What It Takes to Be a Queen

Summary: What if there was to be a third Daughter of Eve in the prophecy who was to become queen? Ariel Davis is the niece of Professor Kirke and lives next door to him with her mother while her father serves in the war. When the Pevensie children arrive at her uncle's house, this quiet, young woman is dragged with them into Narnia for the adventure of a lifetime filled with tests of friendship, fierce battles and even romance. Peter x OC

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Chapter Nine-Royal Weapons Practice and The Witch's Demand

Ariel's eyes fluttered open slowly as she sat up and moaned. She felt a sharp, stinging pain in her left arm that burned like a newly-lit fire. Damn wolves and their sharp claws! Ariel thought to herself. And damn me for not remembering that wounds can get infected! She looked and saw that the wound had been bandaged with fresh, clean linen. And her head wasn't hurting anymore.

"Good. You're finally awake," said a voice that made Ariel's heart leap. She turned her head towards the sound and was soon gazing at Peter, who was sitting on a wooden stool by her bedside, arms crossed over his chest. "How are you feeling?"

"A stinging pain in my arm and a little bit of exhaustion, but other than that and a lot of hunger, I'm alright," Ariel replied, swinging her legs over the side of the bed. Peter came over and sat down beside her on the bed, turning her face towards his with his fingers.

"Do you know how close we came to losing you?!" Peter demanded. "The healer said if you hadn't returned when you did, you could've died from that infection, Ariel! You could have died!"

"I know, Peter! I know!" Ariel snapped, trying to look away from his piercing, blue eyes. The pain in them was too much for her to bear. She didn't want him to know about her nightmares, about Jonathon hurting her in every possible way, about her desperately screaming his name, hoping for him to come and save her, to defend her, to care for her.

"Why didn't you tell anybody? Edmund? Orius? Me?" Peter questioned. "And while we're on the subject, how did you even get that wound from the wolves in the first place?!" It was hard not to sound angry right then for Peter. He wasn't angry at her, though. He could never be angry at her. He was more angry at the fact that she'd nearly died and he could've done nothing to save her from that fate.

"It happened during the battle," Ariel replied. "The wolves managed to dodge my hits and caught my unguarded arm." She sighed. "Guess I need a lot more work with my narigata if I'm ever going to become some amazing queen of Narnia."

"A lot?!" Peter repeated, sounding nothing less than shocked. "Ariel, you were…wonderful!"

"I didn't kill a wolf. I didn't save Lucy and Susan. You did, remember?" Ariel reminded him bluntly, standing up from her bed and feeling slightly dizzy. Peter was at her side in an instant, gripping her arm and keeping her steady. As much as her heart swooned at the contact between them, she also couldn't help but feel slightly angered. Everyone was always treating her like a piece of china or something that was very delicate. She wanted to prove that she could be brave and courageous, even if she was injured.

"Ariel, I was lucky. That wolf could've very easily killed me," Peter countered, holding her chin in his hand so that he was looking directly into her hazel eyes. "I'm just as new to this as you are. Besides, you're a hero too. You helped save Edmund. You maimed that other wolf. You protected my sisters until I got there. You were amazing."

"You really think so?" Ariel asked him in amazement. Peter smiled and nodded. "I…I'm just so used to thinking that I'm no good at anything, that I can't defend myself properly, and that I'm weak."

"You are the furthest thing from weak I've ever seen, Ariel," Peter told her kindly. "You just have to believe in yourself, and what happened yesterday will keep happening to you."

"I hope not," Ariel chuckled, gazing at the bandage on her arm. "I don't want any more battle wounds. Nor do I need them."

"You know what I mean, my little warrior princess," Peter laughed. Ariel felt something swoop over her when he called her that. No boy had ever called her by a special name; not even Jonathon.

"Your warrior princess?" It was then that Peter began to blush and looked quite nervous. Ariel could've laughed. The future High King of Narnia was nervous in the presence of a plain, little bookworm like her?

"Forgive me, Ariel. I didn't mean to be so forward. I…" Ariel put a finger to his lips and stopped him, almost fainting from the feel of his soft lips on her finger.

"No. You weren't being forward. I…I…I like the sound of it," Ariel said, smiling. Peter smiled too and then gently took her hand in his and brought it to his lips, kissing it softly.

