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Anna sat on her bed with Bug-A-Boo, stunned into speechlessness. "No more magic?"

"The strongest of us, Scary Godmothers, Scary Godfathers, Interworld Haunters, they still have weak magic. But there aren't many of them anymore, the last Intereworld Haunters, they're just ghosts, have immigrated over here permanently. There's only three I captured Scary Godmothers and Godfathers. Thirteen has been trying his hardest to capture them, but the Fright Side is pretty big. The only safe place is the Outer Reaches. We need your help, Hannah, or Anna, or whoever you are now," Bug-A-Boo said sadly, shaking his monstrous head. All of his eyes were defeated. "We were just waiting and waiting for you and you never came. Orson misses you, even more since his dad was captured. Where have you been?"

"My key was stolen. I woke up one morning and it just wasn't there. I looked everywhere! Tore the house apart, looked under every piece of furniture, in every pants pocket. It never left my sight until that morning!" Anna sobbed. She desperately wished to see the smiling metal skull again.

"I wonder...No. No. You can go back to the Side. I have a ghost friend, they can open the seam one more time. Are you willing?" Bug-A-Boo asked, all business.

"Of course. Let me pack a few things," Anna agreed. She bounced off her bed and grabbed a skull shaped bag. She filled it with clothes and looked at Bug-A-Boo with a grim, ready face.

"I don't know when or if you will be able to get back," Bug-A-Boo informed her.

"It's okay, we'll figure this out." And with those words, they left the house and disappeared into the very same graveyard Hannah Marie had checked for monsters on that Halloween night. The monster and the girl stood before a particularly intricate crypt.

"Grayson!" Bug-A-Boo hissed into empty air. "Grayson!" He waited a minute, annoyed. "Grayson!" Nothing happened. "Emmalina!"

A little girl, about five, appeared from nothing. Her image wavered and shook a little before stabilizing. She looked Victorian, a pretty pale pink dress floated around her, her auburn curls were pulled back with a white ribbon tied into a bow on top of her head. Her cheeks were round and sweet, but devoid of a life-like glow. She looked at Bug-A-Boo and smiled. "Bug-A-Boo! How're you?" She noticed Anna and smiled again. "I know you! I've seen you sit by those headstones and draw. You're very good."

"Hello Emmalina, I'm very well. Can you go get your father for me?"

She nodded eagerly and skipped off until she disappeared.

Anna looked at the monster in alarm, "Who is she?"

"Emmalina Hattie Cartwright, died November Ninth, 1863, age six. Her father is an Interworld Haunter and she travels with him. It's very sad actually, that she died so young."

"So 'Interworld Haunters' were actually alive?" Anna asked in surprise. She noticed her monstrous friend had sobered up quiet a bit.

"Of course. Not all of us originated in the Side. It doesn't work like that, and I can't explain it right now." Emmalina was starting to reappear again, towing her father along with her by the hand.

"Grayson! Thank goodness. I was beginning to think you wouldn't show."

"I would never even think of it. I was just over yonder, by that headstone. Are you prepared?" The ghost, Grayson, asked. He was in his forties when he died, Anna guessed. Also dressed in a Victorian manner. He put his translucent hands to the crypt door, murmured some words, and pushed. He became even paler as the door slid open, revealing a swirling purple and blue void. "The best of luck my friend." He bowed his head, took Emmalina's small hand and faded away.

"Here we go!" Bug-A-Boo wrapped one furry arm around Anna's shoulders and jumped into the tumbled through the strange mist and landed with an 'umph' and the Scary Godmother's door step.

"I can't believe it!" Anna gasped. "I'm back in the Side! Oh, thank you Bug-A-Boo!"

"What was that?" Someone whispered from inside.

"Has anyone seen Bug-A-Boo today?"

"No. He was suppose to be watching the Crumbling Crypts in the OR."

A shadow flickered behind a gap in the boarded up windows.

"Good grief. They are no good at being quiet, it's a wonder we haven't been caught." Bug-A-Boo rapped on the door. KNOCK-knockknock-KNOCK-kn-knockknock. It must have been a secret knock. The house itself seemed to breathe a sigh of relief when Skully opened the door and saw Bug-A-Boo.

His eye sockets seemed to widen when his eyes layer on Anna. "Hannah...Marie...?"

"The one and only," she said.

"Hannah?" She heard her Scary Godmother say from inside. Suddenly a familiar face popped into the door frame. "It is you! Oh I'm so glad to see you, but come in quickly!" Bug-A-Boo and Hannah Marie were yanked into the house by firm hands. Orson, Ruby, Skully, Boozle, and Scary Godmother were gathered in what looked like a shell of her old living room.

"Bug-A-Boo, what were you thinking, bringing her here? They'll find us for sure now!"

A knock sounded on the door again, except it didn't follow the KNOCK-knockkncok-KNOCK-kn-knockknock pattern. "By order of Thirteen, we are here to arrest everyone inside for use of Forbidden Magic, Mutiny, and Herecy. All counts are punishable by public execution! If you come out of this dwelling willingly, we may allow leniency!"

"Brooms everyone!" Scary Godmother shouted shrilly. The door was starting to buckle as it was pounded upon. "Orson and Hannah Marie, grab that broom. Ruby and Skully, take Boozle on yours. Bug-A-Boo, with me." Everyone scrambled for the broom closet, taking all four brooms. "Meet me in the Creepy Catacombs." When Hannah Marie was situated on the broom with Orson, they took off up the chimney, the first ones out. They heard the door shatter behind them. ThoughHannah Marie wanted to, they couldn't turn back to see who made it out after them.

"Hang on tight!" Orson shouted over the wind. Anna wrapped her arms around Orson's waist tightly. She heard Bug-A-Boo shout behind her and couldn't tell if the cry came from the ground or the air. She tried to hold her nervousness in check. She caught sight of a huge bat out of the corner of her eye with two military-like men on its back. The bat screeched so loud Anna feared her ear drums might burst.

"Time to take a detour!" Yelled the young vampire and their broom took a nose dive. Anna screamed at the top of her lungs.

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