When I approached Dipper and Mabel, Mabel was already hugging Liam tightly. I snuck up behind Dipper and threw my arms around his neck, startling him. "I missed you guys," Katrina said nodding. "We missed you too," Dipper said. "So how was your school year?" Mabel asked. "So boring," Liam groaned. "Same. To be honest, I was looking forward to the summer for two reasons: you guys and the mysteries of Gravity Falls," Liam said. "I know, right," Dipper said.

"Come on," Dipper grabbed my hand and started pulling me towards the Mystery Shack, Mabel doing the same for Liam. "We'll be back soon, Grandma!" I shouted, running after Dipper. "So after we left, did you discover anything else?" Liam asked. "No, but we did run into the centaur again," Mabel giggled. "Cool!" I said. Dipper opened the door to the Mystery Shack. The first thing I noticed was two girls eyeing Dipper and Liam. I nudged Mabel in the arm before pulling her and Katrina to the side. "Hey, those two girls look interested in Dipper and Liam," I whispered.

"That is not cool. The one with black hair reminds me of Pacifica Northwest…but she's not blonde," Mabel crossed her arms. "Who's Pacifica?" I asked. "Oh, she this really mean blonde girl who lives here. Dipper and I discovered that her ancestors didn't actually found Gravity Falls," Mabel explained. "She also thinks I'm silly…" "Mabel, you are silly but in the best way possible. I bet it helped you on that adventure," Katrina said. "Yeah," Mabel grinned. I narrowed my eyes at the two girls as they walked up to Dipper and Liam. The black haired girl smirked at me and flipped her hair. "Hey, we're new around Gravity Falls and we were wondering if you two could show us around," she asked.

"Sure," Dipper said. "I'm Dipper and this is my friend Liam." "My names Chelsea and this is my cousin Dana." "Cool. So what do you wanna see?" Liam asked. "Everything! We just moved here," Dana smiled. "Alright, come on then," Dipper said, smiling slightly. "Hey, Dipper," I said. Dipper walked over to me. "Yeah?" he asked. I kissed him gently. "Have fun," I forced myself to say. Dipper smiled at me before walking away. "Those girls are going down," I said. Mabel and Katrina nodded. "Yup."

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