A youth party in cat form

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Imelda received Puss in her arms, gently.

"Oh, Puss! You're finally returned!" Imelda said happy that her son was save now.

"Yes, mama" Puss said pleased as well.

She looked over to Kitty.

"Is this Kitty Softpaws and she is your girlfriend?" Imelda asked Puss chuckling.

Puss looked embarrassed. All the other cat's were giggling a bit under their breath.

"Ehm… she is almost my wife… Tomorrow I will marry her" Puss explained to his mother a bit embarrassed.

Kitty smiled, hugging him. Imelda smiled too.

"I'm so happy for you. Now, go to sleep! I'll prepare a room for Kitty in my orphanage," Imelda said firm.

"Don't worry mama. Kitty could sleep with me," Puss said chuckling a bit.

Imelda was having none of it.

"I don't think so…before the marriage, the wife have to sleep alone," Imelda said firm as always.

Puss looked Kitty, and she take his paw.

"She's right" Kitty pointed out chuckling.

"So…goodnight?" Puss said a bit upset.

"Goodnight" Kitty said.

"…a goodnight kiss?" Puss suggested to his 'future wife'.

She laughed, softly.

"Where is my room, Imelda?" Kitty said hiding her blush a bit.

She went away with Imelda, leaving Puss on the road.

"Hey, have you forgot anything?!" Puss asked chuckling.

"What I've forgot?" Kitty asked him confused.

"ME! I'm happy to be with you, Kitty," Puss said smiling.

Anderson and the other male cat's were already dressed in boot's, fishing cap's and each had a fishing rod with them.

"Don't worry about it Imelia. We have already got our plan's for Puss," Anderson said.

"What do you mean?" Kitty asked them confused.

"We are all going fishing. So you girls can have the cat cantina for the night. Serafine is there already setting up your bachelor party Kitty." Fred explained.

"Aw that is cute. Ok. But don't use Puss as fish food," Kitty warned them.

"Who knows? Oh Puss you have to put on these blindfolds," Daniel another cat said handing him some.

"If we are just going fishing why do I need blindfold's?" Puss asked them confused and unsure.

"That is the secret. We are not going to tell you," Anderson told him.

So Puss blindfolded himself and Kitty and the other female cat's had to hold down the urge to burst out in laughter as Puss was placed in a fisherman's clothes and then into a rowing boat. Anderson and 4 other strong cat's heaved the boat onto there shoulders and walked of towards the see which wasn't that far.

"Let's get to the cat cantina and celebrate. Come Kitty." MacLean explained.

"But I don't have to dress up like Puss... do I?" Kitty asked.

"No we are just going to have a few drinks and then go to bed." Fissile told her.

"Ok. I presume the boy's are going camping," Kitty said.

"Maybe." MacLean said.

"You guy's then can sleep in the orphanage. With the camping gear I presume the boy's are going to sleep at the lake." Imelia pointed out.

"Crap." Kitty said as she remembered something.

"What?" Susan asked her confused.

"What time- hu?" Kitty was about to ask as she noticed something.

Suddenly a paper plane flew towards the girls. Kitty unfolded it and then smiled.

Paper plane:

Kitty don't worry. I will meet you at the church at exactly 12:00 noon. Then we can finally be together forever. Oh and girls don't overdo it with the milk or spike it.

Have a lovely hen party as it is called... I think.

Puss. XXX

"So thoughtful. So come on. Let's celebrate." Kitty said happy that she had the information now.

All the girl's walked in a parade form up to the cantina and had a lovely hen party. Then they slept at Imelia after celebrating.

Meanwhile with Puss

Puss was sitting with his father and another tom cat in an old fishing boat and they have just slit the troughs from 3 fish each. Puss could sense that Anderson wanted to talk about something before the big day with him. But so far nothing has come out of his father's mouth threw the howl evening.

"What is it father? You asked to go fishing. I presume so that we can have piece and quiet from the other's?" Puss guessed.

"Yes Puss... I just feel so ashamed of myself." Anderson explained whiles looking at the black water of the lake.

"Hu? Dad there is no reason you should be ashamed of anything. You are a Boot's and a Boot's doesn't have shame. That is engraved in every pair of boot's in our howl family... I think," Puss said as he remembered it stood in his boot's.

"Yes you are right... the reason why I feel so bad is..." Anderson began, but stopped himself.

"Yes?" Puss asked confused.

"Well I missed most of your life Puss. I was never there to see you grow up, I didn't see your first step's, your first tooth fall out, your first love and so on. And now you are going to be married tomorrow. I just feel..." Anderson began, but stopped himself.

"Dad? Are you saying I am growing up to fast?" Puss asked him surprised.

"Yes. And I wasn't there like a proper father should be. I was always on the run from my past. And now I have to face it. But I am pleased how you turned out Puss," Anderson said proud of his son.

"Hu? You mean an outlaw, then hero, woman charmer you like as your own son?" Puss asked him shocked.

"No. The positive potentials of you. For example: If you hurt somebody you try everything to correct your mistake, if you broke something you try everything in your power to fix it and so on. That is what I like in you Puss. You stand up to your mistakes. I just run away from them instead of fixing them." Anderson explained.

"Can you give me a prove from one of your mistakes?" Puss asked him.

"Yes I can. The time I was flirting around and slept with your mother. She told me after our romantic night that she was pregnant. But I was furious at myself and left her there in her week state. And as you came later I didn't raise you as my own instead I dumped you at the orphanage just as you were 2 day's old. And your mother was forced to move from Spain to Italy, she left with a broken heart. I should have stayed at your side and taken care of you instead of running away. I am sorry son." Anderson said a bit upset.

"It is ok. If you didn't leave me there I might have turned out different then how I am now. If I was with you I wouldn't have turned from a outlaw to a hero, wouldn't have meet Humpty Alexander Dumpty or even found true love with Kitty Softpaws." Puss said happy.

"True." Anderson nodded.

After there fishing and preparing the feast for tomorrow the boy's each lay in a sleeping bag and fell fast asleep. Puss dreamed of his next adventures with Kitty soon to be his wife. He couldn't believe he found true love with her. And he couldn't wait to call her his wife.

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