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"You have beaten me. Do as you wish," Allen says, looking down in defeat.

"I know what we can do." Allen blinks and looks out the window.

"And what would that be?" Allen glances over to Lavi and continues to stare outside, ears twitching when he sees a drop of water fall from the sky.

"Become aliens!" Allen makes a face as more drops follow after and a small drizzle begins.

"Yeah… remember how I said do as you wish? How about- do something possible and legit."

"Being an alien is totally legit."

"Lavi, I don't think we would survive on this planet as aliens. We would probably be shot down and killed for experiments."

"What color blood do you think we would have?" Lavi asks and stretches, standing up from the couch.

"I dunno… purple?" Allen turns away from the window and raises an eyebrow at the redhead.

"We could… have some fun?"

"Of course we can have fun. What kind of fun are you looking for?" Allen's tails waves back and forth as he stares at the other curiously.

"There's a lot of fun things we could do you know."

"True enough." Allen crawls over to Lavi and sits on his lap, wrapping his arms around the older's neck and snuggling him.

Lavi chuckled and hugged back, resting his head the on the other's and sighing, "Alright, we can cuddle for a while." Allen's tail swished in response, the shorter male turning his head slightly to watch the rain outside. He pressed closer to Lavi for more warmth, his hug tightening. Lavi closed his eyes and smiled.

Lavi woke up and glanced around. When had he fallen asleep? Looking down at the cat-boy still in his lap, he then took notice of the sound of pouring rain thundering on the rooftop of the house. Lavi turned and stared outside the window.

It had gotten darker, and the occasional flash of lightening followed by a boom a thunder was an clear sign as to what was happening outside.

The redhead made a move to stretch when the arms around him tightened and Allen's ears twitched. The smaller of the two let out a low hum of disapproval and another boom of thunder echoed through the house. Silvery eyes snapped open and he looked up, his hands balling into fists as he clung to Lavi tightly. The older sighed and stood with Allen in his arms, carrying him up to the bedroom. Allen snuggled closer and buried his ears into Lavi's chest, attempting to block out the world and instead focus on the heartbeat of his lover.

Lavi sat Allen down on the bed and attempted to pull away, but the boy didn't seem too keen on letting go until the storm was over. The taller male sighed and wrapped his arms around Allen again, moving to lie down and tugging the covers over them both.

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Allen reluctantly rolled away from the warmth, getting out of bed and yawning. He stretched and looked at the time, realizing that he should be getting to work soon. After taking a shower, changing, eating breakfast, and brushing his teeth, Allen went back to the bedroom while brushing his hair. He shook the sleeping redhead's shoulder lightly and waited for him to slowly wake up.

Lavi groaned and opened his eyes sleepily, staring up at Allen for a moment and realizing the other had his uniform on. Sitting up, Lavi smiled and lazily kissed Allen's cheek, making the other blush slightly in response.

"You should get ready soon okay?" Allen said, putting the brush down after Lavi nodded and leaving the bedroom.

Lavi heard the opening and closing of the front door and got out of bed, preparing to go to work himself.

Allen entered the familiar bakery, waving at Kanda who 'che'd' in return and continued serving the few customers there already with a newfound hint of bitterness in his voice.

Lenalee came forward to the counter of the kitchen and smiled once she spotted Allen, "Morning Allen!"

"Morning, Lenalee." Allen said and walked over to the girl, smiling back.

She leaned forward and rested her elbow on the counter, "We didn't get many customers so far, but I think there might be a few come later along with some people ditching school as always. That reminds me, Allen, don't you go to school?"

"No… don't you go to school?" Lenalee raised an eyebrow at his question.

"Actually I'm homeschooled thanks to Komui." Allen nodded in thought.

"Hmm... makes sense. I actually never thought of school though. Why do you ask?" Allen stared at Lenalee curiously, looking over as a new customer walked in.

"It's just that you seem a bit young to have a full-time job already… so I was just asking. Didn't Lavi ever ask if you wanted to?" Lenalee asked and Allen shook his head.

"It's okay Lenalee; I don't think I should bother him about school." Allen said as he walked over to aforementioned customer staring at him expectantly, yet patiently. He stopped by the table and looked into the kind brown eyes of the woman in front of him. "Hello Miranda, May I take your order?"

She smiled, being one of the regular morning customers, "Hi Allen, I'll have the usual." Allen nodded and went back over to Lenalee. She took a glance at the customer and nodded, disappearing back into the kitchen. Allen sighed and leaned against the counter as he waited, letting out a groan when Kanda came over.

"Che, what are you groaning about?" He growled, waiting for Lenalee to come back.

"Your presence is killing my morning joy."

"Didn't think the moyashi could ever lose any joy, considering you're always smiling like an idiot."

"I beg to differ; Lavi is the only one who does that. And I'm not short BaKanda! I think you need to see a doctor about that brain of yours. Maybe he can put a bit more words into your vocabulary."

