Title: Enchantment

Chapter 15: Something so addictive

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"Sure. Hey, Red?"

"Yeah?" She paused at the doorway.

"Thank you, honey. I'm so grateful for this. I really appreciate...our time together."

"Me, too. It's better than...before. I'm glad that we could...do this again." She stumbled over her words before leaving the room.

He left the room shortly after she did to surprise her with breakfast when she got downstairs after her shower.

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Even after Brock went out of his way to surprise her, he was met with a friendly, but distant Reba. She smiled and the conversation flowed, but Brock was really frustrated about why the only time they got to work on the relationship was behind closed doors. It also always led to sex. The whole situation was turning his brain and heart to mush. He should be reveling in his luck. He had a girl with a huge sexual appetite who didn't want anything else. In his younger days, he would've loved it, but not as much now. He was trying to win the redhead's heart, but she wasn't interested.

He woke up that morning with a dream on his mind from the night before. In the dream, he was married to Reba and they had a baby. He wanted to believe that this was the purpose behind their strange little experience. If so, how would he ever get to that point? She didn't want his heart or any declarations of love from him at all. The wheels started to turn in his mind. He started to think that maybe he could try a little jealousy. She did seem jealous of his date for the dance. She was jealous that he was with Jessica at Club Energy. This could work to his advantage. Angry, jealous Reba was a tigress in bed. He shook his head fiercely against the idea. Angry Reba was a bad idea.

"If you keep shaking your head like that, you're bound to lose whatever screws you still have left." Reba was sitting on her bed, filing her nails. She had three different kinds of nail polish out, still trying to pick a shade to match her dress. Her dress had long sleeves with embellished lace, a high neckline, and an open back. It was a short length dress, the kind that was designed to make Van and Brock fiercely protective, but still visibly drooling. It was made of 90% nylon and 10% spandex. It clung to her body in all the right places. She held up a shade with her dress. "Ooh, I think I'll choose this one, Come to Bed Red."

Brock swallowed hard. They tore the sheet down between the beds a couple of days ago. He could see everything. "Is that really such a good idea? The nail polish and the dress are a little over the top."

"Poor baby, you have to watch me walk around like this all night. Guess what? I don't care. I know you don't really care either. You just don't want me to move on with my life. You want your cake and eat it too."

Brock stood up angrily, blue eyes blazing. "Per our agreement, you can't refer to anything Reba and Brock related. Stop throwing the Brock crap in my face! In this time and this relationship, I haven't done anything to you."

"What relationship? You're living every man's dream. We're friends with benefits, and barely friends at that. You're getting some. Don't rock the boat."

"The dress is fine, just so long as I get to be the one to escort you to the dance."

Reba put her hands on her hips. "No. I don't know what's gotten into you. You get to be in the company of two different women tonight. I don't know why an old horndog like you would pass that up, Brock."

"Maybe that's not what I want. You have no idea what you're doing to me, honey."

Reba walked up to him, running her fingernails along his cheek and jawline. "But you get to be the one to take the dress off me. I'll be at your mercy in bed, wearing nothing but my Come to Bed Red polish."

There was a knock at the door. Lori Ann burst in excitedly. "Hey girl, let's get Cinderella ready to meet her Prince Charming." She sat on Reba's bed. "Hey, what happened to the sheet?"

Reba turned around and went back to her bed. "I don't know. The darn thing doesn't stay up half the time."

"Hey, how're you doing Lori Ann?" Brock greeted. The new truce between them was still weird to him.

Lori Ann beamed at him. "Great! I've got a new man. Life is perfect. Reba's got a new man. All is right in the world."

Brock was taking a sip of his soda. He choked and it spewed from his mouth. "You both have boyfriends already?"

"Yep, I'm in love. Reba's got her own Prince Charming. I'm off the hook."

Brock folded his arms across his chest. "I'm intrigued. Go on."

Reba grinned. "Ooh, the jock learned a new word. Fascinating, isn't it?"

"Mysterious and covered in sarcasm. Someone doesn't want me to know something. I'd like to think that I've learned a thing or two about Reba in the twenty-eight years we've known each other. Clue me in, Lori Ann. Why does she have the claws out?"

"I'm dating Mike Holliway and she's dating Mike 2.0."

Brock's mouth dropped open. "Repeat that back to me, slowly this time."

"I'm in love with Mike Holliway. Reba's okay with it. She's dating a new and improved version anyway. I call him Mike 2.0."

"You mean that guy you were in the halls with yesterday?"

Reba nodded. "That's the guy I was on a date with last night."

"If you're looking for a newer model, then look no further." Brock grinned at her.

"If I wanted Brock 2.0, I'd have to search a long time because that's not you."

He took a deep breath. "And why not?"

"Because Brock 2.0 would be a new and improved version of Brock Hart. He would've learned his lesson. He would be the man that I fell in love with and more. No offense, honey, but that's not you."

He rubbed the back of his neck. "Except I do take offense. Because I am Brock Hart. I have learned my lesson. And I'm shrunk down to a younger model. What's the problem?"

"If I have to explain it to you, then you aren't who you say you are. The man I fell in love with didn't need one. I don't know you. We've been strangers for the past seven years."

He found her across a crowded dance floor. His date was a nice girl who could carry on a conversation, but that was all he was interested in. She was off talking to her friends. He went in search of his favorite redhead.

Jessica was surprisingly okay with her date dancing with another girl. She'd heard the rumors of Nell and Cap from the party. There was something between them that was lying under the surface. The blonde saw the looks that Nell gave her at Club Energy.

Brock found Reba dancing with the guy Lori Ann teasingly called Mike 2.0. "Can I cut in? I'd like to talk to Reba for a minute."