"I like the sound of it too, Ariel." His voice was soft and sweet, and his eyes were just so hypnotic that Ariel felt as though she was in a trance. Just then, Ariel's stomach began rumbling loudly, interrupting the romantic moment between the two. Ariel groaned while Peter laughed.

"C'mon! Ed's probably up by now, too!" Peter chuckled, keeping a tight hold of her hand. "Let's get you fed, my little warrior princess!"

Outside, close to the edge of a hill, Lucy, Susan and Edmund were seated on rocks, enjoying a hearty meal prepared by Aslan's cooks. Peter and Ariel arrived, greeting everyone cheerfully enough. Susan smiled at Ariel when she noticed her brother's hand and Ariel's entwined together. Edmund only smirked and bit into another piece of toast on a plate of five slices. He must be famished! Ariel thought to herself as she sat down between Lucy and Edmund. But the feeling's mutual! So am I!

"How are you feeling, Ariel?" Susan inquired.

"Famished," Ariel replied before digging in to the food as though she was never going to eat again.

"Narnia isn't going to run out of toast, you two!" Lucy giggled as she witnessed Ariel and Edmund stuffing their faces with food. Susan and Edmund began laughing, and as she chuckled, Ariel's eyes landed on Peter, who was wearing a serious look on his handsome face. Handsome?! Ariel thought to herself in shock. Dear Aslan! I think I really am in love with him!

"Make sure you pack some for the journey back," Peter told them. Ariel stared at him in disbelief. He ran a hand through his tousled blond hair and sighed as if this had been something he'd been contemplating all night long.

"We're going home?" Susan asked, looking slightly shocked at the fact. It was true that she had been the most vocal about turning back, but Ariel could sense that the magic of Narnia was starting to weaken her resolve. Even Ariel, who had always been one for logic and reasoning, was starting to believe more in magic and destiny and fate.

"You four are," Peter replied. Ariel looked at Lucy, who was staring at her in shock as well. Edmund looked confused.

"I promised Mum I'd keep you three safe. And I can't risk Ariel getting hurt again," Peter explained, his blue eyes falling on the young redhead. "But there's no reason I can't stay behind and help."

"But they need us!" Lucy protested. Then, she looked around at the other four people around her. "All five of us!"

"Lucy, it's too dangerous!" Peter argued. "You almost drowned! Edmund and Ariel were almost killed!"

"Which is why we have to stay," Edmund murmured. All eyes were on him as he raised his head and looked at his older brother. "I've seen what the White Witch can do. And…I've helped her do it. And we can't leave these people behind to suffer for it!"

"I agree with Edmund," Ariel agreed.

"No way, Ariel! If anyone's going to be the first to leave Narnia, it's you!" Peter told her fiercely. "I won't risk what happened by the stream happening again!"

"So much for thinking that I'm not weak," Ariel muttered loudly, but only loudly enough for Peter to hear.

"This isn't two wolves, a couple of minotaurs or anything minor, Ariel! This is war! People die in wars!" Peter shouted.

"You think I don't know that?!" Ariel countered hotly. "I'm not stupid, Peter!"

"I never said you were!"

"You're very good at implying it!"


"Oh, for Aslan's sake!" Edmund interrupted, causing everyone to look at him. He was smirking. "You two haven't even kissed yet, and you're already bickering like a married couple!"

"Edmund! Don't start!" Peter and Ariel snapped at him before looking at each other and then quickly looking away. Edmund just smirked triumphantly while Susan looked torn between jumping in or sitting there and laughing.

"She has to stay, Peter!" Lucy said defensively. "The Prophecy said two Sons of Adam and three Daughters of Eve! She's the third Daughter of Eve!"

"Look! I may not be your sister or anything, but I feel as though I'm a part of this family," Ariel voiced, sounding strong. "And families stick together…no matter what!"

"You are a part of our family, Ari," Lucy said, giving Ariel a huge hug. "You already feel a lot like my sister." Ariel smiled and returned it warmly, feeling the anger and rage dissipate from her being.

"Thanks, Lu. That means a lot," Ariel replied.

"Yeah. All that's left is for Peter to marry you, and then it'll be official!" Edmund snickered.

"Edmund!" Peter and Ariel shouted at him, trying their hardest not to blush in front of each other.

"What?" Edmund asked, feigning innocence.

"I agree with Ed. You two would make a lovely couple," Lucy agreed, smiling cheekily. Susan hid a smile behind her hand.

