cœur de rêves

Oblivious, unseen, hidden in the shadows of the night

His cries were covered by the sound of the ticking of clocks,

And the memories of his past life, and his dreams which were unable to take flight

- l

Open minded, open hearted,

A stranger full of curiosity, whose dreams roamed the world in search of adventure that went beyond the pages of what can be read

her mind has not yet been exposed to the beauty of the world around her

- l

Two friends,

One magnificent secret,

This is where our story begins

- l

It started with a simple question, and leads to something she never imagined could be real

She was given the gift of cinema, and watched as the beauty of motion picture took her breath away

- l

From one small adventure to one unbelievable discovery,

with the key to unlock his wondrous heart,

she set the boy free from his sadness, and into the sky where his dreams

exceeded to any limit

- l

Together their open minds work as one to piece together the mystery their dreams have set out for them, in order to repair their loved

one's once thought-to-be lost purposes

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - (present view)

As quick as buds bloom into beautiful flowers, children blossom into adults

Sitting in the darkness of the walls, oblivious from everyone's view, a young boy sits tinkering, shaping up his future, chasing his

dreams in attempt to capture them

Although his dream seems nearly impossible, his mind and heart is set on it, hoping that some day his dream will lead him all the way

to a place where he is loved and may call home.