What It Takes to Be a Queen

Summary: What if there was to be a third Daughter of Eve in the prophecy who was to become queen? Ariel Davis is the niece of Professor Kirke and lives next door to him with her mother while her father serves in the war. When the Pevensie children arrive at her uncle's house, this quiet, young woman is dragged with them into Narnia for the adventure of a lifetime filled with tests of friendship, fierce battles and even romance. Peter x OC

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Chapter One-Meeting the Pevensies

Ariel Davis was in her room reading a book about the life of Cleopatra. The Egyptian queen was one of her favorite heroes of ancient history. She was everything that Ariel felt that she wasn't: beautiful, resourceful, courageous and cunning. With a sigh, the fifteen year old closed the book and placed it on the night-table beside her before sliding off her bed and studying her face in the mirror. Her fiery-red hair, which she'd inherited from her Scottish grandmother on her father's side, was straight and hung down her back. Her large, hazel-colored eyes (which were the only thing about her she actually liked) were hidden behind her thick glasses, her cheekbones were high and people said slanted up charmingly when she smiled (which was seldom) and her nose was short and small. She was about 5'5 and was a lot curvier than the slender girls who attended the St. Elizabeth Academy, which often got her ridiculed. Add to the fact that was the academy's top student, and Ariel's social life was spelled out in a single word: non-existent.

She'd been living with her mother next door to her uncle, Professor Kirke, for about a year now. They'd moved from their house in London after her father had been called to serve in the Air Force as a bomber. Her uncle had deemed it necessary to keep his sister (her mother) and his niece out of harm's way as London was being heavily bombed by German fighter planes. Ariel had left her old school, her old neighborhood, and all her old friends (she'd actually made some friends at her old school) to come to the quiet countryside close to a city that she was quite unfamiliar with. Ariel wished for some company to come along, people her own age or around it. She was a bookworm and an intellectual, yes, but she was tired of being lonely.

Just then, she heard the neighing of a horse and rushed over to the open window. She saw her uncle's housekeeper, Mrs. Macready, driving the horse and wagon with four people in it. Two of them were boys and two of them were girls. Two of them looked around her age, which made Ariel's heart soar. Finally! Some company! She hurried down the stairs and into the kitchen where her mother was busying herself with supper.

"Mother! Mother! Mrs. Macready just drove into Uncle Digory's house with four children!" Ariel shouted excitedly. "May I please go and see them?! Please?! Please?! PLEASE?!"

"Ariel, be quiet!" her mother scolded. "A lady never raises her voice when she speaks!" The young woman hung her head in shame.

"Yes, Mother. I'm sorry," she apologized. Her mother patted her daughter on the shoulder, chuckling lightly.

"Well, just remember that next time," her mother told her. "Now, as to these children that you saw. Your uncle told me of their arrival this morning, but he didn't want me to tell you. He wanted it to be a surprise. They'll be staying with him as long as necessary. Their surname is Pevensie, and they're from London too. And they aren't animals to be gawked at in a zoo, so mind your questions. And as for seeing them, well…you may go after supper and speak with your uncle first before you can see them."

"Oh thank you, Mother!" Ariel cried before throwing her arms around the stout woman with mousey-brown hair and jade-green eyes. Her mother smiled and then told her to set the table for supper. Ariel did it as quickly as she could so that she could make herself look nice enough to make some new friends.

Ariel put on her grey skirt with a white blouse before she went and sat before her mirror. She brushed her hair and then put it up in a ponytail. Looking at her reflection, she sighed and decided that there was no use fussing over her appearance. She wasn't blessed with beauty, and there wasn't much she could do about it to change that fact. She quickly headed downstairs and slipped on her penny loafers before heading out the door and running down the lane towards her uncle's grand house. Hurrying up the path, she was panting slightly before she reached the front door.

Around her, the Sun was setting in the west, and it would soon be dark if she didn't hurry. She held the large, brass knocker in her hand and allowed it to bang against the door of the house. There was the sound of someone approaching the door, and she was suddenly face to face with the stern, imposing Mrs. Macready.

"Oh. It's you," she said in that stern, cold voice that made Ariel feel as though she was a little, two year old girl instead of the fifteen year old young lady that she was. "What do you want?"

"I'm here to visit my uncle, Mrs. Macready," she said almost in a whisper. "My mother gave me permission to…"

"HA! Your mother!" Mrs. Macready snorted. Then, much to Ariel's relief, the housekeeper opened the door wider and stepped aside. "Well, come inside already! The Professor's a busy man, you know!"

The young woman scrambled inside the house and walked gingerly up the stairs as Mrs. Macready would surely scold her to the ground if she went thundering up them to see her uncle. She turned down the hallway and to the right and knocked on the door.

