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Arthur shuddered. The feeling of Ariadne in his arms was one that he usually treasured. Normally, holding her was something he wished he could have all the time.

But, with her sobbing in his arms, and the feeling of intense fear that was pervading her, he swallowed. Their predicament, he knew, was becoming graver every minute. They were at the mercy of someone who was clearly amoral - and insane.

He rubbed her back, an attempt at soothing her. "We will get out of here," he whispered. "You, me, and Dom."


He frowned. The billionaire's fate was not one he wanted to think of. He knew that it was Fischer's greed and naivety that had led them into this situation. Fischer, who desperately wanted to prove that he could be more than his father ever thought.

And who was responsible for that? He swallowed, feeling a cold knot form in the pit of his stomach. He and the team - under the order of a millionaire, had manipulated Fischer's mind, to the point where he'd turned to a man who would easily kill them.

"We'll have to help him." Suddenly, the door banged open, and Arthur turned. Bane stood in the doorway, his imposing bulk reminding Arthur of a silverback gorilla.

"Very touching." There was an edge of malice to the man's voice, and Arthur narrowed his eyes. "Giving reassurance, when you have none to give. You clearly take this seriously."

Arthur shook his head. "Let her go."

"After you complete what I ask." Bane looked at Arthur, directly. "After you have performed the extraction. Then I'll let you go. Let her go. Let you all go."

Arthur gritted his teeth. A flush of fury was moving inside of him. He began to get up. "Let her go. Or I will not participate in this."

Bane looked at him, his eyes implacable. "You do not seem to realise the seriousness of your predicament. Let me show you."

He began to walk forward, towards Ariadne. Arthur turned, his eyes widening in shock. The other man had grabbed the Architect's arm, and was pulling her to her feet.

"I will never hurt you directly, Arthur." His voice was devoid of emotion, the words delivered in that chillingly precise, clipped cadence. "Even though I could snap your back, and your legs, like twigs." His eyes raked over the Point Man's slender frame, nodding. "You would be incapacitated, but you would still have hope. The hope that you would be loved. Loved by the woman you're with."

Arthur swallowed, tying to control his emotions. Ariadne's face was white, and he could see the terror in her eyes. Bane's fingers tightened, menacingly, over her upper arm.

"But what if there was no woman to love you?" He looked at Ariadne, and began to run his other hand down her arm. The Point Man swallowed, rage beginning to form. "What if she...was lying unable to walk, or even dead, because the man she loved would not do one simple act?"

He began to walk out of the room. To Arthur's shock, he was taking Ariadne with him. As they reached the door, Bane turned.

"Hope, Arthur. Hope is what you need, right now. Hope that she is still alive. That's what will make you do this. Nothing more."

Arthur looked after the terrorist as he began to walk Ariadne to the door. Tightening his lips, the Point Man walked after them. "Leave her alone, you-"

He stopped. Bane simply extended his arm, put his hand on the Point Man's face, and pushed. Arthur felt himself fall backwards, crashing into the wall.

"If you want more, continue," Bane reiterated. "But, if you want to survive - and want her to survive - you'll do as I say."

Arthur, slumped on the floor, choked as he began to get up. Ariadne was out the door, almost carried by Bane.

"So you don't know if he'll kill them?" Blake leaned forward, his eyes narrowed. "Selina, you must know."

She shook her head. "I don't." It came out as a whisper. "All I know is that he wants to pull off a heist. He needs them."

"But if he kills them, you're party to murder," Blake reasoned. He looked at her, directly. "You gave him the PASIV - which is what he needs to do this."

"I didn't know that."


"Yes," she whispered.

Blake shook his head. "I hope for your sake, you're right."

Arthur blinked as he was thrown back into the room. Two of Bane's goons had come, and escorted him back. He swallowed. His back was sore, the muscles tense from where he'd landed. He fell onto the pile of blankets that had been provided.

Fischer's voice startled him. "Arthur? Are you allright?"

The Point Man looked at the Billionaire, a feeling of loathing starting to pervade him. "He's got Ariadne." His voice was raw with emotion. "If he kills her-" he looked at Fischer.

"Yes, Arthur?"

"I will kill you."

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