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Seventeen-year-old Raven sighed and glanced at Dick Grayson out of the corner of her eyes. She had liked him since freshman year, and now they were juniors. Today would be the day she finally confessed her feelings for him. She planned to catch him after class and tell him, maybe ask him to hang out a bit to get to know each other better. The bell rang, snapping Raven out of her daydream. She quickly collected her stuff and headed for the door. She reached there the same time as Dick and flashed him a shy smile. "Um, Dick," She began softly. "I really like you." She mumbled, ducking her head.

"You… do?" He questioned hesitantly. Raven nodded slowly. "Um. This is awkward. I already have a girlfriend. She goes to the only other school in our district." He explained carefully.

"Oh. I- I'm sorry if I was a bother." Raven said, bravely lifting her head, refusing to let any passer-by see how much it affected her. In the background, a boy with glasses watched sympathetically. He decided to make it his mission to get Raven to smile at least once before school was over. Dick and Raven went their separate ways, Raven taking one last look over her shoulder before bowing her head.

In the next class, she was relieved that this was one of her classes without Dick. She still felt embarrassed. She felt a slight impact on the back of her head, but decided to ignore it. When it came again, she whirled around and glared at the occupant of the desk behind her. The boy, with chestnut brown hair and dark green eyes, smiled and waved happily. He had a pair of thick lensed glasses and it was apparent he had braces whenever he smiled. Raven groaned and dropped her head onto her own desk. It was Geeky-Gar, and they had almost every class together. The one class they didn't share he was taking Calculus, but she had a study hall during that period. She huffed and turned back around. Gar threw another wad of paper.

"You're supposed to read it." He pointed out, leaning forward. Sighing through her nose, she unwrinkled the paper and decrypted his hand writing. 'HI' Raven glanced over her shoulder and shoved the paper into his hands.

"This is what you wanted to say?" She asked in a hushed whisper. Gar bobbled his head eagerly, beaming as if he had just won a Grammy. Raven rolled her eyes and looked back at the front of the room. Maybe, if she ignored him long enough, he'd leave her alone. None too soon, in Raven's opinion, the bell rang. She sighed in relief and moved quickly towards the door.

"Hey, Rae, wait up!" An almost unfamiliar voice called after her. She'd heard it a couple times before, but never directly in conversation.

"My name is Raven." She reminded Gar as he managed to catch her. "There is a second syllable."

"Right," Gar agreed. "So, do you wanna eat lunch with me today?" He asked eagerly, using big soulful eyes on her. Raven uncomfortably looked away.

"No thank you." She said, trying to be polite. Gar appeared to be unaffected by her refusal.

"That's alright," he told her, chipper attitude still intact. "I can ask you again after class in case you change your mind." He decided optimistically. Raven rolled her eyes and walked through the doors, crossed the classroom, and sat at her desk.

'Wait for it…' she internally told herself.

"Heya, Rae-a!" Gar sang, taking his spot behind her. She brushed the greeting off, and he decided to up his efforts. She would smile today, he was determined. "Have you changed your mind, yet?" He whispered in her ear.

Raven shivered at the sensation, no one had ever been that close to her before. "Garfield, it's been a whopping total of 3 seconds. No one changes their mind that quickly."

"They do if they're a bipolar with mood-swings." He joked. Raven couldn't help it, she giggled. Gar's eyes grew wide as he sat back in his seat with a thump. She didn't just smile, she laughed. His heart leapt with her next words.

"You're kinda funny." She whispered back.

So…. Lunch?" He tried again. Raven shook her head. He shrugged, he'd try again later. Class seemed to fly by for Gar, still entranced by Raven's single giggle. Before he knew it the bell was ringing and everyone was leaving the room. He jumped out of his seat and raced to catch up with Raven. In his haste, he tripped over his own two feet, yelping as he went down. The fall caused his glasses to fall off and his stuff to scatter. "Aw man," He whined, feeling around for his glasses, he was basically blind without them.

Raven was leaving the classroom when she heard a simultaneous yelp and thump followed by someone complaining. She turned back and caught sight of Gar trying to collect his stuff as quickly as possible. Sighing, she went back to help him. She crouched and gathered a few scattered papers out of his reach, handing them to him. Seeing his glasses, Raven carefully scooped them up and tapped Gar's shoulder. He looked up at her, and Raven barely held back a gasp. His eyes were a gorgeous dark green. They were always hidden behind his specs and not many students got the privilege of seeing his eyes without their "shield" in place.

"Thank you," He said, his eyes lighting up beautifully. He collected the remainder of his things and stood up, offering a hand to Raven. She took it and Gar easily hoisted her off the ground. Seeing her floored look, he chuckled. "Yeah, I'm stronger than I look." He stated proudly.

"Why don't you play any sports?" Raven asked curiously, he certainly had the ability to.

"Mom won't let me. My glasses are too expensive to risk." He explained easily. "That's originally why I got called Geeky-Gar; I wear glasses and don't play a sport. When I got my braces freshman year that was just adding insult to injury." He added. "I get my braces off in a month, though." He told her excitedly. He gave her one last smile then continued his path down the hall.

"Garfield," Raven asked meekly. When he turned around, Raven took a deep breath. "Are you still free for lunch?"

His whole face got brighter as he smiled energetically. "Sure," He said, grinning from ear to ear. "And call me Gar, all my friends do." He told her.

"Then you call me Raven." She decided.

"Okay, Rae." Gar said. "Do you really think I'm funny?" He asked eagerly as they walked to their next class. "'Cause I got lots of jokes."

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