The test of true love

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It was midnight. At the Cat Cantina there was nobody, except Puss, alone at the bar, with a glasses of milk in his paws. Now, San Ricardo was saved, and Puss have become an hero. He was thinking a million of things, and one of these things was Kitty Soft paws.

"Where is she…?" Puss asked himself confused.

He left the Cat Cantina, and looking for her. Just few hours ago they had shared their first kiss. But after that, in the dances and the celebrations, Puss hasn't seen Kitty anymore. He found the lovable thief on a roof; she was looking the moon.

"Kitty?" Puss asked to confirm that it was her.

She turned for looking Puss. Kitty smiled as she saw her boyfriend.

"Yeah?" Kitty asked confirming to Puss that it was her.

"What's wrong, Kitty?" Puss asked her worried.

Puss is sitting now, near Kitty. She looked a bit bored.

"Nothing," Kitty said.

He smiled maliciously and he tightened an arm around her shoulders.

"Very well. I'm tired. What do you think to go to sleep?" Puss asked flirtatiously.

"mmmmm... together?" Kitty said chuckling.

"Of course together…" Puss confirmed her guess.

Puss tried to kiss her. Kitty threw back, with a little smile, she walked passed him brushing her tail against his fur and making Puss's heart race.

"I'm not so easy to be seduced Puss," Kitty snapped back at him.

"…I know. But now…it's different. Now you know my feelings…" Puss said felling a bit hurt.

Kitty smiled, getting up.

"You have so many things to learn, Mr Frisky Two Times," Kitty said chuckling.

She jumped on the underlying balcony, where her bedroom was.

"you don't know Puss in Boots yet…" Puss said darkly as he twisted on his beard.

Puss snickered and jumped on the balcony. He knocked at the door of the balcony many times, but Kitty never open that.

"Kitty! Why you do that?" Puss asked upset.

Kitty moved the curtain and she smiled. Kitty chuckled as he saw Puss's upset face.

"Goodnight, Furry Lover," Kitty said laughing her head off.

Kitty sent him a kiss and then she closed the curtain. Puss stayed for a moment near the door, then he squatted on the floor, putting his hat on the handle of the door.

"Very well, Kitty Softpaws. I will take revenge…maybe tomorrow," Puss said as he curled around himself to get some sleep.

Next day, Puss woke up early, and he used his claw to open the door. Then, Puss entered in the room. Kitty was lying in a chest, she was still asleep. Puss smiled in the shadow of the room, and he squatted silently in the chest, behind of her. She yawned when Puss embraced her giving Kitty a small fright.

"Good morning, mi Amor," Puss said licking over Kitty's head as a good morning kiss.

"mmmm… what are you doing here? How have you entered?" Kitty asked shocked hoping no thieves could break in that easy as Puss has just done.

"From the door, of course," Puss said as if it was the easiest question in the world.

As a good morning kiss, Puss rubbed his nose on her cheek.

"Leave me alone! Now!" Kitty said mad not in the mood for a flirt.

"If I don't know you, I would think you're shy…" Puss said mumbling.

Kitty looked at him with her beautiful blue eyes. She looked really mad.

"This is the most stupid thing you ever said," Kitty said bashing her tail lightly against her head.

Puss smiled, and he drew near to her face.

"Te quiero," Puss whispered in Spanish.

And then he kissed her. Kitty slowly closed her eyes, embracing Puss, while he was deepening his kiss, sensually. But, she quickly opened her eyes.

"…What are you doing?" Kitty asked suspiciously.

"Don't worry, seniorita. I'm a gentle cat," Puss said chuckling.

"I'm not worried. I just said 'what are you doing'," Kitty explained.

"If you aren't worried, stop the questions…" Puss said trying to calm her down.

Then Puss embraced her. Kitty didn't seem that amused at all.

"so, you don't like my attentions? Very well, I will leave you alone," Puss said acting disappointed.

Puss tried to get up, but Kitty held Puss prisoner in her embrace.

"Oh, you're impossible!" Kitty whispered and napped at Puss's ear.

Kitty smiled and she kissed Puss. He leave for a moment her lips, satisfied.

