Prelude... The Apprentice stared his opponent in the eyes as they both lit their light sabers. The sith was the first to strike using an aggressive style of Serusu.

Both sabers collided against each other halfway between each of them. The Jedi broke off of the collision and swung at the Sith's legs but was met by a dodge from the Sith.

" You will pay for the actions of your kind against the republic." The JedI apprentice spoke the words through his teeth.

" My great ancestors killed your kind because of their excess of ignorance of the Dark side of the force." The Sith allowed the full power of the Dark side flow through his veins, filling him with hatred and anger.

The JedI apprentice had enough, he swung at any part of the Sith's body; the arms, the legs, and at the head. All of these attempts were met by the Sith's parries and blocks. The Sith used the force and tossed the young jedI through the air with a force push. The Sith force leapt closer to where the other had landed and started swinging. The Jedi got up and got ready for the attack. The Sith swung at the Jedi's head, towards his right arm, and towards his left arm. The Jedi block all of the attacks with great accuracy and precision. The Sith made one last swing at the legs. The Sith caught the Jedi just below the knee on both of his legs.

The JedI apprentice fell backwards on to his back screaming in agony, most of his legs were gone and were lying on the ground a foot away. The jedI had let down his defenses because he thought that the Sith had stopped swinging.

" Now you will suffer the same fate as your masters before you." The Sith used force lightning on the dying body of the Jedi in front of him to make him suffer a little more, then brought his red blade down across the Jedi's forehead silencing him forever.

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