" No more questions for now my apprentice." Plo Koon would had smiled had it not been for his mask covering his mouth, " Proceed with your mission."

" Yes master." Darth Nyros stood up and departed from his master's chambers to gather his apprentice and the pilot.

They were all on Nyros' ship, The Negligence; the pilot, Maris, and Nyros.

" Set the coordinates for Tatooine, we'll start looking there first." Darth Nyros stood behind the pilot as he entered in the coordinates, " That is one of the few planets where the Empire is not present."

" Yes sir." The pilot started setting the coordinates for the jump to hyperspace,

" Ready sir."

" Do it then." Nyros turned and went into his meditation chambers leaving his apprentice sitting in the copilot's chair.

" We've arrived master," Nyros opened his eyes to see his apprentice standing before him, " We have arrived in Tatooine's atmosphere."

Darth Nyros stood up and walked out of the passageway in front of him. Nyros now stood behind the pilot.

" Land on the landing platform," Nyros and Maris walked down the decline of the ship towards the bay doors as the ship was landing, " Don't stay here fly up into the lower atmosphere and await my signal."

" Yes sir," The pilot turned back around towards the control panel and started preparing the ship for lift off.

Darth Nyros and Maris Brood walked out of the now open bay doors and out on to the landing platform.

The ship lifted off as Nyros and his apprentice walked down the platform's steps and through the door into a dust covered corridor.

" Stay close to me apprentice," Darth Nyros kept walking down the small corridor until he came to a set of winding stairs, " Stay extremely close. I can sense something large and very ill tempered.

They walked down the stairs only to, at the bottom, find themselves in a crowd of people. Then, upon their arrival, a medium height Twi-Lek stepped out of the crowd.

" The royal Jabba the Hutt would like to speak with you, new arrivals." The Twi-Lek ushered them to stand in front of an extremely large Hutt.

" Jaconiaium bafiata?" The worm spoke in its native language.

" Jabba the Hutt wants to know why the two of you are in his palace." The Twi-Lek translated for Jabba.

" We're looking the remains of the rebel alliance in the surrounding systems." Darth Nyros explained their presence to Jabba.

" Hiangustac mulastia bombosa leguista." The furry creature at Jabba's tail gave out a high pitched laugh.

" His royal highness said that he can promise you that there is no rebel alliance here and, well, you are about to meet your doom." The Twi-Lek reached over to a small control panel beside Jabba and pressed a button.

Darth Nyros and his apprentice both fell through a trap door beneath them and into a dark pit.

" Are you okay Maris?" Darth Nyros tried to conceal any worry that he had in his head.

" Yes master," Maris stood and brushed the sand off of her clothing, " Wait I sense something, a rancor."

" Your not the only one my apprentice." Darth Nyros ran towards the small door that led from the pit behind him.

Darth Nyros pulled his light saber, turned it on, and shoved the blade through the door. Nyros pulled the blade through the door in a large circle just large enough for him and Maris to escape. The circle of the door fell to the other side as the saber met the point at which it started.

" Come quickly before we will have to kill it," Nyros and his apprentice jumped through the hole and landed on the metal paneling on the other side.

" Hurry with the ship." Darth Nyros was being chased the Galmaranean guards that helped protect Jabba's palace.

The ship landed on the landing platform in front of them and they both ran up the ramp and into the ship.

" Take off quickly and by that I mean now," Darth Nyros watched the pilot close the ramp and lift off, " There are a lot of them."

In the distance they could see the Galmaranean guards running out of the door and on to the platform, but only to find that they were already gone.

" That was to close." Maris Brood threw herself into the copilot's chair.

" The rebel alliance is definitely not anywhere on that planet but I want to try Dantooine next," Darth Nyros stood behind Maris' seat as the pilot entered the coordinates for Dantooine just two planets away, " That seems to be the only planet on the outer rim that would be humane enough to host an alliance like that."

" Ready to jump sir," The pilot had finished typing the coordinates and turned to face Darth Nyros.

" Take it," Darth Nyros walked back down the hallway to the bay doors and into his meditation chambers, " Notify me when we have arrived."

His apprentice came to retrieve him for their dismissal from the ship on Dantooine a few minutes later. They had landed on Dantooine a good ten minutes later and due to the meditation, Darth Nyros was fully rested.

Dantooine was occupied by an alien race that was spread out across its surface. There were cities and villages but they were to far apart from each other to have an effect on them. Dantooine had a light canopy of trees that covered most of the villages and some parts of the cities. The planet was mostly grass and large trees.

" Come my apprentice," Darth Nyros sprinted out of the ship along side his apprentice, " I know they are here, the force is extremely strong with them."

They both ran down a thin dirt path into a small village.

" I suggest that we find a weapons vendor and ask them if they have heard or seen the rebels." Maris was trying to take charge.

" No we can't risk detection if one of the vendors have anything to do with the Empire." Darth Nyros didn't want to have to trust anyone.

Darth Nyros let the bright side of the force that his master thought him flow through him to guide them to the rebel alliance.

The force led them to a small tunnel outside of the village that sloped down deeper into the ground.

" Who are you and what do you what do you want?" Nyros looked up to the top of the tunnel to see a rebel guard with a dome shaped helmet and a forest green vest on.

" We're looking for the rebel alliance," Maris Brood spoke out from behind her master taking the words right out of his mouth.

" Prove that you're not with the Empire." The rebel guard pulled a blaster from its holster and aimed it at them.

" I can't but I can provide targets for an attack that could hinder the Empire severely," Darth Nyros reached out and grabbed his apprentice's shoulder and pulled until she was behind him again.

" This way then." The rebel guard jumped to the ground from where he was on the top of the tunnel, " Follow me."

" How did you come across this information?" The ambassador was listening to the story of the Death Star and its functions.

" We witnessed it first hand," Darth Nyros was going to answer any question to try to gain his trust, " We were there."

" What were you doing in that system?" The ambassador was getting both impatient and anxious at the same time.

" We were looking for the rebel alliance because we had heard that there was a base on the planet," Darth Nyros stared at the ambassador as he leaned up against the door, " We had also heard that there is one of Vader's assassins in your midst."

" How will you find him?" The ambassador looked shocked at this news.

" The force, that's how." Darth Nyros looked at his apprentice as he said this.

" What are you, Jedi?" The ambassador chuckled.

" Actually yes we are." Darth Nyros could feel the excitement rush through the ambassador.

" Jedi?! Well that's good news." The ambassador was shocked, " Well I guess that the only thing that I can say is, welcome to the Rebellion!"

The plan was going better than planned.