"Come in," a voice called. She opened the door and saw the smile facing of her uncle, Digory Kirke, sitting behind a desk. "Ah, Ariel! My niece! How are you, my dear?!" She hurried forward and hugged her uncle, who chuckled and hugged her back.

"I'm fine, Uncle Digory. Mother says hello, and we haven't had any news from Dad recently," Ariel told him as he pulled away and sat back down in his chair.

"I'm certain that you didn't come all the way just to tell me what I already know, my dear niece," Professor Kirke chuckled, smiling at his niece's guilty look. "This is about the Pevensie children, isn't it?"

"Yes, Uncle Digory," Ariel confessed. "I…I just want to meet them and say hello to them, and…well…see if they'd…want to be my friends."

"I'm sure that your friendship will be a gift that they'll readily accept, my dear Ariel," her uncle replied confidently, rising once more from his desk. "They're probably in little Lucy's room right now. Let me guide you to them." Professor Kirke stood up and then walked out of his study, Ariel scampering behind him as they navigated through the house. Statues and historical artifacts lined the walls and halls of the large house. She knew that many people thought her uncle was eccentric, but she'd always loved coming to the house and seeing artifacts from different eras of history, imagining the stories and seeing their owners come alive once more in her imagination.

"Here we are," the Professor said, stopping in front of a wooden door with a brass knob. On the other side of the door, Ariel could faintly hear the tube reporting about the bombings in London.

"Thank you, Uncle," Ariel whispered so as not to startle anyone inside the room. "I hope that they like me and want to be my friends."

"Of that I am sure, Ariel. You will have many adventures together with your new friends, and perhaps, you will even find something more than friendship with one of them," the Professor whispered. Ariel turned around, confused and ready to ask what her uncle could ever mean by that, but he was already gone, vanished. Turning back to the door, Ariel took a deep breath and then raised her hand before knocking timidly on the wood of the door in front of her.

"Come in!" a voice called. It sounded like a boy's voice, and based on its depth and pitch, Ariel concluded that it was a boy around her age or a smidge older. Ariel turned the knob and stepped inside. There were the four children, the two boys and the two girls, and one of them, a small, brown-haired girl, was sitting up in the large bed. A dark-haired boy was seated next to the tube while his blond-haired brother sat next to him. The other girl was seated on the edge of the bed next to her sister. Nobody had noticed Ariel slip inside the room.

"The sheets feel scratchy," the brown-haired girl whispered. She looked like she was the youngest, and Ariel, who had always longed for a younger sister, couldn't help but feel instinctively drawn to her.

"I know," Ariel told the young girl kindly as everyone looked at her and almost jumped. "They always feel scratchy to me whenever I sleep here."

"Really?" the brown-haired girl asked.

"Really," Ariel replied, smiling.

"Who are you?" the blond-haired boy asked her. He had a protective tone in his voice that made Ariel step back a little.

"Peter! Don't frighten the poor girl!" scolded the other girl. She had long, dark hair and blue eyes just like the blond-haired boy did. Ariel couldn't help but notice that this girl was a lot prettier than she was.

"I…I…I'm Ariel Davis," Ariel managed to stammer out. "I live next door to Professor Kirke. I'm his niece. I was just interested in meeting you."

"Please. Excuse my brother for sounding so harsh," the long-haired girl said kindly. "I'm Susan Pevensie, and this is my family: my older brother, Peter," she said, pointing to the blond-haired boy, who nodded his head at Ariel. "My younger brother, Edmund," she continued, pointing next to a boy with dark hair and brown eyes, who didn't even make eye contact with her, but simply stared at the ground. "And last, our younger sister, Lucy," she finished, pointing to the small, brown-haired girl who was under the sheets. She smiled brightly and warmly.

"I'm 8," she told Ariel, who chuckled and smiled.

"So, where are you from, Ariel?" Peter asked her curiously.

"London," Ariel responded. "I just moved here a year ago with my mother to escape the bombings. How about you four?"

"Finchley. Our mother sent us here to keep us safe from the bombings, too," Peter answered. "Where's your father?"

"He's fighting in the war," Ariel replied, looking down at the ground.

"Our father's fighting in the war too," Lucy told Ariel. The young woman looked up and saw the sincerity in the child's eyes. "Maybe our fathers met each other!"

"Maybe, Lucy. Maybe," Ariel said, smiling. Peter couldn't help but notice that her smile was very pretty and seemed to light up her whole face. Her hazel eyes, hidden behind her thick glasses, seemed to shine brighter. He caught Edmund staring at him looking at her and quickly dropped his gaze, ignoring his younger brother's snicker of amusement.

"Do you think it will ever be over, Ariel? The war, I mean?" Lucy inquired.