"Lucy!" they both shouted again. Ariel felt her face getting hot and didn't dare look at Peter, whose face was as red as a tomato right then.

"Well I guess that's it then," Susan commented, getting up from her seat and going over to where her bow and arrows rested.

"Where are you going?" Peter inquired.

"To get in some practice," Susan replied, smiling. Lucy immediately leapt up and followed her older sister to the archery butts for practice.

"I can't win!" Peter groaned, throwing his hands up in the air.

"What did you expect?!" Edmund countered cheekily. "You're dealing with our two, headstrong sisters and your stubborn, redheaded girlfriend!"

"Edmund! Stop!" Peter and Ariel shouted. Edmund smirked and then got up to go and find out from Orius where the training would take place for him and Peter.

"How come you're not going with Susan and Lucy?" Peter inquired, studying the redhead.

"I have a different weapon than all of you," Ariel reminded him. "I have to be trained by someone who specializes in foreign weaponry."

"And so you shall," a deep voice said from behind her. Ariel whipped around to see Aslan standing behind them. "One of the female centaurs will train you in using the narigata, Ariel. She will be waiting for you by the hillside close to the stream. You need not worry."

"Thank you, Aslan," Ariel told the Great Lion thankfully. "I just hope that I can learn something."

"You have started on the journey already, my dear. And I have the utmost faith that you will complete it." Then, the Great Lion went on his way, leaving Peter, Edmund and Ariel alone again.

"Can I walk you to practice?" Peter offered, turning back to Ariel. She nodded her head. Smiling, Peter offered her his arm and, linking her arm through his, they set off for Ariel's tent.

"Are you nervous?" Peter asked her as they walked past smiling Narnians, all of whom were watching the young couple with curiosity and slight looks of amusement.

"About practice or the Narnians who're staring at us?" Ariel replied, her eyes meeting those of some of the onlookers. Peter looked at a few of the observers and then chuckled.

"Practice," Peter answered. "All the Narnians are staring at you because you're a beautiful queen. Well, queen-to-be."

"And I suppose they're already pairing me with the handsome High King-to-be," Ariel said, smiling.

"Is that really such a bad thing?" Peter asked, playfully sounding insulted.

"If it were any other girl but me, then no," Ariel responded as they stopped at the entrance to her tent. She was about to go in and get her narigata when she felt a hand close around her wrist and gently pull her back. Ariel turned and looked into Peter's eyes as he spoke to her.

"What do you mean "any other girl but you? Ariel, you're amazing. You're sweet, kind, loving, courageous, beautiful and I..." Peter abruptly stopped, blushing as red as a tomato at the confession he would've blurted out. "I...I...I wish you could see what I see," he finished.

"Hopefully, one day I will," she answered.

"Is this about Jonathon? Ariel...that...that...that bastard was the only person at fault, not you! He didn't know what he was giving up when he did that to you! And I swear that I am nothing like him! Ask Edmund! Ask Lucy! Ask Susan! They'll tell you...!"

"I believe you, Peter!" she shouted, causing him to close his mouth before he could say anything more. He looked shocked, but then relaxed when he saw her smiling. "I've seen who you are, Peter Pevensie. And I know you are nothing like...him. You're sweet, kind, brave, you love your family, quite stubborn and proud sometimes," she said, causing him to look shocked. "Oh, don't look so surprised! You have a streak of pride in you like everyone else! It's just yours is a little...wider. What else? You're also noble and selfless and handsome and..." She stopped, her mouth open as she saw him blush. "Peter, I..."

"You think I'm handsome?" he asked her, sounding shocked.

"Doesn't every girl think that about you?" she questioned. Peter didn't respond and Ariel quickly went inside and got her narigata. Laying it on the bed, she quickly changed into a brown, leather shirt with matching pants, a chainmail dress and brown, sturdy boots. When she returned, Peter was standing with his sword in its scabbard, the shield with the lion in hand. He was dressed in a black, leather vest and green pants and sturdy, black boots. He looked incredible, like a young warrior preparing for war.

"Shall we go, milady?" Peter asked, bowing to her.

"Why, thank you, good sir knight," Ariel replied, giggling as she curtsied.

"Did Aslan tell you that?" he inquired as they began to walk towards the training grounds.

"What?" she asked.

"That I'm a knight," Peter answered.

"You are?!" she cried with shock. He smirked at her, nodding.

