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"Nee... Endou-kun..." Kazemaru's sleepy voice was heard as Endou walked gently. He was carrying the tealnet on his back, who was starting to doze off.

"Hm?" Endou said with a small smile on his face. He missed this moment for a year. He missed Kazemaru greatly.

"..." Kazemaru didn't answer anymore.

"Kazemaru?" Endou said as he tried to look at the tealnet.

He saw the tealnet peacefully asleep on his back, his teal hair brushing against Endou's neck.

Endou smiled and continued his small journey towards the tealnet's house.

The sakura blossoms danced on the air as the warm mid-January wind passed by them.

"Beautiful, aren't they?" Fubuki's voice suddenly said, snapping Kazemaru out of his thoughts as he looked at Fubuki and Gouenji, both smiling at him.

"Gouenji-kun. Fubuki-kun." Kazemaru said with a slight smile.

"No need to be formal, Kazemaru." Gouenji said with a smile.

"..." Kazemaru didn't say anything as he looked at the sakura petal that landed on his hand.

"Come on, we might be late for class." Gouenji said as he extended his hand towards Kazemaru.

'I'll join you and the spirit of yours' a voice, which sounded like his, suddenly appeared in his head. More like a half-memory.

"Kazemaru-kun?" Fubuki said as he looked at Kazemaru.

Kazemaru looked at them and smiled. "Okay... but what about Endou-kun?"

The two strikers looked at each other. Why was Kazemaru acting like he cared for Endou?

Gouenji was the first to get a hold of himself.

"He's still probably asleep at this time. He's usually-" Gouenji was interrupted with a cheerful scream.

"OHAYO!" Endou's voice probably woke up the dead if they were in a cementery. But it did wake up a few senior citizens who poke their sleepy heads out of the window and shouting some words at Endou.

"Captain, we always tell you to keep your voice down at the morning." Fubuki said as he sweat dropped.

"People could've thrown a lot of things at you if we were in America, Endou-kun." Kazemaru said with a smile. This, however, shocked Gouenji and Fubuki.

What happened...?