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Anna's Room

Hannah Marie, now the ripe age of seventeen, goes by Anna, and has since her thirteenth birthday to the dismay of her parents who spent much time choosing both of her names. Anna had just returned home from her first day of the 11th grade and was, in all fairness, miserable. Anna missed the days when it was okay to run around her parent's house in a fairy princess costume with a sparkly wand, always making sure her trusty flashlight was with her. She kicked off her black flats and tugged on the toes of her black and white striped tights. Anna flopped onto her bed, her black tulle skirt rustling as she did so.

Anna pulled out a book form under her mattress, the pages were well-worn as Anna had read the book many time. She stretched out on her stomach, opening the cover of Bram Stoker's 'Dracula'. Reading Dracula always made Hannah Marie, as she was back then, ponder the Fright Side, and most of the time, wish she hadn't left. Maybe if she stayed she wouldn't need to deal with the teenage complexities of the world, school (especially math), the popular kids, and her parents. She missed her friends from that world, Orson, Bug-A-Boo, and Skully. And of course, her own Scary Godmother in her crazy green and purple leggings with her matching hat whose shape seems to defy gravity.

But the bottom line was, Hannah Marie had grown up and become Anna, and she knew that no one from the Fright Side would come and get her. Besides, her magical key had been stolen in the night by someone whose identity was but an intriguing and terrifying mystery.


Back in Fright Side: Scary Godmother's house

"Skully!" Scary Godmother shouted at the top of her lungs. Where could her Broommate have gone? In these times, magic was scarce and being out in the world was dangerous. "Skully, where have you gone, you old bag of bones?!" Scary Godmother, her real name being Matilda, was beginning to get worried which was turning into anger.

Suddenly the door snapped open with a quick bang and bounced off the wall, closing itself. Skully stood in the doorway panting, why a skeleton with no lungs would be panting was lost on Scary Godmother, but she didn't care. "Where were you?!"

"I was scouting out the Pumpkin Patch for Watchmen, as I always do at this time," Skully said, annoyed.

Watchmen, thought Matilda. Watchmen make up the Fright Side's Magic Entrapment and Research Facility (MERF for short). Another new development by Thirteen, the dictator that now controls everything and everyone in Fright Side, Thirteen is living proof of why only a few humans are allowed to enter Fright Side. And the ones that do enter are sweet and innocent, like Hannah Marie.

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Anna's Room

Anna snapped her book shut, she couldn't focus on the words while she reminisced in memories of the Fright Side. Both Anna and Hannah Marie fit in there, maybe Anna fit in there even better. Most people judge her because of her clothes, which mainly consist of black and white, the only colors Anna wears is purple and red, and all the girls at her school cringe at the many piercings in her ears. Her light brown hair has black streaks through it; the bangs are cut in a diagonal slash while the rest of her hair falls down her back in choppy layers.

Anna only knew one person her age who would not judge her, he himself had dark blue hair and a set of fangs last time she saw him, his name is Orson. When she was younger, Hannah Marie had imagined a wedding for them, but then it had been a mix of black and pink, of Fright Side and her world, it had been stupid. She wasn't even going to see him ever again.

Anna sighed and rolled off her bed, black and white stocking feet landing silently on the black plush carpet. She reached her arms over head, stretching, and yawned. Why is school so tiring? She was just about to cross the room when a large purple hand with five claws grabbed her ankle. Anna screamed.

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Fright Side: Meeting of the Broommates

"The Watchmen have strayed into the Pumpkin Patch," reported Skully, he points to a space on a map that resembles a field of empty marbles. "This is as far as the Watchmen have gone into the Outer-Reaches of Fright Side. The OR isn't going to be safe for much longer. We won't be safe for much longer."

"They will detect us faster if we use magic," Ruby reminded everyone, her accent thick. Orson sat quietly next to his mother, these meetings hadn't been the same since his father had been overthrown and captured.

"I'll stop using my broom," agreed Matilda sadly. Boozle floated to Scary Godmother dejectedly and rubbed his head against her leg. Matilda stroked the cat's head.

"We need to get Hannah Marie back here," Orson said fiercely, the Fright Side thrown was rightfully his, as his eighteenth year had begun not more than a month ago. "She can help fight without magic, she knows how a human mind works, and she will be undetected.

"Do you know how much magic it will take to get her back here, Orson?" snapped Skully. "We need her help, that is true, she is trustworthy and human, but we will be obliterated when the Watchmen see magic of the magnitude being worked. Stop acting like a lovesick child and grow up." Skully finished and Orson's pale face turned red as his pupils.


Anna's Room

Anna's mouth opened in a piercing scream and for once, she was not happy her mother and father work late every day.

"Hannah Marie! It's me!" cried the voice that belonged to the clawed hand. A head with many eyes and toothy grin appeared from under the black bedspread. "It's me, Hannah! Bug-A-Boo. Don't you remember me?"

Anna's scream died down to a laugh her friend climbed out from under the bed. But no one had called her 'Hannah Marie' in four years, unless her parents were angry. "Of course, Bug-A-Boo! I was just thinking about the Fright Side."

The purple monster Hannah Marie once found frightening now made Anna smile, like a child's plush toy. He pulled himself to his feet, capturing the willowy seventeen year-old in a crushing hug. When Bug-A-Boo's fur began suffocating the poor girl she pulled away. He gave Anna a once over, taking in her black-and-white-striped tights, layered tulle miniskirt, and form-fitting black tee-shirt with a sparkly red skull on it.

"Well you have certainly changed a bit, Hannah," Bug-A-Boo said. "You look more like a certain Scary Godmother I know."

Anna smiled at Bug-A-Boo. It was so good to see him. At least this was a bit of the Fright Side in her world, something to hold onto. "Yeah, this is what I grew into Bug-A-Boo, and no one calls me Hannah Marie anymore."

"What do they call you then?"

"Anna. So how's the Fright Side? And Scary Godmother? And Skully? Does Harry still eat everything? Is Orson king yet?"

"Anna, you might want to sit down," Bug-A-Boo softly patted the bed. And then he told her, the story of Thirteen, the Watchmen, and MERF.