"I am Sir Peter Wolfsbane, Knight of Narnia!" he declared, unsheathing his sword and holding it on a slant in front of him, like he was about to do battle. Ariel laughed so hard that she nearly fell onto the grass. Peter rolled his eyes and sheathed his sword again.

"You are such a drama king!" she laughed.

"Am not!" Peter denied.

"Are too!" Ariel shot back. "What would you call what you just did now?!"

"I ...alright. So maybe drawing the sword was a little...dramatic," he admitted.

"Told you so!" Ariel teased.

"Way to wound my ego, Ariel!" Peter playfully replied, picking up a handful of grass and tossing it at her. She laughed and ran from him, him chasing behind her. Just then, she tripped over a rock and tumbled into the grass with Peter close behind her. He was hovering above her, his dazzling, blue eyes twinkling with mischief as he grinned down at her. She smiled back at him. Then, his face took on a serious look as he cupped her cheek and began leaning down towards her lips. Ariel felt her breath catch in her throat as she slowly closed her eyes and waited for the contact that would send her into blissful oblivion. But then, there was a cough and Ariel opened her eyes as Peter quickly moved off of her. A female centaur dressed in battle armor was approaching them. Tall with long, brown hair, her eyes were bright, curious and amused as Peter grasped Ariel's hand and helped her up from the grass. She quickly sank into two, elegant bows.

"King Peter, Queen Ariel," she said. "My name is Marilla. I am one of Aslan's personal bodyguards and have been trained in the use of foreign weaponry. I believe I am to teach Her Majesty, Queen Ariel on how to battle with the narigata, a Japanese weapon of great power and strength. And I believe His Highness, King Peter, will find Orius beyond that hillside with King Edmund."

"Thank you, Marilla," Peter told her kindly. She bowed and watched as Peter took Ariel's hand up to his lips and planted a kiss on it.

"Milady," he said, smirking as he bowed to her.

"Sir Peter," she replied, curtseying and smirking as well. Then, he hurried off over the hillside to his lessons with Orius.

"Now, my queen. The narigata is a powerful, Japanese weapon," Marilla explained. "The two, twin blades give it added power. This staff is especially strong and cannot be easily snapped by a sword stroke. Stand with your feet slightly apart, leading foot forward slightly, one of the blades pointing at me. Back straight. Eyes on me. Good grip. Excellent. Now, I want you to attack me and attack hard."

"Alright," Ariel agreed. Then, she rushed in for an attack only to be blocked. She barely dodged an attack from Marilla and then, the female centaur managed to get her sword under the narigata and somehow flick it out of her hand. Then, with a sweep of the legs, Ariel was at Marilla's mercy.

"It's no use, Marilla," Ariel told her, sounding completely frustrated as she got up and retrieved the narigata. "I'm no good at this. I can't do it."

"Concentrate, my queen. And believe in yourself," Marilla told her. "With belief, the weapon will bow to your will." Ariel nodded and then, like a lightning bolt, the centaur came flying at her. Ariel parried the blow with the staff of her narigata before ducking and dodging a swing that was aimed at her head. Jumping to avoid having her feet swept out from underneath her, she swung one of the curved blades at Marilla, who blocked it and came in for a quick counterattack. Blowing this one too, Ariel knew that the Witch would never attack her so easily or obviously, and that she needed to be prepared for the unexpected. Then, Marilla's sword found the same spot and swept the narigata out of her hand. On a sudden impulse, she did a backflip (she didn't even know how she'd done it) away from Marilla's quick attack and held out her hand as if she was summoning the spinning weapon back to her again. Then, as if it could sense her calling it back to her, the narigata returned to her hand as if by magic. Ariel was stunned, but she managed to look up just as the centaur came flying towards her. She dodged to the side and then swept her legs out from under her before leaping onto her and resting one of the curved blades close to the female centaur's neck. Ariel was breathing hard as Marilla looked up and nodded at her young charge.

"Very good, Your Majesty," Marilla told her as Ariel removed the blade and helped her up. "Do you know why the blade returned to you?"


"Yes, but do you know what kind?"


"The magic of confidence. Belief in the self can open doors to magic that even the most skilled wizards have never touched." Then, she looked at the hillside and smiled. "And it create fairytale endings even when we ourselves doubt that we can have a happily ever after. But I believe the High King and his brother are done with their lessons, my queen," Marilla informed her, smiling and chuckling as she saw Ariel blush and turn to the hillside. Edmund was seated on a beautiful, brown horse and looked pretty regal. Peter was on a magnificent, white horse that looked like something every king throughout history rode on. It was the conqueror's horse, the victor of a great battle. He hurried down the hillside with Edmund following close behind him.

