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Love The Way You Lie

Escaping, Only To Return to Another

I sprinted through the trees, running for my life. I didn't care about the numerous cuts I was getting, the only thing that mattered was escape. I run faster, further, but the Erasers are right behind me. Then Ari drops down from the trees, right in front of me. I crash into him and fall down. He points a gun at my forehead, I scream. He pulls the trigger.

I sit up, breathing heavy, covered in sweat. Not one of my more attractive moments, but oh well. I take in my surroundings; I'm in a small grey bedroom, wait how did I get here? Oh yeah, my memory returns, I escaped from the school and called my cousin, Iggy. I remember his number from the last time I escaped. He knows about my wings, and the Erasers that hunt me, and he invited me to stay with him. Personally I would have said leave me the heck alone if I were him, but thank GOODNESS I'm not.

I look around. The comforter that's currently on the floor is grey with hot pink polka-dots. Not really my style, but he said it was his little Cousin Angel's room, which explains the teddy bears and posters of rainbows and unicorns. Yeah, I'm taking those down, now. I get up and stretch, then slowly start taking them down. It takes awhile, but I'm happy because she framed them all. I don't know how, but Iggy managed to get a bunch of clothes my size, not my style but hey, I'm not going to complain.

I snag a grey Aeropostale t-shirt and some jeans and step into the bathroom to change. I change and manage to locate a hairbrush and an unused toothbrush. That's spectacular because now I resemble a human. I am not a morning person, not at all. I put my hair into a ponytail and walk into the kitchen and the most wonderful smell attracts my attention. That's right, bacon, the most wonderful food in the world. The only thing that's better than bacon is, oh my god. I spot a plate covered in fresh, chocolate chip cookies. I seriously must have died and gone to heaven or something because my two favorite foods are not only in the same place, but I can eat them both. This rocks, I officially adore Iggy.

"Morning Max. Just a head's up, a friend of mine is coming over later. He's the same age as you." Iggy hands me a plate filled with bacon, eggs and pancakes. I sit down and eat, delighted by the quality of the food. Iggy is younger than me by two years, but you wouldn't know it by looking at him. And by the way he avoids people his own age, you'd swear they all had the plague. OK, maybe it's not that bad, but its close.

I clean my plate and stick it in the sink, and then I actually clean my plate. I'm not going to make a blind kid clean up after me! Oh yeah, did I forget to mention that Iggy's blind? I have no idea how he manages to do what he does.

The doorbell rings and Iggy opens it, and oh my. The guy that just entered the apartment is nothing short of extremely good looking. And that's putting it lightly. (Care to guess who this hot stranger is? If you said Fang you're right! Do you get a prize? Yes, FAX! Later) Dark hair, dark eyes, dark everything really, well, everything but his skin. But he makes dark look good. He's tall, and I'm willing to bet every cookie in this apartment he's got some nice abs. Just saying.

"What's up Iggy?" The dark stranger speaks. I watch him, wary. But honestly, after what I've been through, how could I not be? He looks at me. "And who's this?" Iggy closes the door and sits down in a plush black chair. That chair is so insanely comfortable! I speak from experience.

"Fang, meet my cousin Max, Max, meet Fang." Iggy points to us in turn, and I was tempted to move, just to mess with him. Fang looks at me, his gaze serious. "Nice to, um, meet you." MAX! Ugh, that's it? I furiously yell at my brain. Well, my brain yells at my brain really. Fang smirks at my rather obvious unease. "Problem?" Go me! He looks slightly taken aback.

"Max will be going to our school" Iggy did not just say school. Oh for the love of God! Could this get ANY worse? First some annoying guy shows up, and then I have to go to school? "She'll probably be in most of your classes." I spoke to soon. Now I have to go to school with FANG. This is going to suck, majorly. Oh well, welcome to my world.

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