, they fell into each other's arms. The Architect, he noticed with a sharp pang, was virtually sobbing.

"Ari," he soothed. "Its ok. It'll be ok."

She pulled away slightly. "I don't know." Her voice cracked slightly. "Who is this guy?"

Arthur bit his lip. "Someone we're going to have to work for, if we want to get out of here alive."

Blake faced Selina. Bruce was waiting outside.

"I just have one question."

She nodded, tilting her head. "Go ahead."

"Will he kill them?"

Selina swallowed, her throat muscles visibly contracting.

"I'm not sure."

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