"How is she doing?" Peter asked Marilla after he'd dismounted. The young, female centaur gazed down at the young redhead and smiled.

"Her Majesty is doing quite well for a beginner," Marilla informed Peter. "All she requires is confidence and belief in her abilities, and she will be unstoppable."

"I don't doubt that one bit," Peter told her, smiling at the young woman, who blushed and turned her face away. Peter's own cheeks became red as he felt embarrassed for embarrassing her. Marilla simply chuckled at the sight in front of her before she galloped off towards the camp. Peter and Ariel were finally able to meet each other's eyes.

"So? How was I?" Ariel asked.

"You reminded me of the Celtic warrior princesses my mother used to tell Susan and Lucy about when they were little girls," Peter replied, smiling at her. "You're getting better."

"Thanks," Ariel said, looking down at the ground. Then, she felt a gentle hand under her chin, and her gaze was elevated until she met Peter's eyes.

"Look at me, Ariel," he whispered to her, holding her gaze. "Don't look at the ground when you talk to people. It shows that you don't have confidence. And I know that an amazing girl like you has got to have confidence in you somewhere. Or she wouldn't be out here training with weapons."

"You're right," Ariel said, smiling. Peter returned the gesture and took his hand away from her chin.

"Aren't I always?" Peter replied, sounding smug. The young redhead rolled her eyes.

"Arrogant, little...!" Ariel began to grumble, but her words were interrupted by someone shouting.

"Peter!" Mr. Beaver cried, scampering as fast as he could towards the three youths. Edmund's horse immediately reared up on its hind legs and whinnied wildly.

"Whoa, horsey!" Edmund commanded, pulling on the reins.

"My name is Phillip," the horse replied, sounding slightly annoyed and causing Ariel to burst out laughing rather than recoil in shock and disbelief.

"Oh. Sorry," Edmund apologized as Peter and Ariel tried their hardest to hide their snickering.

"The Witch has demanded a meeting with Aslan!" Mr. Beaver shouted. Ariel stopped snickering and turned and looked at Edmund, who'd suddenly become as pale as a ghost. "She's on her way here!" Scrambling down from their horses, Peter took Ariel's hand and led her across the fields back to the camp at the entrance to Aslan's tent. All around them, Narnians had gathered to witness this meeting between their king and their sworn enemy and pretender-queen.

"Don't worry Edmund," Lucy reassured him. "Aslan will take care of this. I'm sure of it."

"I hope so, Lu," Edmund replied, not sounding too hopeful himself.

"Jadis! Queen of Narnia!" the crier announced. "Empress of the Lone Islands!" The Narnians booed and shouted at the White Witch, whom Ariel had never seen before today. She was tall with blond hair that was fixed in an upward style and ice-blue eyes that could not hide the evil of her soul. She held a wand of ice in her right hand like a scepter, and her dress was long and flowing. An ice crown was fixed upon her head. She was every inch a queen, and yet every inch an imposter. You could tell from the hate and lack of support that came from the people of Narnia. But the Witch stood when her litter was lowered and locked gazes with the Great Lion, as if they were somehow equals.

"You have a traitor in your midst, Aslan," she informed him. Every eye in the crowd turned and was fixed on Edmund, who was glancing down at the ground in shame.

"His offence was not against you," Aslan replied calmly but firmly.

"Have you forgotten the laws upon which Narnia was built?!" the White Witch mocked in a jeering tone. Aslan gave a slight growl and narrowed his brown eyes.

"Do not cite the Deep Magic to me, Witch!" Aslan growled. "I was there when it was written!"

"Then you know, every traitor belongs to me," the Witch declared. "His blood is my property!"

"Try and take him then!" Peter challenged, drawing out his sword and pointing it directly at the Witch. One of the Minotaurs gripped his axe in his hand and was prepared to fight Peter, but the Witch held him back.

"Do you really think that mere force will deny me my right, little king?" she asked Peter. He dropped the sword after a moment, but he still stood his ground between Edmund and the Witch's forces. It was then that Ariel felt her anger boil over. The Witch's smarmy, condescending tone when she was talking to Aslan, when she'd just insulted Peter had broken Ariel's normal boundary for tolerance. Her narigata was out like lightning, one of the curved blades pointing at the Witch.

