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This wasn't supposed to happen.

She wasn't supposed to be pressed against the wall while his hands roamed over her and his mouth dominated hers. She wasn't supposed to be allowing him to do this. She wasn't supposed to be enjoying it. She wasn't supposed to let him move away and let their breath intermix as their eyes met; brown on blue. She wasn't supposed to let him make her feel like this.

Hell, she wasn't supposed to let him even breathe now.

Different thoughts flashed through her mind. What she was supposed to have done, what she was currently doing and what would happen if The Agency found out. No not 'if' but rather 'when' the Agency found out. Especially her two teammates and their reaction but then he was kissing her and his hands were in her hair and trailing down her back and there. She unwillingly let out a gasp and he laughed against her lips and moved his hand there again.

It was supposed to have been a simple assignment. Go undercover to the restaurant that Arthur Pendragon aka Agent Dragon was going to be attending; let him have a good meal, flirt to gain his interest and when he left, follow him out the back, pull on her gloves and fire a round into his head before he knew what had happened. Except things hadn't gone according to plan.

"You're not really much of an assassin are you?" Arthur commented flippantly as he studied the beautiful woman he was currently ravishing. Out of all the attempted assassins he had met over the years (he stopped counting after the thirtieth one) she was definitely the most unsuspecting. Aside from the waitress uniform she was still wearing as her disguise; it was her eyes which made her seem like the unlikeliest of assassins. There was something akin to innocence in her eyes, something which when he looked in to them, made him want to protect her, shield her from the dangers and darkness of the world. Even when she had had her gun pointed at his head.

"I don't get used much; the Agency tends to use me for undercover work." Gwen replied in a whisper. She had always been the best candidate for undercover work. She was the wallflower, the face in the crowd, the one who kept her head down and her mouth shut, the invisible, unforgettable girl. Even though she never physically changed her appearance, the work and disguises varied and meant the various 'clients' that the Agency dealt with never knew who had sold them out or attained the information which brought their downfall. No, Gwen wasn't used often as an assassin, especially since her teammates, Morgana and Morgause were the two deadliest assassins in the world however these circumstances were different.

The three women sat at the debriefing table as Cenred revealed who their newest 'client' would be. Cenred flicked the remote at the screen which flickered into life and the image of a blond haired, blue eyed man filled the screen. While his image didn't stir much in the way of recognition for Gwen, both Morgana and Morgause leaned forward expectantly, each with a triumphant smirk on their faces. They had longed for this day.

"Arthur Pendragon, you know him I'm sure ladies." Cenred commented and Gwen suddenly realised who he was. Arthur Pendragon aka Agent Dragon was the half-brother of Morgana and Morgause and whose father headed Excalibur, a secret agent organisation who had been attempting to bring the Agency down for over twenty years. Excalibur, which trained the best agents in the world, had been formed ever since Nimueh, one of the most decorated Agency assassins killed Uther's wife Ygraine. Nimueh herself was found dead after an encounter with Agent Emrys. Gwen didn't need to ask why Arthur was the target; the Agency had been trying to destroy Uther and while attempts on his life inspired no fear from him, any attempt on his son was another story.

"At last," Morgana commented sinisterly.

"Just give us a date and location." Morgause commented as she stroked the dagger attached to her arm, just one of the at least half dozen weapons she kept concealed on her at all times.

"We cannot allow either of you to do this. Pendragon knows you both and he'll be onto you the moment he sees you. I'm sending Gwen; he doesn't know her and therefore will be an easier target." Cenred explained. Gwen looked at the director in shock. She rarely got assigned to do the actual killing; she set up the target, she didn't eliminate them.

"Are you sure?" Gwen asked and Morgana and Morgause looked at her enviously. While they made a good team, a deadly team; their dynamic worked better when it was one of the sisters pulling the trigger.

"We need to ensure complete success and if either Morgana or Morgause go; he'll be onto us in two seconds flat. You forget we are targeting him and only him. There'll be none of his fellow agents to help him if we allowed for a possible compromise." Cenred explained and Gwen nodded in agreement.

"How did you get involved in the agency?" Arthur asked as he tightened his hold and began kissing her neck.

"I made mistakes and it's not like I can just leave." Gwen replied.

"Why not?" Arthur asked.

"I think you've forgotten what the Agency does." Gwen replied as she gestured to the gun she was still holding in her hand, albeit weakly. "You don't just quit the Agency. It's a lifetime of service one way or the other."

"Then come with me; we'll protect you. I'll protect you." Arthur reassured as they kept eye contact. The lust that had been both in their eyes and practically in the air around them was gone. Instead it was replaced with something entirely different.

"I just tried to kill you." Gwen reminded.

"But you didn't." Arthur commented.

"Still could," Gwen retorted and they both smiled. They knew she didn't mean it and was simply retorting for the sake of retorting. Arthur cupped her face with one hand while he wrapped the other around her back, pulling her closer, not lustfully but in a more caring, compassionate way. The way a lover would.

"I mean it, at Excalibur we all look out for each other. We never let harm come to any of our own as hard as your agency tries. If you try and hurt one of us then you have to deal with all of us. We'll give you a new identity, help you go into hiding and remain safe. The Agency will never know where you are; besides we could use someone like you. You're trained to kill and you said your speciality was undercover work. If you don't want to go into hiding, you could work for us. You could help us bring down the Agency once and for all." Arthur offered and Gwen smiled at him.

"Do you offer jobs to everyone who tries to kill you?" Gwen joked.

"Only the beautiful ones." Arthur quipped before he looked at her sincerely and he held out his hand. "What do you say?"

Gwen looked at his hand again stared into those almost hypnotic blue eyes. It was crazy, it was reckless, it was literally life-endangering but… Gwen tightened her hold on her gun before she stretched her arm back and flung the weapon away with all her might. Gwen stripped off the gloves, letting them fall carelessly to the ground before weaving her fingers between Arthur's as they climbed into his car. As they drove through the city back towards Excalibur's headquarters, Arthur and Gwen smiled at one another; whatever happened next, they could tell this was the beginning of something amazing.

From their position on the rooftop across from the restaurant where they had had a bird's eye view of what had happened, Morgana and Morgause shared a furious look before Morgause pulled out her phone and dialled a number.

"Cenred we have a situation."