"You look really beautiful tonight." Brock wrapped her into his arms for the dance.

She bit her lip. "Thanks, I guess. Why aren't you with your date? Shouldn't you be with her? Or, have you forgotten how dating works? Every rule is vague to you, right?"

"I try to be nice and you hurl insults at me. You're a sweet little gem, aren't you?" He pulled her in closer.

Reba sighed. "What do you want? I have a date. I don't want anyone to suspect something." She struggled to keep him from holding her so tightly. "We need some space between us while we're dancing."

"Almost like two people having an affair? Is that what this is? You talk about how I've changed from the Brock you fell in love with. I don't know about you either. The Reba I knew and loved would've never got mixed up in an affair. I guess you're right. We're strangers, except we really aren't. There's a core of you that I know very well, just like there's a core of me that you know really well. That's how we've stayed friends all these years. Do most divorced couples get along as well as Brock and Reba? Ask yourself that, and then ask yourself why. We aren't like most people. I promised to cherish you forever and I do."

"Everything is fine the way it is. Don't screw things up. I don't want to be Reba Hart. Reba and Brock were over seven years ago. I like this restart. I like being Nell McKinney."

"Okay, we'll do this any way you want. I'd like to get to know you better, Nell."

"You know me just fine. We're together almost every night."

"I'd like to get to know you better outside of the bedroom, something non-physical."

"I'm happy with the way things are."

"Really? How happy are you that your best friend is dating a guy you still have feelings for? You've reached the point of no return. Reba and Mike are over for good now."

Reba's voice cracked a little. "That's hitting below the belt. You're right. I'm not okay. I'll learn to be okay. I gave up on him before and I can do it again."

"And you're really going to do that by dating his lookalike?"

"I've hit the reward button on my life. Terry's not here to interfere. Brock Hart is MIA. Mike is with Lori Ann. I've got a new chance to be happy with a new guy. I want to have fun and live my life. I don't want to get trapped down with a guy before we're old enough to buy a drink. I want to go to college. I want to see the world. I'm making different choices now."

"Me, too, honey. I'll let you get back to your date." He released his arms from Reba's waist and stepped away.

Reba started to analyze her situation. She was under the covers in bed with Brock after the dance, wearing only the provocative nail polish. No matter what they said or did, they found themselves right there together at the end of the day. She tried to avoid it, but she was pulled to it like magnetism. The only way she was able to get through the craziness of her life was with these moments with Brock. She'd missed it so much over the past several years. There was so much about this reward trip that drove Reba crazy. Yet at the end of the day, she was right where she needed to be, not that she would admit that to anyone.

Brock was the only thing getting her through the weirdness. It was comforting to have him there. She couldn't imagine the past few weeks without him. She was glad not to have to go through this alone. Part of her was disgusted at herself for having any dependence at all on Brock. She needed the escape, the high more each day. After all, he was right there for her. Oh, the convenience! It got to the point where their limbs were tangled up amidst the sweat covering their bodies more than once a day. She was like a druggie needing a fix. She questioned her sanity.

"What would you do without me?" he asked, kissing her hair. He pulled the sheet around them.

Her heart pounded at she came down off her latest high from what they're done. She'd practically attacked him when he came home from the dance. His lips travelled dangerously close to her ear. She was losing her train of thought.

"Exactly what I've been doing for the past seven years. Live my life. I'll go right back to the way things were before happily."

"Liar." He bit her earlobe playfully. "You'd be absolutely miserable. Just like I'd be without you. You can't go a day without this. He looked at her with a glint in his eye. "You need me and I need you. I'm the light of your life and vice versa."

She struggled to speak as Brock pressed his mouth into the crook of her neck. The tip of his tongue moved down her shoulder, making her brain fill with happy, fuzzy thoughts. "You wish. This is just mutual satisfaction. I scratch your back and you scratch mine."

His laughter was muffled against her skin. "That's funny, Red." His lips grazed her collarbone. "Because I'm pretty sure that it's getting to the point where you need this much more than you care to admit. It's okay, honey. It's the most wonderful thing I could ever imagine." One of his hands slid between her knees. "You say you don't want or need me, but you're still here in my bed or inviting me into your bed." His fingers began gliding up and down her inner thigh, making it difficult for her snap back with a retort. He laughed gently. "You don't hate me anymore. I think that you like me again. That's a pretty good place to be."

She squirmed uncomfortably as Brock's fingertips danced along the inside of her leg. She wanted to protest. She wanted to let him know that she could stop this anytime she wanted, but she couldn't do that while he was sending electric currents up her spine. Finally, when she thought she might explode, his hand moved to her hip and he pulled his mouth away from her shoulder. "Please, honey. I want you so much right now," she whispered as he pulled out a condom from the nightstand for round two.

"Right back at ya." He flashed her his signature cocky grin.

She couldn't even remember what she was protesting about.

It started with a comment. Mrs. Fisher was handing back the English assignments to the pairs. "What a wonderful essay on Romeo and Juliet! You two make a good team." Brock took a look at the score marked in red on the page, a ninety-nine percent. It was perfect, except for a couple of typos. Brock beamed with pride. They did make a good team. If only, he could convince Reba of that. It hadn't been that long since they first got together, but it felt so natural and so right. He turned to glance at her and found her making eyes at Alex Hamilton aka Mike 2.0. D—n him. This was his woman, his life. He wasn't giving up without a fight. Of course, he was jealous. Now, the tables had turned and he knew what it was like for Reba all those years he was with Barbra Jean. Reba sauntered over to Alex as soon as class was over. They walked together to the next class.

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