AJ and CM Punks love story part 1

It's about 1 Diva that is in love with 1 superstar. AJ Lee has clutch on the WWE champion, CM Punks heart. In the end he finds that AJ cares for him. After getting tips of Kelly, he ends up doing the tips to Candice he wanted more AJ. But is it Kelly or Candice that is playing a joke on him? Kelly/ Candice/Punk/AJ.

A/N: I just had to do a single couple cause it is easier. The great thoughts where making my brain go pop and bang ha I had to do it . It was my greatest thing on earth I love reading and all that so why not. AJ and Punk is the couple. Let me know if you like the first part of my story.

AJ and CM Punks love story part 1

"Hi Punk have you got any plans tonight," I shouted out to the WWE champion.

"Na why did you ask?" Punk said grinning slowly. I took a seat next to Punk who was recently sitting in the lab creating one of his new little medals that he had been collecting.

The straight strip of the superstar put down his laser gun and smiled at me for a moment.

"Well I thought you would like to come to frost's cold Ice cream bar with me?" I asked

Punk stared at me amazed cause that was his favourite ice- cream bar. I sat there smiling at Punk I was clutching on Punks heart so tightly. Punk and I had grown into adults when we first saw each other we where small since we where little fallout one day at pre-school. Plus, he had been with his mom the whole time because his dad was a mentor, to his mom. The WWE champion saw Kelly the beautiful blond princess with another man. I was astonished to see Kelly walking up to us with this stranger.

"hi Punk hi AJ let me introduce this fellow, his name is Eric." Kelly said shyly. Eric was so handsome that Candice had to come over with her friends that were hanging around her all day.

"Who is this big fellow?" asked Candice confused that he does not do any wrestling she stared at me and Punk thinking 'what was going on here with us both?'

"He is called Eric." Punk shouted out to Candice. Candice was astonished to see him here at Wrestle mania today her friends were also gob smacked. I just laughed and sniggered loudly.

"Nice name for a guy where do you come from?" I asked looking a bit suspicious to the young man like she knew him. " I am from a town called San Francisco." Eric replied to my question. Punk was getting worried about the time and asked me.

"When are we going?"

I was just looking at my watch it was about 10 a clock I was going to be late the Ice-cream bar does not close till 11 so we better go there quick.

"We will go now Punk bye Kelly and Candice, Eric as well!" I shouted out I was so sad I had to go but I asked Punk out, Punk pulled me away from Candice, Eric and Kelly.

He had one person to fall in love with and that one is all so clutching his heart. AJ would call this a one off but no. After all they have been through together they won't give up. He found out that AJ really had feelings about him and that he had fell in love with the perfect girl with the perfect smile

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