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Destiny Will Be The Death Of Me

"Will you call me?" the girl, whose name Haruka didn't even remember anymore, asked, batting her eyelashes at her; smiling charmingly, the tall blonde nodded, holding back the urge to let her smile turn into a smirk when the girl beamed happily at her.

"Talk to you soon then", she then said, earning yet another nod from the blonde; her smile impossibly widened even further, then she finally turned and made her way down the stairs, prompting Haruka to close the apartment door, the smile vanishing from her face the moment it had clicked shut.

Shaking her head to herself at how deluded this girl had been, she made her way from the small anteroom to the kitchen and set up the coffee machine there, leaning against the spotless counter as she watched the dark liquid start to run through; the noises the machine was making annoyed her, and she made a mental note to herself to buy a new, quieter one soon, smirking to herself again as she looked around the kitchen and figured that she could easily afford it. After all, now that her career in racing finally was taking off for real, sponsors were practically lining up to plaster their advertisements all over her car and her racing suit, and still did even after it had been revealed by a jealous competitor that she wasn't, as they all had believed, a man, but a woman – to his endless dismay, this only had given her popularity yet another boost, and by now she was sure that soon, she'd be among the top racers of the class she currently was driving in.

The fact that the reveal of her true gender hadn't damaged her popularity hadn't really surprised her, not in an age where strong women were looked up to and were seen as role models for younger girls; what had been quite the surprise though was that said young girls (never too young though, she wasn't after jailbait, after all) still chased her the way they had when they had thought she was a guy, and now that there was no danger of hysterics in the bedroom anymore after that misconception had been corrected, she more than willingly took them home with her, had fun with them for one night and then never saw them again.

This was what she had been doing for more than a month now, and every now and then, she asked herself if her behaviour would spread, if it would keep girls from going with her sooner or later and if behaving this way might damage her reputation after all; on the other hand though, she knew that the most important thing was that she kept winning, and she surely wasn't the only racer who used their groupies this way, none of the others who behaved this way so far having suffered for it in any way.

Shrugging those worries off as the coffee got done, Haruka decided that she'd just keep going as long as it was possible without any repercussions – after all, even though she didn't want any kind of commitment in her life, preferring it the way it was now, with meaningless flings she never had to see again, she did have her needs, and satisfying them with her female groupies worked out just fine.

Humming softly to herself, with her needs for at least now sated again, the blonde poured herself a cup of coffee, adding milk and a rather generous amount of sugar; and while she stirred the dark liquid, she made her way to the small room she used as her office to check her schedule for the day, the girl who had left not even an hour ago already forgotten.

Darkness, so complete that it was absolute, not the smallest shimmer of light breaking it.

Sounds of demolition, destruction, death and despair.

And then a horribly familiar voice, screaming, screaming in pain and for her, her name, pleading her to help her, but she can't do anything, all she can do is stand in the dark and try to see anything and the voice screams and screams and screams…

With a strangled noise which should have been a scream, but only ended up as a high-pitched wheeze, Haruka opened her eyes; for a moment, she panicked as she found herself in the dark, still stuck in her dream, then her eyes got used to the darkness and she could make out the vague silhouettes of the furniture in her bedroom, her racing heart slowly returning to a healthier speed as she fully realized that she had dreamed again, that she was safe and sound in her apartment and in her bed, with no absolute darkness surrounding her and no screaming.

Letting out a heavy breath, Haruka rolled over and got out of bed, rubbing her eyes sleepily as she made her way into the bathroom; there, she filled the glass she normally used while brushing her teeth with cold water and drank it down in a few hasty gulps, then leaned her forehead against the cool surface of the bathroom mirror, closing her eyes again as she breathed heavily again, unable to get the dream, the nightmare, out of her mind.

If it had been just a regular dream, it wouldn't have bothered her so much, she told herself as she stared at her reflection in the mirror, at as much as she could see of it in the dark; by now though, she seriously doubted that it was just a regular dream, considering the unsettling fact that she'd had it every night for the last two weeks.

Finally, she forced the unpleasant dream out of her mind, splashing some cold water into her face to help clearing it even further; then, she made her way back to the bed, cursing under her breath when she bumped her toe on something before she reached it and laid back down, sending a quick prayer to whoever might listen that the dream wouldn't haunt her again before she drifted off into sleep again, slumbering deeply until the next morning.