AJ and CM Punk's love story part 2

This is part 2 of my love story taking part here is going to be AJ and CM Punk of course as well as Emma[Eric's sister], Kane, The Undertaker and Kelly with Candice and Ashley.

"What flavour ice-cream would you like?" asked this lady called Loti.I just stared at her amazing curly hair it was bright red [my favourite colour]

"Your hairs nice," I said to Loti. Loti just looked around like I was talking to someone else. CM Punk liked to mess about, so as usual he playfully punched me and asked me

"What would you like for ice-cream?" I just looked at him blankly as I saw a tree that was so colourful, that I ran out of the bar tagging Punk behind me.

"Where are you taking me?" asked Punk scared that I will put him in the river, near the car park it was getting dark and I was still looking at the colourful tree.

"Lets go back in it is getting dark," sighed Punk he was getting very hungry now that his stomach rumbled I was so scared when I heard a rumble and said

"yes lets go back in Punk I am getting scared." I yelled from the top of the colourful tree so Punk climbed to the very top and called Loti. Loti came running out with a notepad and pen like there was going to be a interview

"Have you two chosen yet?" asked Loti she was looking at them both up on the colourful tree which was forbidden.

After a while Punk and I was settled down with an ice-cream sundae with cherries and strawberries it was so cute that we leaned over from our branch and kissed. Loti was determined to have a thank you kiss before we left but what we gave her instead was our bill and cash. Loti was astonished that she did not get a kiss of me or Punk it was horrifying for her.

All of a sudden, Candice came up with Ashley

"Hi AJ, will you come out with us?" asked Ashley. I just stared I felt so tired that I collapsed to the floor. Punk was so freighted but did not call an ambulance instead he took me back to his flat for some rest.

The next Morning

I woke up to the smell of egg on toast yum my favourite. Then Punk came up to me I moaned dreadfully

"Where am I?" I asked Punk I was still confused about where I was. It was like a dream where me and Punk were living in this new flat together rich, and famous.

"You are with me," sighed Punk "Now breakfast is ready, I have got some clean clothes on the bed for you."

"Thank you Punk." I said giving him a kiss on the cheek. There was a knock on the door when I was just about to come down Punk said to go back upstairs.

Punk went to the door and peeked through the peep hole, I was sitting on the top of the stairs. Through the peep hole Punk can see this red man with this other man that was wearing a hat, he opened the door to Kane and The Undertaker and welcomed them. I came down when they had gone into the, living room to suss things out, I was out of my mind when I was singing while making a drink.

Kane and The Undertaker heard my singing and came in to the kitchen.

"Oh hi AJ what you doing here?" asked Kane Punk was so surprised to see me downstairs.

"Oh she collapsed last night so I took her in." Punk said. I was so embarrassed that Kane and the Undertaker saw me singing in the kitchen.

"HEY PUNK I'M GOING TO GET DRESSED." I yelled above the high noise of Kane and Punk.

Ashley was waiting at the door for me with this new girl.

"Hi Ash who is this?" I asked her face to face to this blond rave babe, with rave clothes on.

"Hi AJ this is Emma my new friend." Said Ashley she was really pretty Emma turned around and saw Eric and Kelly running up to them. . .

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