Lustig Morder: Hello fanfiction, and welcome to Big Brother.

Random announcer voice RAV: It's a house like no other. Where 52 cameras and 98 microphones capture your every move and word. This is the Big Brother house.
(Shows scenes around the house. Gray and white walls. Two stories. In one room there is a big circular table with 14 chairs, next to a wall filled with pictures of the soon to be house guests.)

RAV: Tonight 14 strangers will enter this house, with the same goal in mind. Make it to the end and win the grand prize of 1 million dollars. They will live in total confinement. No Tv, no computer, and no going outside the house unless evicted. Completely closed off from the outside world.
(Shows a square space in the house that is outside with gym equipment and a pool and a hot tub.)

RAV: Every week the house guests will compete for food, luxuries, and most of all... POWER! Each week they will vote to evict, (meaning get rid of) one of their own. Until only one houseguest remains to claim the $1 mil dollar prize.
(Now shows the bedrooms. Some are green, some black, some pink, and some white. And then the biggest room of all. The head of household room, with its personal bathroom and huge bed with it.)

RAV: It's going to be a very challenging summer, and it all starts now, on Big Brother!

Lustig Morder: Hello everyone, I'm LM, and welcome to Big Brother fanfiction. For the next 75 days the contestants will live and breathe the big brother game. Most with the hopes of winning the million dollar grand prize. Most will end up having this goal crushed, but one will succeed. But before that happens, we have to meet the house guests. Half of them, you might already know, because they themselves, are fanfiction authors.

A/N I'm ending here cause I got stuff to do. So if you like the show Big Brother, keep watching. And sorry this was short, and also if you're having trouble visualizing the big brother house, I'm trying to have it be like the big brother house in season 12. So go to youtube and see that house.