"The only right you have is the one to get the Hell out of here and still be in one piece!" Ariel snapped at the Witch. All eyes turned to the young woman, who stood firmly and bravely under the glare of the White Witch. "Edmund belongs with us! Your claim on him is as false as your claim to be Queen of Narnia!" Gasps of shock and wonderment whistled through the crowd as the Witch's eyes burned with resentment.

"How dare you speak to me like that, little girl!" she shouted in anger, her ice wand gripped tightly in her hand.

"I dare to because I can!" Ariel shot back. "If you want Edmund, Witch, then you'll have to go through all the Narnians, his family and me before one of your icy claws gets a hold of him! Until then, back the Hell off him! Or else!"

"Enough, Ariel," Aslan commanded firmly. Ariel then put away her narigata and watched as the Witch's expression changed from resentment to arrogance once more.

"It does not matter what any little king or queen says," the Witch declared, turning to face the Narnians. "Aslan knows that if I do not have blood as the law demands, all of Narnia will be overturned, and perish, in fire and water! That boy!" she shouted, pointing at Edmund. "Will die on the Stone Table! As is tradition!" Then, she turned back to the Great Lion. "You dare not refuse me!"

"Enough! I shall talk with you alone," Aslan told her. The Witch nodded and, after shooting an icy look at Ariel, strode into Aslan's tent behind the lion himself. The air now became thick and heavy with silence and uncertainty as everyone sat down in the grass and waited for the verdict.

"Ariel!" Peter breathed in astonishment and amazement. "How did you...? Where did that...?"

"I guess...it just...came out," Ariel confessed, not knowing where her sudden burst of courage came from.

"Well I'm glad it did!" Lucy told her, smiling and hugging her. "You were wonderful, Ari! That Witch was horrible to you and Peter!"

"Well, I couldn't exactly allow her to insult the future High King of Narnia, now could I?" Ariel replied playfully, causing little giggles to erupt from Lucy and smiles on the faces of the other three.

"Of course you couldn't," Peter told her in a mock-kingly voice. "I'd have you beheaded for treason!"

"You'd have me, one of the future queens of Narnia, beheaded, Your Majesty?! I am shocked that I am so unfavored by a royal!"

"No, milady! You have my unending favor! And much more."

"How much more?" The question popped from Ariel's mouth before she could stop it. Peter's eyes became more serious, and his hand rested against her cheek.

"Everything I can offer you and more," he replied. Ariel suddenly felt her head spinning as Peter came a little closer to her. Then, a pointed cough came, which pulled Ariel and Peter back from the edge of the cliff.

"Do you really think this is the best time, Pete?" Edmund asked pointedly. Peter and Ariel blushed as the silence continued for a good while longer. Finally, the Witch and Aslan emerged from the tent. Everyone stood and Ariel watched the Witch's face. Her expression was hard and unreadable, but if Ariel had to hazard a guess, she'd say that the Witch had lost her claim on Edmund. Then, she turned and saw Aslan's face. His too was unreadable, but his eyes told another story. There was something sorrowful in them, which caused Ariel's heart to start beating faster.

"She has renounced her claim on the Son of Adam's blood!" Aslan declared. Cheers and shouts of joy erupted from the Narnians as Edmund's family hugged and kissed him, along with strangers and friends alike. Ariel found herself in Peter's arms, hugging him tightly and she felt his soft lips touch the skin of her forehead as a gentle kiss was planted there. She felt her spirits soaring on the clouds of the heavens.

"How do I know your promise will be kept?!" the Witch demanded from her litter. Aslan gave a great roar which sent the Witch scrambling back down into her seat. Laughs and cheers came from the Narnians as the Witch and her delegation exited the camp. Around her, celebrations swirled as Edmund was congratulated and hugged and patted. In the midst of the celebration, Ariel's eyes found Aslan's.

He didn't try to turn away from her or hide the sadness and woe that she could plainly see. It was then that Ariel realized that the promise had been made between the Witch and the Great Lion had not changed: blood was still necessary. But whose blood it would be had been the element that had changed. And now, Ariel knew what no one else, save little Lucy, in the Narnians' camp did or even dreamed of thinking.

Aslan was going to die.

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