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Flakes of white slowly drifted downward, before being welcomed at the ground with the same color. People huddled together as the winter air grew colder, and puffs of white fog were seen in front their faces as they breathed. The streetlights glinted with a dim orange as the night faded into the sky. Chimes bounced off the walls as a gust of wind blew through, causing more people to pull their jackets closer to themselves. The clouds showed no signs of the snow stopping anytime soon.

More chimes sounded outside of a pet store as a man went in. He sighed in relief at the felling of warm air, red hair splayed across his face after being freed of the enclosed space of his hood. The staff spared quick glances as they continued on their jobs of doing nothing. The redheaded man walked through the store, looking as if he was searching for something before stopping in front of little kittens. He smiled warmly at the small things before something bigger caught his eye.

It wasn't exactly a cat though.

"Excuse me, miss?" A woman looked over at the man. "What exactly… is this?" He stared at the figure before him. It was a boy probably around sixteen with snow white hair and beautiful gray eyes. The thing is- He has snow white ears and a silk tail of the same shade as well. He had a simple white dress shirt and black slacks.

"That is our special pet. He's on sale for a lot of money." She replied without any effort.

"How much?" He was curious.

"5,000 dollars." She eyed the man weirdly

"THAT'S A LOT?" the man laughed. "I'll take him. By the way, where did you find him?"

"Alright, tell me your name and I'll tell you that unicorns exist." She said sarcastically.

"My name is Lavi now tell me where you found this boy."

"Okay, no need to get demanding." She flipped out a piece of paper. "His name is Allen Walker, fifteen years old." Dang! One year off! Lavi thought, amused. "Found: March 6 2010, Location: Small Alley. Details: He was found by a dumpster, sleeping." How ironic. The redhead rolled his eyes. "We have not data on who his parents were. He doesn't show much sign of emotions so we never know what he's like. By the way, why are you rolling your eyes like that?!"

Mysterious much? Lavi thought as he stared at the scar on the boy's face. Allen seemed to notice and tilted his head to cover the mark with his hair.

"Ok, Here." The woman seemed a bit bothered as he dodged her question but accepted the money anyway.

"You carry 5,000 bucks in your pocket?"

"…yes." Lavi said weirdly.

"Whatever. We got money so you got a new cat-boy-thingamajig." Allen silently cursed at the lady for being so rude.

"Well, this cat boy thingamajig is still human and I'd appreciate it if you addressed him as such." Lavi said sternly and opened the worthless cage that kept Allen in this store for 2 years. He stared at the open space cautiously before crawling out. "Mind standing on your legs sprout?" Lavi mused and pulled the boy up. Being in such a small space for so long without standing made Allen's legs weak and he fell back down to his knees. Lavi sighed with a hint of amusement and picked him up bridal style. "Thanks for the little brother! Bye now." Lavi waved as he opened the door, pulling his jacket over the both of them.

"You're so small you fit in my jacket! So Allen, do you know who your parents were?"


"Do you know English?"


"Speak to me~" Lavi whined.


"Good, now, I am your older brother from now on! Call me Lavi and feel free to ask me anything as you get accustomed to actually living in a house after a long time."


"You don't have to speak when I tell you to."


"So Allen, do you know your parents?"

"They died." Lavi mentally smacked himself.

"O-oh. Well, is there anything you want to do?"


"Well, let's eat!" Lavi carried him to a restaurant and set the boy just barely on his feet. They were guided to a table and sat down and waited for their, waitress.

"Do you know what you want?" Allen stared blankly at the menu, looked at Lavi, before looking back at his menu. He looked back up and put the menu down.

"I can't read?"

"Do you know your food?"


"Go ahead and list stuff. I'll tell you if it's here."

"Okay." After listing tons of meals and half of them being rejected, their waitress appeared and bowed apologetically.

"Sorry for the wait, we had a small problem to deal with." She bowed once more.

"It's fine. We're ready to order." Lavi said and opened the menu slowly.

"I would like the… one of everything." The waitress immediately stood straight up.

"WHAT?! I mean- it's fine! B-but, One of every…thing?" Lavi nodded. The waitress nodded, bowed again and ran to the kitchen.