"Says the one who's screwing with an idiot."

"Who's the idiot? You?" Kanda smirked and pressed Allen against the counter.

"I don't remember to have ever fucked the moyashi. I think we could change that." Allen rolled his eyes and pushed the taller man away effortlessly. Obviously Kanda wasn't serious about that statement.

"Keep your hands to yourself, BaKanda; I would rather die than be touched by a horny bastard." Kanda's eye twitched and Allen resisted the urge to laugh, glaring at the older teen instead.

"Could you guys stop flirting for one minute? The break room's right over there." Lenalee said, leaning on the counter watching the two on the other end with a latte next to her. Allen pretended to gag and took the latte, making his way back over to Miranda. Kanda's glare softened a bit when he turned to Lenalee, telling her the orders of the other customers.

Miranda was blushing slightly when Allen stopped next to her again. The bakery was always quiet in the morning so conversation can be heard easily if loud enough. She was used to the arguments the two had, but the certain topic still made her flushed. Allen handed her the latte and sat down across from the woman. They would always converse even if it only lasted a minute or two.

"So how's everything going? Are things still okay?" Miranda asked, Allen smiled and rested his head on one palm.

"Of course! I'm doing fine. Is your clock working right?"

"Fortunately it still works perfectly." Allen smiled and looked out the window.

"I'm glad you still have it. That's a precious clock to you right?" He looked back over to Miranda who nodded in response. The door opened and someone walked in, making Allen stand up. "I'll see you tomorrow."

Miranda stood with her latte and waved, "Bye Allen!" She stumbled once outside and squeaked, running down the street in embarrassment.

Allen sighed and shook his head, walking over to the man that had taken a seat. "Hello... Tyki, what are you doing here?" Tyki smirked and tipped his hat as a greeting.

"Simple, I'm here for a few sweets for Road."

Allen grinned and stared at Tyki in amusement, "I wonder where she is." The man responded by diving a hand into jacket, pulling Road out. The doll flailed before giving up and smiling widely at Allen.

"Ally~!" She swung back and forth; trying to get to said teen and he lifted a hand to let her stand on. It wasn't long before she had hopped off and clung to him like glue.

"Hello to you too Road, let's get you some treats." Allen gently pried the doll off his body and held her atop his hand, walking over to the counter where Lenalee was. She smiled at the living plush toy and took her from Allen, carrying her into the kitchen.

Lavi groaned and slumped over on the table he was sitting at in the library. He looked up at the few girls circling him.


He didn't answer, just merely looked back at the table.


Lavi whined and attempted to tune them out.

"Lavi!" That last call made him shoot up. Fou was glaring at him with a deadly look, "Get yer ass up and work!" the redhead pouted and stood up, walking through the aisles to make sure each book was in the right place. The girls were still following behind him as he went to get the returned books and began putting them back on shelves. It was when he was nearly done did he turn around with fake politeness.

"Do you girls mind if you stop following me around? It's really distracting." They nodded quickly and ran off to the nearest table, sitting down and 'staring from afar'. Lavi sighed and walked over to Fou, "What else do I have to do?"

She didn't bother looking up as she continued to play on the computer, "We got new books. Go get them and you can take a break." Lavi nodded and made his way over to the back door. There were a few boxes nearby and he went to pick them up. Carrying them back inside to one of the tables, Lavi pulled out a pocket knife and cut the tape sealing them closed. He pulled out some book and took quick glances in them and on the back, putting them in their place. It only took an hour and a half before he was sitting in the fantasy section leaning back against the shelf as he read.

The door jingled quietly as another person walked in and Lavi looked up to see who it was, but from his spot, he couldn't see anything so he just went back to his fairytale. He was only able to read for another few minutes before two hands came out from behind him (they probably moved the books aside to get there) and covered his eyes. Lavi smiled and closed the book on his thumb to save the page.

"Guess who~" The familiar voice that rang in his ears only made him smile more.

"Allen~ come here so I can hug you!" Lavi pried off the hands and turned to look through the shelf. Sure enough, silver ones blinked back at him happily and Allen drew his arms back and crawled around the shelf, looking at Lavi gleefully as he crawled onto his lap.

"I just got off work and thought I'd come see you~" Allen said and kissed Lavi's cheek. The taller male smiled and reached for the abandoned books on the ground to put them on the shelf in their original places. He turned back to Allen and wrapped his arms around the other's waist, glancing at the white tail swaying expectantly behind the boy. Already knowing what it was he wanted, Lavi leaned forward and kissed him deeply, grinning at the instant response he got. Allen tangled his hand in Lavi's hair and pressed closer to him. The redhead shivered when Allen got bolder with his actions and pushed him away. The boy whined and pouted, "Please~?"

"Not in the library dear~" Lavi said grinning and waggled his finger in a 'no-no' gesture.

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