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Nudge: I'm still here! Thank you for not making me leave! I like being here! It's so nice!

Me: shut up Nudge, you know, I miss Fang, because he actually STOPPED TALKING!

Nudge: Goddess owns nothing

Me: thanks Nudge, I take it back

Nudge: :D

How To Say Goodbye

Max P.O.V.

A searing pain erupts in my skull and the floor comes back for round two. But I'm unconscious before I can even register the pain. Wow, this can't be good, nope, not at all.


I stare straight ahead, don't look back! I tell myself, because if I do, I'll feel that searing pain again. But I want to look back! The erasers are chasing me, and I run on. Faster! Further! I tell myself. I'm only 8, I'm too small to fight them, and so I run. Every time I look back, the ground underneath my feet hurts me. It's like the maze, only worse, because there's no way out.

Run Max, says a voice in my head. Gee, thanks Voice, that's real helpful. I have recently acquired a Voice in my head, but it's only there occasionally. The white coats said that it would go away, but it hasn't yet. Though it has been talking, or, thinking to me less than before. I'm not sure if that's good or bad. Right now, I'm thinking its good, because that was some pretty useless advice.

Focus Max! Go left! I instinctively leap to the left, and then take off running that way. I see a window, if I could only reach it!

You have wings, use them! Genius! I leap into the air and clumsily unfurl my wings. I crash through the window and fall, my wings flapping uselessly. I stop flapping, and then flap them together, creating a rhythm and my descent begins to slow. I see an Eraser point a gun at me, and take what I assume to be my final breath. As he's about to pull the trigger, Jeb tackles him. Jeb just saved my life.

End of Flashback

That was the first time I escaped. Jeb was punished severely for letting me live. I was eventually taken back though, and now Iggy's back there. I can't even imagine what they're doing to him. I don't want to imagine. I need to save him! I can't let them hurt him! I sit up, once again finding myself lying in a bed with Fang and Dr. Martinez hovering beside it. They both move to restrain me, and I push them away. Maybe my Voice is right. I care about Fang, but maybe I need to let him go so I can focus on my task.

Speaking of my Voice, I had forgotten about hearing from it as a child because it had been a long time, and I was never one to dwell on the past. My thoughts return to Fang. Could I leave him? It would be hard, but I could. My Voice is right, I am a fighter, but even the greatest of warriors have hearts. So what do I listen to now, my head or my heart?

I'm snatched from my reverie by a sudden thunderous noise. I jump before realizing its only thunder. Wait, where's Nudge?

"Where's Nudge?" Dr. Martinez and Fang exchange glances, and I get the feeling that I won't like the answer to that question.

"She's at a slumber party" Dr. Martinez says tentatively. I feel my blood run cold, and then anger replaces the worry.

"WHAT?!" I leap from the bed. "WHERE IS SHE?!" Fang hands me an address. I round on him.

"What were you thinking letting her go to a slumber party?!" I screech. He looks almost sheepish, so barely even a little by his standards, but that's enough for me.

"She gave me puppy dog eyes." I literally face palm. Of course his weakness is puppy dog eyes. Mr. I'm-so-tough-and-emotionless can't even say no to puppy dog eyes. That is sooo typical. I should have known that something like that would be his weakness. I sigh and leave the house, snapping out my wings and launching myself into the air before anyone can stop me. I underestimated the storm.

As I fly I'm buffeted by strong gusts of wind, and pelted by driving rain. I consider landing, but the knowledge that Nudge could be in danger spurs me on. Wait, why didn't I just have Dr. Martinez drive me there like a normal person? Because I didn't think of it. I need to stop having all these internal dialogues, they just complicate things! I see the house and land outside it. I tuck my wings in and knock on the door. As I knock, it falls off the hinges. No way am I that strong.

I walk inside, and it's ruined. I hear a creak and turn to see an injured girl lying on the floor. She's bleeding from various wounds. I can tell they're fresh just by looking at them. I rush over to her and try to staunch the bleeding. She's clearly terrified, and she's also crying.

"I need you to tell me what happened." I'm not trying to be heartless, but I desperately need to know. The girl takes a few shuddering breaths, and proceeds to tell me everything that happened.

"Some men came to our house, and, and they turned into wolfish things! They attacked us, looking for the new girl!" She bursts into a wave of fresh tears, and I wait until she recovers enough to speak. "They attacked us, and the new girl fought them, but they beat her and took everyone. They said I was going to die, and, and that, that I should tell the girl with wings that, that Nudge and the rest of us are just the beginning." She has a coughing fit, and I know that she won't make it. Tears come to my eyes at the realization, and I hold the girl in my arms.

"I, I really won't make it, will I?" Her voice is filled with sad resignation, and I blink back more tears. I shake my head slowly, and the tears flow down my cheeks. The girl closes her eyes tightly, and then opens them again. I can't let her die without knowing her name.

"What's your name?" I say quietly. She manages to take another shuddering breath.

"My name is, is Maya." When hearing that name, I have a moment of déjà vu, but it goes away as quickly as it came. With a sad look and a final shuddering breath, the light fades from Maya's eyes and they drift shut. It's at that moment; I know that I have to save them. They killed this girl for no reason! I won't let them do something like this ever again to anyone!

"I will avenge you, I swear." I whisper the words. For some reason, I believe saying something out loud to be more binding than simply writing it or thinking it. I will avenge her though; I will bring the school down. Finally you see the importance of bringing it down, and not simply rescuing people and leaving. My Voice, right on queue.

"How do I bring it down?" I ask out loud. I'm not really sure why though, since it's in my head… The company is called Itex. Rescue Nudge and Iggy, and then go get Gazzy and Angel. Together, you can seek out the corporation and bring it to its knees. Wow, that is by far the most useful information you have ever given me. So, how do we rescue Iggy and Nudge? The voice is silent. Of course it is. I look outside, the rain's let up.

I fly back to Dr. Martinez's house and tell both her and Fang what happened. I leave out the part about Maya, saying instead that they left a note. I'm keeping that to myself. I don't know why, but I just can't bring myself to tell them yet…

Fang and I pack some nonperishable food in a backpack, and some money Dr. Martinez gave us. Then we say our tearful (only on her side) goodbyes and leave. We're headed to California now to free Iggy, Nudge, and every single mutant kid we can. Then we are headed to Itex to bring that wicked place down. Fang and I fly juxtaposed towards the California coast, knowing that we are going to bring Itex down, or die trying.

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