"I want you," Puss whispered.

Kitty looked down, embarrassed.

"Puss… It's just… I don't want flirt with you…" Kitty said felling ashamed.

"This isn't a flirt," Puss said confirmed.

"I know how you are… I wouldn't tolerate to be betrayed by you…" Kitty said a little mad.

Puss embraced her, and he kissed her on the cheek. Kitty blushed a bit.

I will never betray you," Puss said confident.

Kitty looked down, again, and she sighed.

"I…I have to go, now. Goodbye Puss…" Kitty said ashamed.

Kitty left the room feeling very ashamed of herself.

"…goodbye mi amor…" Puss whispered to himself upset.

That evening Kitty was in the Cat Cantina, at the bar, drinking and thinking about the Puss's words.

"A milk, please," Kitty said facing the floor.

"Another one?! That is the sixth tonight!" The Bar tender said shaking his head.

"…yes, I know," Kitty said trying to drink herself into obliteration.

"Two milk, please. I'll buy you a drink tonight," A voice suddenly spoke up next to her.

"Puss!" Kitty said shocked as she recognised his voice.

"Yeah, it's my name. Oh, I have something for you," Puss said as he remembered what he got earlier on in the evening.

Kitty saw the red rose in his paw and she smiled, embarrassed. It was as well a beautiful flower which stands for Puss's love to Kitty.

"Oh Puss…it's beautiful…you're so kind…" Kitty whispered felling very embarrassed.

Puss took the glass of milk, smiling at his girlfriend.

"You know…if they call me 'Mr Frisky Two Times' maybe there's a reason, you don't think?" Puss asked chuckling.

Puss drink's his milk. Kitty shook her head, and she took the glass from the Puss's paw, with a sensual smile.

"You aren't good as they say…" Kitty murmured, provocative "You're better."

"You don't know how I'm better…" he whispered, trying to kiss her.

"You don't remember what I said this morning!"

"I don't care," Puss said shrugging his shoulders.

He took Kitty on the shoulders and he kissed her. At the first, Kitty was surprise but she closed slowly her eyes, enjoying that so passionate kiss.

"Puss….not here…everybody can see us…" Kitty said embarrassing

"I don't care," Puss repeated, then he smiled, maliciously "But if you want, we can go in your room and… well, you know what…"

Kitty looked him, suspicious.

"Very well, you're intolerable. Follow me, if you want."

Puss smiled, maliciously, putting the glass on the table and looking his lover. "Of course I want…"

Next day, Puss was the first to wake up and when he saw Kitty sleeping on his chest he smiled and he licked her ear.

"mmmm…what now?" Kitty asked annoyed since she wasn't a morning person.

"Oh. Morning," Puss said as he noticed his Girlfriend was up.

Kitty embraced him, putting her face on his shoulder.

"Good morning too, Puss," Kitty said happy.

He laughed, embracing her. Kitty felt really happy.

"So, how was it?" Puss asked his Girlfriend.

Kitty smiled, hugging his shoulder.

"You're good, Furry Lover," she whispered in his ear.

"I know. I can't believe you say that!" Puss said, laughing.

"I hate you," Kitty growled a bit.

"I know," Puss chuckled.

"Oh, you know everything?" Kitty asked annoyed.

"No, I don't. The only thing I don't know is how get you fall in love with me…" Puss said honest.

There was a long silence. Then, Kitty kissed him on the cheek.

"…you're stupid, Puss," Kitty chuckled.

"Yes, I know also that as well," Puss chuckled.

"You're stupid. 'Cause I love you, and this is the only thing you have to know," Kitty whispered in his ear.

Kitty got on top of Puss and kissed his lips. Yes. Everything was perfect.…For now. But what our fury lover's didn't know is that some body was watching them from afar.

"You may think you two love each other… what you don't know is how far it can go before it break's…" A unknown character said as he and his partner spied on the two.

The shadow vanished after seeing enough and left with another one close behind.

Quanktumspirit: "The first chapter. What are these shadow's up to? Will Puss and Kitty know how far they will go for each other? Well wait and see. And review please."