"Why are girls so giddy here?" Allen asked out of nowhere as he stared at a few girls giggling and squealing as they watched his ears twitch at the smallest noises.

"I don't know. They just are?" Lavi replied lazily and spared a glance at the girls. Allen pouted, pressing his ears against his head.

"You are the cutest brother I will ever have." Lavi smirked as Allen blushed and looked away. He leaned forward and placed a kiss on Allen's cheek. "I love you, otōto." Allen blushed harder.

"Lavi what does… otōto mean?"

"It means little brother."

"Oh…" Their waitress approached them with dozens of plates. She set them all down and hurried to another table. Lavi grabbed a random plate and began eating. By the time he went to grab for a second, half the dishes were empty and Allen was still eating.

Wow… Lavi sweat dropped and silently pulled the plate to his side. Allen glared at the redhead for a moment before continuing on to his next meal, mitarashi dango. Lavi watched in awe, yet shock as the food quickly disappeared and Allen was sitting there, patting his full stomach and making a sound of content.

"Remind me to never take you out to dinner unless we're celebrating, alright?" Lavi said in exasperation as he stared at the bill. Allen seemed to get smaller in embarrassment, but a slight smile crossed his lips anyway.

"Ok." Lavi chuckled and paid the waitress the bill before slipping back out into the cold air with Allen in his arms.

"Now, I didn't bother with buying a big house 'cause I don't even need the unnecessary space so I only have one bed. Luckily I bought a king-sized one so you can sleep with me. Allen nodded and shivered, clutching at the jacket and pulling it closer to them both.

Lavi and Allen were on the couch in the living room, clicking through the channels on TV. "You can head upstairs, you'll find the bathroom, and you can use some of my clothes to sleep in. I'll be down here if you need anything~" Allen nodded and struggled to hold himself up while walking. "But, are you sure you can walk?" Allen nodded again. "Alright but if I hear you fall, don't think I won't let you walk by yourself until you're not wobbly anymore. Allen nodded once more. "You don't have to nod."

"Fair enough." Lavi grinned and continued to click through channels. Finally, he gave up and began watching a show about a girl living with some family that turns into animals when they're hugged by the opposite gender.

Allen made it to the steps and held onto the railing tightly as he pulled himself up the stairs. He glanced back at the TV, smirking in amusement. "Enjoying that much?" He called across the living room jokingly.

"Of course!" he said sarcastically. Allen rolled his eyes and pumped a fist in the air in victory as he reached the top of the steps. As he was heading to the bathroom, something yellow in the middle of the hall tripped him over and was sent spiraling to the floor.


"Suure it was."

"I can walk! The cat was in the way!" Allen yelled at the small cat, Timcanpy.

"Tim, did you take a nap in the middle of the hallway again?" Timcanpy nodded. Allen glared at the redhead.


"Fine, fine. Go ahead Allen, go to the bathroom and take a bath then.

"I will, thank you very much!" He hopped up in frustration and hardly remembered that he was still weak. Lavi grinned and put a hand on Allen's shoulder.

"YOU CAN STAND!" Allen rolled his eyes and shrugged off the hand, Lavi pouted and watched as he stomped into the bathroom, Timcanpy scurrying off into the bedroom. Lavi had turned off the TV as he went to help Allen earlier, so he headed to the bedroom after Tim.

He fell onto the bed and dozed off.

"Lavi~" Allen called, shaking the redhead's shoulder gently. "Lavi!"

Lavi's one eye fluttered open, before he sat up abruptly. "Allen! Sorry, I fell asleep. I see you found my clothes." Allen was wearing a navy blue T-shirt. "But, where are your…pants?" Allen blushed and sat back.

"I had trouble keeping them on and mine are dirty so I went without it. Plus, if you haven't noticed, your clothes are huge!"

"Or maybe you are just tiny." Lavi smirked as Allen smack his arm, his ears twitching in aggravation. Sighing, Allen lay down on the bed and took to staring into Lavi's eyes, watching how they glowed in amusement. Lavi stared back, before lying down again and looking at the clock on the nightstand beside the bed. "It's pretty late, feel like sleeping yet?" Lavi looked over at Allen, but he was already fast asleep. Chuckling, he pulled up the sheets and turned off the light.

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