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"Has our spy been doing his work well?"

The creature was trembling from head to toe as the musical deadly sound of the voice fill his ears. He stood their frozen in a bow to his superior waiting for his chance to speak.


He cringed as terror settled into him. He made his superior wait too long and he will pay for this.

"Your spy has been nothing but faithful to you and your wishes, as we speak he is conversing with the Robin Goodfellow and his human slave."

"Human slave?"

He gulped as the air around him dropped a few hundred degrees.

"Yes. He calls her red."

"Red? Is it important to him?"

"I believe so."

The satyr took a chance and stole a glance at his superior, his breathe caught as he saw his superior was smiling. Chills ran down his spine the smile wasn't complimenting the face but his superior looked even more sinister.

"Tell the spy, Demetri, to keep them occupied for a while as I prepare a littleā€¦.surprise."

"It is done."

"Make sure there is no failure this time. His incompetence to capture the human and bring it to me was a disappointing matter."

The satyr ran from the chamber as fast as he could before his superior could blame him for the failure.


I cringed as the familiar figure of my captor emerged from the shadow of the wagon. His hairy hands were balled into fists as he glared daggers at Puck. I turned to Puck and saw that he was grinning at the satyr.

"What do you want you no good thief?"

"What? Can't a friend visit a friend? When and what did I steal from you?"

He was wiggling his eyebrows at Demetri while he just snorted.

"You stole her!"

I thought he was talking about me so I opened my mouth to object but Puck beat me to it.

"I didn't steal her, she came to me."

I looked away blushing, I know he's right. I shifted my weight as they battled each other.

"Not the human! But my dear love, my soul mate!"

Puck scratched his chin pretending to think about the past. I looked at them now both curious about Puck's past that wasn't recorded.

"The really hairy and idiotic Phooka?"

Demetri's face to bright red and he flung himself at Puck but Puck side stepped and he ended up landing in a nearby mud puddle. Sputtering mud out of his mouth he started cursing.

"She wasn't an idiot and she wasn't that hairy she was just dark!"

Puck started to laugh and I took a couple of steps back away from Demetri. Demetri finally acknowledged my presence and scrubbed the back of his head.

"She chased me and I didn't even like her."

"You were my friend! And you stole her! Now you're running around with this human!"

Puck's face harden as Demetri pointed at me. I took a couple of more steps back away from his reach. There was a noise that sounded off from the wagon and Demetri rushed back to the wagon.

"My food!"

I looked at Puck completely and utterly confused on what is happening. He shrugged and waited for Demetri to come back.

"What do we need from him?"

"He has what we need."

"And what is it that you need?"

Demetri returned a little pale and sweaty as he inched a bit closer to Puck, hands stationed stiffly by his side. Puck turned to him and coolly answered him.

"My stuff back and the way out of here safely."

"What makes you think I will help you?"

"I think we should leave."

"No! You can't leave."

I looked at him frightened and irritated. Puck's eyebrows shot right up and he looked at the satyr with his full height a sinister and wicked smile plastered across his face.

"What makes you think I will listen to you?"

The noise from the wagon sounded off again and Demetri smiled.

"It's too late for that!"

He dashed off to the wagon and set off in amazing speed. Puck was about to chase him when we heard an old sound.


"Yeah red?"

"What's that?"

"More like who's that."

He looked at me, his eyes glittering with mischief.

"Another friend?"

"You could say that."

I was about to reply when there was a crash separating me from Puck. I was blinded by the huge figure towering over us. I heard a voice come from the front of the house.

"You will pay for tying the legs of my house together!"

"Run red!"

I didn't look back and just pushed myself forward as the huge bulky figure and a cackling voice followed in our pursuit.

Chapter five a challenge for me because I lost my train of thought while writing but I decided the real master mind of the series of events should be revealed at least a little vague and of course totally unknown. I will try to update again this week but I really need to lose some weight and get a lot of things done for my life. I hope you enjoyed the chapter. Leave any kind of comment for me ;)