Korra rubbed her ass as she stood up, shaking off the dirt from her uniform. Amon stood a few feet away, looking bored. Then again, with that mask on his face, she could hardly tell what he was thinking. She wished that he didn't wear it all the time but she understood that he needed his anonymity around his followers. Besides, it made it all the more special when he took off his mask for her in the privacy of his bedroom.

"You're getting slow." He told her, a hint of disapproval in his voice. She lowered her head like a small child being chastised. His boots appeared in front of hers and his warm hand gently gripped her chin and tilted it up. She blinked, staring hard at those thin slits in the mask. Were his eyes angry or softened? She couldn't tell. He lowered his face towards her and for a second she thought that he was going to lift up his mask and kiss her. Her heart began to race in anticipation.

She felt weightless before the hard ground greeted her back. The breath was knocked out of her lungs and she had to take a moment to right herself. She didn't get much of a reprieve due to the fact that almost as soon as she went down Amon was on top of her. His knee pushed in between hers and her arms were pulled above her head. She thrashed beneath him, fear flickering in her eyes.

Yes, she trusted him, but some days that trust was a little stronger than others. Besides, she did /not/ like being in such a vulnerable position. "Amon," she whispered, her eyes seeking any hint of emotion behind that mask.

Amon could feel her trembling beneath him and he couldn't decide on whether he liked that or not. If he liked causing her fear. Sure, he thrived on terrifying the benders in the city. But scaring her? Not so much. He knew he needed to keep a firm hand on his follower, for sheep were apt to stray. Korra was different though. He didn't need to keep her on a tight leash like the others. She was whole heartedly devoted to him and his cause. He was her idol. There was a reason he had invited her to his bed. She had been eager. Still was.

Slowly he pulled his mask away, setting it down beside her. Every time he took his mask off, he expected her to cringe. Or at least avert her eyes. But no. She stared at him straight on, her face and body relaxing. He didn't know why she only relaxed after he showed her his face. Maybe she was terrible at reading body language. He didn't know. A faint smile touched her face and he found his own torn lips quirking as well.

He gently touched her face, brushing some stray hair out of her eyes as he leaned close so his lips could brush against her nose. She wrinkled it up, a soft laugh escaping her. "What are you laughing at?" he demanded with a smirk. She grinned up at him. "Nothing." She leaned up, surprising him as her lips met his. Her tongue stroked against his lips, begging for entrance. Amon wanted to continue, but he knew that if he let her distract him, they would never get anywhere in their training which she couldn't afford. The strike was planned for next week and she was almost to the point that he wanted her. Slowly, regretfully, he pulled away and reached for his mask. She frowned but didn't say anything. Instead she sat up with him as he arranged his mask and robes.

"You're no fun."

"I know. Now get up. We're going to go through your paces again. The longer it takes you to do this, the longer it will take for our shower." Her eyes darkened and she hopped up, immediately assuming her stance.

He smirked beneath his mask.

He always did know how to motivate people.