"I know it will, Lucy," Ariel replied, trying her best to sound confident. She herself didn't know for sure when and where this war would end, but based off of the histories of war that she studied in her spare time, it would end. The only undetermined variants were when, who would emerge the victor and how many casualties there would be before it ended. Of course, there was room for error. There I go, thinking like a complete smarty again! Ariel scolded herself. I can't ever say things like that in front of them! They'll think I'm weird!

"Ariel's right, Lu. Wars don't last forever. We'll be home soon," Susan reassured her little sister.

"Yeah! If home's still there!" scoffed Edmund.

"Isn't it time you were in bed?" Susan asked pointedly, but kindly enough.

"Yes, Mum!" Edmund said sarcastically. Ariel was beginning to get a feeling that Edmund was the most troublesome of the four.

"ED!" Peter scolded. Yep. Edmund was the definitely the most troublesome of the four, going by Peter's reaction to Edmund's sarcasm. Edmund just snorted before pushing past Ariel and stomping off to his room and Peter's, which was across the hall from the girls' room. Ariel flinched when she heard the door bang shut.

"I'm sorry about him," Peter apologized. "He's just got a naturally bad attitude towards strangers."

"Actually, that's his way of adjusting to such a huge change," Susan corrected, giving Peter a hard look.

"That's alright," Ariel replied. "I understand how hard it can be. Well, I'd better be going. It's almost dark, and my mother will have a coronary if I'm outside at night."

"But you will come back tomorrow, won't you?" Lucy asked her anxiously, putting on a puppy dog face. Ariel smiled and looked at Peter, who was watching her with a sympathetic smile on his face that read: She does this all the time with us!

"How could I say "no" to a face like that?" Ariel chuckled and smiled. Lucy's small face lit up like a newly-lit candle. Susan only chuckled and Peter's smile remained on his face. "Well, I'd better be going. But I'll be back tomorrow, and we can all explore this big, old house inside and out, alright Lucy?"

"OK!" the young girl agreed enthusiastically. While Susan saw to Lucy, Peter followed Ariel out of the girls' room. His blue eyes seemed even brighter in the dim light of the hallway, and Ariel had to avoid gazing into them. He reminded her so much of…him.

"Is something wrong?" Peter asked her, sounding concerned.

"What? Oh…nothing. It's just…I miss my father," Ariel lied, looking back up at him. He smiled and touched her shoulder sympathetically. Ariel felt her skin warm under his touch, but quickly shoved those feelings side.

"So do I," he told her. "Well, I'd better let you go home. We have a big day of exploring tomorrow."

"Yes we do," Ariel replied, smiling as she remembered her promise to Lucy. "Well…goodnight."

"Yeah. Goodnight," Peter returned before he headed to his room. The young woman watched as he went inside and turned around once more. Giving her a sweet smile, he gently closed the door. Ariel hurried down the hallway and then thundered down the front stairs, ignoring Mrs. Macready's scolding and hurried out the front door of her uncle's house and ran back down the lane towards home.

"Ariel Elizabeth Davis, where have you been?!" her mother scolded. "It's almost eight o'clock at night!"

"I'm sorry, Mother," Ariel replied, panting as she tried to catch her breath. "I…was…just…talking…with… the Pevensies."

"Clearly you've taken a liking to them, or you would not have spent so long talking with them!" her mother said, sounding partially angry but partially amused.

"They are quite nice," Ariel replied cheerfully. Well, except for Edmund, she thought to herself. "Peter's the eldest. He has blond hair and blue eyes. He's really protective of his siblings. Susan is the next eldest, and she's really pretty. I wish I was as pretty as she is. She has long, brown hair and blue eyes, and she just looks so…perfect! The next oldest is Edmund. He has dark hair and brown eyes. He seems very secretive and…reserved. And then the youngest one is Lucy. She has brown hair and blue eyes, too. She's only eight years old, but she's so sweet and friendly."

"They sound like a fine bunch," Ariel's mother chuckled heartily. "But now, it's time for you to be heading off to bed, my dear. Especially since I believe that Lucy Pevensie has probably invited you back there tomorrow to play with them."

"How…how did you…?"

"You'd be surprised what an old woman like me knows, my dear," Ariel's mother chuckled again. "Now, off to bed with you."

"Goodnight, Mama," Ariel said, giving her mother a kiss on the cheek before heading upstairs. Hurrying up to her room, Ariel changed into her nightgown and then settled back into bed with her book on Cleopatra. Soon, the words on the page began to getting blurry, signaling that she was tired. Placing her glasses and her book on the night-table beside her, Ariel snuggled under the sheets of her bed and fell asleep, dreaming of a snow-covered forest, what sounded like the noise of a great battle, and, what sounded even more impossible to her, the fierce roar of a lion.

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